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When you use an e-commerce site like BigCommerce, your website's optimisation will have a significant impact on where you appear in the search results. This is the main reason why people get in touch with SEO agencies because getting good placement in search results can be a daunting task for the novice.

The majority of trustworthy businesses of this kind, but not all, will be very transparent about the methods they use to attract clients. So, to offer some insight of our own, we will be illuminating some of the strategies that BigCommerce SEO services use to boost visibility and sales.

What exactly is BigCommerce SEO

What exactly is BigCommerce SEO?

BigCommerce SEO abides by standard SEO guidelines. The site provides numerous SEO tools, from the start so that its users can optimize their BigCommerce stores ground up. A few of these features are:

  • Optimizing the URLs – The e-commerce site generates SEO-optimized URLs for its web pages and allows the users to make necessary modifications.

  • Distinctive URLs – The platform ensures that each unique page has just one distinctive URL. This prevents any duplicate material from jeopardizing your store.

  • Using Microdata - Also known as "rich snippets", microdata is included in your product pages and improves your search result listings by adding details like brand name, pricing, ratings, and stock availability.

  • Rewriting URLs and 301 redirects - When you rename a product, BigCommerce's auto-populated URLs update to reflect the changes. Additionally, old URLs are forwarded to fresh ones.

  • Fast Content Delivery Network - BigCommerce transmits images and other data as quickly as possible, enhancing your site's performance, which is a metric used by Google and other search engines to rank websites in search results.

The BigCommerce platform is aware of how crucial search engine optimization is, particularly for expanding e-commerce businesses.

Our Services to improve BigCommerce SEO

Our Services to improve BigCommerce SEO

Our SEO services support businesses looking to expand. The on-page and off-page components are improved by BigCommerce SEO specialists to raise your search engine rankings.

1. SEO audits for BigCommerce

A deep-crawl study is the first step in identifying possibilities to enhance your BigCommerce SEO approach. To create an action plan for you to grow, we do a thorough contextual and technical BigCommerce SEO audit process using a variety of techniques.

2. On-Page Seo for BigCommerce

The on-page SEO for BigCommerce is an intricate process, and even the smallest changes can have a significant impact on Google search rankings. These subtleties include important data like title naming practices and metadata. Our technique is meant to boost your BigCommerce SEO, which will then improve your sales.

PPC Services for BigCommerce

3. Off-Page SEO for BigCommerce

The primary evaluation factors for our off-page BigCommerce SEO optimisation plan are backlinks, articles, and mentions. We assist our brands in creating fresh links with the appropriate anchors, which raises search engine rankings by establishing trust and credibility with search engines.

4. PPC Services for BigCommerce

Pay Per Click and digital marketing are two of the services we provide to BigCommerce retailers. We also conduct specially optimized PPC plans through Instagram, Google Shopping, Google Advertisements, and other online PPC platforms that conduct paid media advertising as one of our most in-demand BigCommerce SEO services.

How Can You Set Up a BigCommerce Store with an SEO Expert

How Can You Set Up a BigCommerce Store with an SEO Expert?

Our BigCommerce SEO experts are aware of some essential settings to construct an SEO-friendly digital store to rank your BigCommerce site naturally. We help to fine-tune the important aspects of your BigCommerce store’s SEO.

1. Make use of SEO-friendly templates.

Everyone is drawn to a beautiful, well-designed template. However, the majority of the developed templates that BigCommerce offers (both for free and for a fee) are also SEO-friendly. Depending on the needs of your company, you can select any of them to improve your SEO. We ensure that features like cross-browser accessibility, mobile adaptability, quick loading speed, etc., are all integrated into the template.

Sign up for Google Search Console for your BigCommerce Site

2. Sign up for Google Search Console for your BigCommerce Site.

If you want to build a BigCommerce store that is SEO-friendly, you cannot skip this step. It helps you track and improve search performance by enrolling your store with Google Search Console. It also fixes server faults, loading problems, security problems, and other problems.

3. Send Your Sitemap to Google

After completing the registration procedure, our SEO expert submits your sitemap so that search engines can index the web pages of your store, including its items, brands, categories, blog pages, etc. The most crucial sections on your site will be given priority by crawlers. Although the SEO toolkit includes a variety of sitemaps, Bigcommerce prefers the widely used XML sitemaps.

Make sure your store is optimized for mobile

4. Make sure your store is optimized for mobile

54.4% of internet traffic, according to Statista, was generated by mobile devices in 2021. Therefore, mobile surfing is the current trend rather than laptops and computers. Consequently, website owners ought to design a mobile-friendly site to improve their website's SEO.

5. Ensure that your BigCommerce store is equipped with an SSL certificate

A website's security is guaranteed by an SSL certificate. Google asserts that having a genuine SSL certificate gives a website an edge over unsecured websites. To address this, BigCommerce provides a universal, free SSL certificate called Encryption. Additionally, BigCommerce offers a choice for individuals seeking purchased SSL certificates with enhanced security features like extended validation, site seals, improved purchase protection, and much more.

BigCommerce is an application for online stores that integrates with the Google Merchant Center directly, allowing users to use Google Shopping to promote their products. It is a recently rebranded e-commerce system where several new, up-to-date features have been added for its customers.

numerous features

BigCommerce has numerous features to boost a store’s favorability, including:

  1. Themes, both free and premium, are simple to modify for the users.

  2. A secure shopping cart

  3. Integration with well-known payment services like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and others

  4. The ability to sell on many platforms, such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as connectivity with various email providers

  5. Systems for managing shipments, inventory, and returns

  6. Wide range of currency support

  7. Integration for warehousing and drop-shipping

sophisticated SEO capabilities

BigCommerce has sophisticated SEO capabilities that are intended to increase traffic to your business. For beginners, you can alter the names and descriptions of the products, improve the photos, and add unique keywords for each one. You can also benefit from having your products included on the most popular product comparison websites, including PriceGrabber, Nextag,, and others.

Additionally, BigCommerce optimizes the load times for your store using its content delivery networks. Mobile-optimized themes, automated sitemaps, HTTPS across the board, microdata, etc are additional elements that can improve your search engine ranking. With a BigCommerce SEO Agency, you can leave your SEO optimisation to the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

BigCommerce effectively manages SEO, providing you complete control over all essential SEO elements (page titles, URLs, alt text, meta descriptions etc.). Additionally, pages created with the platform typically load rapidly, which helps with search engine rankings, thanks to its usage of image optimisation solutions and its fast content delivery network.

Your BigCommerce sitemap can be found at However, as the platform generates it automatically, you don't need to update it.

It is advised to utilize an analytics platform like Google Analytics and to enrol your website on the Google Search Console so that you can analyze the content that is generating the most visitors and your existing traffic levels. Using a specialized SEO tool like Semrush or Ahrefs is recommended for your keyword research.

It typically takes 1-2 days for the updated page name and meta description to show up in the search engine results. To prevent them from being truncated in the search results, you should limit the length of your page names to less than 60 characters.

The winner is undoubtedly BigCommerce. It offers a tonne of integrated SEO capabilities, whereas WordPress only provides them as add-ons. A number of the desired SEO functions can be accessed by installing Yoast SEO as a plugin for WordPress, but this incurs a fee for the user.

Although it may require up to a full year to fully reap the rewards of SEO modifications, you can expect to see progress after a few months. By utilizing software like Google Analytics, you can monitor your SEO effectiveness.

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