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Still looking for the best Travel SEO Services that can offer SEO for travel websites with a promise of 100% success? Supramind is a renowned SEO company for travel brands. Our Travel SEO Services include local, national, and international SEO techniques that increase your search engine ranking and exposure in the online travel industry.

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Travel SEO Services

Imagine a traveller who is all set to embark on a memorable vacation. What's the first thing they do? They search for "best travel agency in Mumbai" or "how to book cheap flights". Numerous options appear, but where does your business rank in those results? Research shows that 75% of users never go beyond the first page. If your travel website doesn’t appear on the first page of the search results, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to attract potential travellers.

Supramind Digital is a travel-focused SEO company. We are experts in Travel SEO Services and help optimise websites for search engines like Google. We can assist you in increasing your online presence, improving your search engine results, and reaching a wider audience whether you own a booking service, a tourist website, or any kind of travel-related business.

If you're in the tourism industry as a travel agency, event organiser, tour guide, or owner of a vacation rental—you need robust Travel SEO Services & strategy.

  • ✓ Travellers are increasingly using search engines to research and book their trips. In fact, a recent study by BrightEdge found that 90% of travellers start their trip planning online.
  • ✓ A HubSpot study found that organic search was the primary factor in how people found travel-related websites.
  • ✓ Analysts foresee an unparalleled travel boom as customers can now travel freely without fear. This is the time to take care of your website’s SEO and make it look professional.
  • ✓ Stop relying on obsolete and ambiguous SEO strategies to expand your travel company. Establish your credibility with first-page Google results.

Other SEO firms waste your resources by making educated guesses about the kind of content that will appeal to your audience. This is where we are different. To find valuable ranking possibilities, we go deep into the search data. Then, we develop content that is both customer-focused and SEO-optimised, with backlinks that are specific to your niche that will help you beat your competitors.

A thorough site audit will help us assist in identifying typical optimization issues as well as flaws in the content, links, images, meta tags, and link profiles. Content is the foundation of every SEO strategy and our expert content writers will help you to create, publish, and distribute quality content relevant to your targeted audience online. Our link building services are completely ethical and focused on getting high-authority links to your travel-related website.

If you're ready to enhance your agency's online presence and become a guiding light for global travellers, it's time to embrace the power of SEO with Supramind Digital, a prominent Travel SEO Service provider in Mumbai. With us as your reliable partner, you can achieve new heights of success.

Supramind's Travel SEO Strategies

Keyword Research and Strategy

Keyword Research and Strategy

All online marketing experts will tell you that the most effective marketing strategy involves getting the basics right. Finding adequate keywords to make your content more traceable online is an extension of exactly this. Strategy and Research is one of our strongest Travel SEO services that help our clients set a firm foundation virtually.

Link Building

Link Building

While words are the first attraction for the ones trying to find travel services online, your content will be able to interact with prospects only when they are able to find you. The fact that all businesses are heavily reliant on the Google algorithm can easily be looked upon as a flip side until one knows how to master this algorithm by building backlinks and rerouting visitors to your travel website via authentic sources.

Travel Content writing

Travel Content writing

Content is your first interface with your customers and getting it right is non-negotiable. At Supramind Digital, we take our commitment to quality content extremely seriously. Our content writing services, in specific, and travel SEO services, in general, are designed to ensure that your content engages with everyone who is looking for travel-related information online.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Content is your first interface with your customers and getting it right is non-negotiable. At Supramind Digital, we take our commitment to quality content extremely seriously. Our content writing services, in specific, and travel SEO services, in general, are designed to ensure that your content engages with everyone who is looking for travel-related information online.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Being a part of the online conversation about travel is a sure-shot way to reach enthusiasts from across countries. These prospects are low-hanging fruits for your business who can easily be won over to your side of the fence with the right message. As a reliable and active travel SEO service partner, Supramind Digital ensures that the content you put out mirrors your brand personality, while creatively voicing your take on all that is trending.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO

Everyone who knows online marketing is aware of the fact that optimization is an ongoing process. Non-strategic flocking of content with keywords is distasteful to readers and unwelcome by search engines. Apart from being blacklisted on the internet, such content also results in loss of overall brand credibility, since readers may be unable to believe anything you say if it is perfunctorily over-loaded with keywords. We rise above these petty travel SEO service patterns at Supramind Digital and ensure that everything that our clients put out is well-researched and calculatedly aligned.

Local SEO

Local SEO

As global as the hospitality industry is, conversions require geographically targeted marketing campaigns. With a specialized approach to Local SEO, we ensure that your communication with prospects, both organic and paid, along with rationally optimized Google My Business (GMB) ratings, securely pin your local business on the world map.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

While content is one bridge that your consumers have to navigate on the path to reaching you, your business also needs a smooth road to being discovered technically. Our technical SEO experts actively work with your account and ensure that all technical hiccups in the journey of your clients are ironed out well in time. This means regular site audits, prompt back-end management and a well-rounded internal link structure so that search engines can interpret your site effectively.

Keyword Research and Strategy

eCommerce SEO

The need to optimize your web pages multiplies if you are selling your travel services online. This means aligning your headlines, product/service descriptions, meta-data and other content components of your eCommerce website in a way that maximizes traffic and supports conversions. The travel SEO services of Supramind Digital employ experienced experts on your brand so that the travellers easily reach and buy from your website.

Competitor Auditing

Competitor Auditing

In an industry as competitor-dependent as hospitality, not knowing about other players in the market might be like shooting in the dark and expecting to hit the bullseye. Knowing the market to capture is not just an advantage but rather a necessity. We digitally map and analyse competitors for our clients to help them identify both threats and opportunities.

Multi-lingual SEO

Multi-lingual SEO

The challenge that comes with a global customer base is that not all of your clients are comfortable with the base language of your website and content. This is specifically true if the regular draw of your clients is from dedicated geography, other than yours. Availing of our multi-lingual SEO services allows you to reach prospects from other countries and regions effectively.

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Why Choose Supramind as your Travel SEO Agency?

Supramind Digital Pvt. Ltd has establishe­d itself as a prominent provider of Travel SEO Services in India. We are­ dedicated to being your truste­d Travel SEO Agency in navigating the digital landscape of the­ travel industry. Embark on a journey with them to e­levate your travel busine­ss's online visibility and ensure success.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring us as your Travel SEO Agency is a wise investment:

✓ Specialized Expertise in Travel SEO:

Supramind Digital has e­xtensive knowledge­ and experience­ in the complexities of the­ travel industry. Our team is dedicate­d to providing tailored strategies that drive­ results by staying abreast of the late­st trends in travel SEO.

✓ Proven Track Record:

Our successes in the travel industry are self-explanatory. We have a robust portfolio that shows higher rankings, greater organic traffic, more online exposure for our clients who travel.

✓ Tailored Strategies for Your Unique Goals:

Each travel company is distinct, as are your goals. We create custom SEO strategies based on your unique objectives, target audience, and market expectations to maximize your return on investment.

✓ Transparent and Collaborative Approach:

Our strategy is based on transparency and collaboration. We keep you updated at every stage, offering extensive data and insights and soliciting your feedback to ensure our plans meet your expectations.

✓ In-Depth Industry Knowledge:

We have in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of the travel industry, which enable us to develop strategies that can adjust to the dynamic nature of the travel market.

✓ Cutting-Edge Technology:

Using the latest tools and techniques, we conduct a comprehensive research and analysis to help your travel business to be ahead of the curve.

✓ Passion for Results:

We deliver tangible results and are passionate about it. Success to us means the same thing to you and we will always strive to do more than what you expected.

✓ Exceptional Customer Satisfaction:

Our clients testify to our excellent service and our positive influence on their business. Discover the level of satisfaction we bring to each partnership from our client testimonials.

If you’re interested in our travel SEO services, contact us to learn more about how your travel business can bloom by taking advantage of the digital travel landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand what SEO means specifically for travel, it is important to elaborate upon what it means as a concept. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which in the terms of internet marketing means the ability to adopt your website and other online marketing in a way that makes in search-engine friendly.

This includes leaving a virtual footprint across your industrial ecosystem so that algorithms are able to trace you easily, creating content that captures keywords that are most looked for in your domain, and other aspects of technically building a website that doesn’t get lost on the internet.

In this backdrop, SEO for travel means optimizing your travel website and other web material to ensure a well-rounded presence online, so that the prospects who come looking for your services are able to find you as a brand and are able to trust you to deliver.

A good understanding of SEO however, involves knowing that the SEO process runs far deeper than just for embedding content with search phrases and moving up the search engine results. A brand needs to engage with customers to garner a positive brand image, with recommendations and reviews that ultimately help in attracting quality leads that convert to buyers.

The past few years have seen a significant shift in client behaviour when it comes to searching for and booking travel plans. Apart from the obvious move to digital, the ways to look for a service online has also evolved. More often than not, customers come to the web looking for discounts, deals and offers, without affiliating to a particular brand or service provider. As a result, the internet witnesses more category searches, for example - luxury hotels in Ladakh, or the best tour packages for Assam. This pattern is a massive opportunity for you as a travel business. You can leverage from the agnostic behaviour of consumers to engage with their needs and educate them about your brand.

This however requires your marketing partner to be deeply invested in your niche of travel, so that your marketing strategies smartly utilize the ongoing market conditions for your benefit.

The flip side of this search pattern is the fact that you have a world full of service providers who compete with you on your service categories. This challenging market atmosphere, for the travel business especially, limits the room for trial and error. It is both unwise and wasteful to generate content for your brand based on guesswork. This is where specialized SEO for the travel industry becomes crucial. Having a trusted SEO partner on board lets your content do the work of getting customers to you, while you do what you do best - seep fun and adventure into their travel.

The benefits of SEO for your travel business can be immense. In a day and age where your online identity is pretty much perceived to be who you are, leveraging Travel SEO Services can help your brand in a multitude of ways. Some of them are –

  1. Your online reputation is directly linked with your trustworthiness
    Ranking high up on search engines, which is the end, if not only, the motive of every SEO campaign, helps a customer associate your brand with quality.

  2. It makes your marketing mix more wholesome
    You can utilize SEO to improve all your marketing efforts. For example – your content marketing initiatives, filled with text, photographs, and videos, become all the more insightful, and thereby effective, if you have a sense of the keywords that are being most looked for and customer queries that are most recurring.

  3. They are long-lasting and cost-effective
    If your website is up to date with interesting information around travel, it is likely that search engines will organically lead prospects to your website. The investment in getting the strategy and execution right for a search-engine-optimized website is much lesser than other alternatives like PPC marketing and social advertising.

  4. You can measure the impact
    After you action your SEO strategy through your content, you can easily keep a track of the impact it causes. You can track the performance of webpages and social media the content is live on, including rankings, conversions, and overall traffic. These findings can be used to tweak and improve your SEO approach.

Before approaching the question of how to choose the right SEO partner for your travel business, let’s spend some time understanding the travel industry in general, with a focus on the purchase behaviour of travellers today.

  1. All travellers use search engines to explore their options, but no one ever buys on their first visit. They almost always look around, research harder, and come back to purchase the most lucrative offer. This makes first impressions crucial and underlines the importance of nudging the customer through repeat advertising.

  2. The needs of a traveller are as diverse as their travel itinerary. What may have been essential for one trip, may not be so for their next one. Also so what they may be looking for at different stages of their purchase cycle is different. They may be looking for information when they are yet to make up their mind on the city they plan to visit, credibility when they are to finalize the hotel they want to stay in, and security when they choose to travel with a group.

  3. Travel listing pages need to be elaborate and comprehensive so that no matter what a client is looking for, they know you as a solution provider. Bombarding content with keywords that sell without painting a full picture leads to neither leads nor conversions. Your website needs to be smartly structured so that visitors can find all information they need and are steered in the direction of purchase through creative internal links and intelligent call to action placement.

  4. In the travel industry, images play a really important role. No one picks a destination based on stock photos. They need to know exactly what a site, a lane, a hotel room looks like before making the booking. Assuming that only content on your website needs work may lead you to missing the opportunity to stun with pictures.

A good SEO agency will check all of the above boxes in their approach to SEO for Travel, or otherwise. Additionally, you must keep the following in mind before you freeze the agency you want to work with to secure and broaden your online presence.

  1. They should give you a clear picture of the marketing goals and must steer away from abstractions.

  2. A good SEO agency is agile in its approach, especially when it comes to finances. They work around your budget and help you create strategies that are best suited for the kind of services you provide.

  3. The best SEO agency might be futile for you if they do not have hands-on experience with the niche of travel and tourism. With the tourism industry being as saturated as it is, you cannot afford experimenting and being stuck with a provider who has teething issues.

  4. Check up on their previous work portfolio. The good thing about a reliable travel SEO agency is that they will almost always have data to back their claim.

While hacks and tips may draw a map for you, it is always wise to trust your instincts when it comes to building professional associations. So our number one advice to you will be to go with your gut.

You have put in the effort to create a high-quality brand, but now want to ensure a seamless journey for the search engines to reach your website. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

  1. Content. Content. Content
    You need to make sure your content strategically plugs in keywords you want to rank for, and keep it fresh by updating it on a regular basis, but search engines prize more than just this in content. Relevance is key. Only when users are interested in and spend time on what you put up on your website, will search-engines believe that your website is worth jumping up the ranks.

  2. Technical competence
    Only the links specified in your sitemap and accessible from your homepage are available to search engine crawlers. This emphasizes the need of interlinking accurately. The second most important factor that is key to a seamless user experience is security, especially for websites that involve financial transactions. Apart from this, clean URLs help save crawl budgets and increase your user experience.

  3. Optimization for Mobile
    Google's principal ranking index is now the mobile-first index. And so, having a crisp mobile-friendly site, in terms of both speed and design is non-negotiable.

Even apart from the aspects mentioned above, there are many aspects that may seem unimportant to a layman, but can be extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization. Hiring a reliable Travel SEO partner can take the load off from your side, so that you focus on your core competencies.

Although the name "content marketing" is new, the concept has been around for a long time. It is essentially putting out information that may relevant to prospects. Once you look at content marketing with this simplified lens, it is easy to conclude that SEO is impossible without engaging content. Whether you put out ideas in the form of interesting infographics, noteworthy image-based creatives, graphic videos, blog articles or simple call-to-action taglines, content is an inevitable part of what you stand for as a brand. Search engines can’t track you if you don’t have anything to hold client attention on your website. This is especially true if your niche is as interactive as travel, because inspiration is the first step in the purchase funnel for the tourism industry.

One of the most interesting things about content marketing however is that it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel with every content piece. You can use the same USPs and information to update them with relevant perspectives that are contextual to the contemporary world. The aim is to identify opportunities where content can be plugged in and then following that lead with spicing up what is existing or cooking up something new.

Getting the strategy and keywords right is the most sure-shot way of identifying these content gaps. Ranking for the incorrect keywords or using too many of them are rookie mistakes that can make your content difficult to load and cluttered to look at. Having a travel SEO partner by your side is a great start to benefiting from content marketing that gears up your website to be found easily on the internet.

Link building can be regarded as a great way to increase the awareness of your brand. However, it's an uphill battle for travel brands to build links as compared to other sectors. A lot of the methods brands adopt to build links can also indirectly affect brand's value.

Here are some ways that can help brands earn links while building brand reliability and delivering value-added content to your audience.

  1. Press Trips
    In this process, a travel brand assigns a travel journalist to create travel coverage in exchange for a free trip. Simply put, this method can be a win-win approach for both parties as it helps to bridge the gap between organic and sponsorship value exchange.

  2. Luring with discounts and offers
    As the name suggests, product stunts involve marketing the travel brand with an attractive offering to lure the media attention and build links.
    In addition, one can either partner with a larger name brand, or go even wackier with its offerings.

  3. Dream Job Stunt
    In this scenario, the travel brand creates a temporary job that is fun and exciting. Usually, for a short amount of time, the job is typically paired with a contest that has a hard deadline. Since its life cycle is short, this process is always in danger of being ignored by the press.

  4. Featuring in Quality publications
    You have an edge with a prospect if they remember you from an article they read about you in a newspaper or a travel magazine. In a time when every service provider is competing over category keywords, having brand recall can be much more advantageous than you think.

  5. Recover the losses if any
    Pages can fail, websites might rewrite their content, and links can be lost. This can happen on third-party websites that were hosting content pieces put together by your teams. It always helps to get your hand on such content and reinvent it afresh. This helps clear old clogs and clear the flow for prospects to stream onto your website.

  6. Get ideas from the ones who are doing it right
    Competition benchmarking and looking at where their content is featuring is a great start to see what the world around you is doing to get their name out there. It is important to draw an ethical line between inspiration and plagiarism while taking this step into action, but you must start the research soon, from the right side of the fence of course.
    The process to master the backlink network runs deeper for sure. But a good start to the backlinking process can accelerate your SEO journey considerably.

To understand SEO, let’s first understand how a search engine works. Let’s say you are looking for the best packages for a three-day trip in Shimla. You open your desktop and open your web browser, and kick in a search in the same terms. Now the search engine you are using to look for this information matches the keywords to the thousands of websites online and looks for the ones that match the exact term you put in on the search tab.

As you may have guessed, there are a lot of pages that may show similar texts and all of them may be relevant to you. How then, does a search engine decide which website to show first and which one to push towards the end?

This decision is automated by the user engagement of each website. This includes the time users spend on the website, the quality of the content it hosts, and generally the technical adaptability it has for the search engine to be able to draw it out when a search is conducted on its niche. Optimizing a website to be able to appear high up in a search like this is what SEO is.

SEO agencies conduct searches on the keywords that are most searched within industry niches and then work backward with brands to incorporate these keywords in the content that brands generate. However, as search engines continue to update their algorithms, it is clear that there is a shift of focus from just matching keywords to actual recognition of quality content while ranking websites. Hence it is important to recognize the importance of authenticity and quality while approaching SEO for your website and other content initiatives.

When you work on SEO without a specialist, you are likely to miss out on the intricate details of the process, and may not be able to holistically work on your web-presence. This may further lead to missed opportunities of lead capturing and conversion. Having a travel SEO agency by your side can be a worthy investment that shall give you returns both in the form of brand credibility and increased revenue.

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