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We're in the business of making relationships, not simply sales.

We believe in sustained development which helps us to achieve swift and 100% results consistently. We have a dedicated team of esteemed professionals for link building, content writing, quality analysis and onsite and offsite optimization. We conceive best results can be achieved by having a balance of both market experienced professionals as well as enthusiastic and innovative young professionals. Till date we have optimized over 70 websites and designed around 40 websites (and, still counting) for clients in India and abroad. Please check out our portfolio for details.
In addition, to be your one- stop hub for all the online business needs, we have expanded our services recently.

About Us

Supramind is a company of great repute with an experience of eleven years in the SEO Industry.

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  • Website development and design.
  • Website maintenance and repair.
  • Customization of CMS and WordPress problem solving and integration.
  • Web hosting and domain registrations.
  • Google analytics.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Content writing.

We are of the viewpoint that web designing, content writing and marketing domains are growing very fast. In this changed scenario, internet marketing and web promotion have become an epidemic. There is a lot of demand for creative and technical experts who can provide search engine marketing, web design and maintenance services at affordable rates. Given this, we understand that our true growth lies in the overall growth of our customers. We never mislead our customers for short-term profit or promises of short term quick results. We always help them understand the ground realities thereby helping them reach the peak of success slowly but gradually.

At Supramind we make everything simple as per your need and always keep you updated with every single move we take in the process.

We help you to grow your business while simultaneously educating and involving you in the process by using, in simple terms, as much as possible, and we also maintain transparency. Although we can target big and fat clients comfortably because of our experience and expertise, our main focus remains mall-to-mid sized businesses, and we help them grow to become industry leaders. We want to help you in each and every possible way to promote your online business and increase ROI years after year without cutting/setting a deep hole in your pocket.

We provide value for every single penny spent on us. Our rates are very affordable, the process is simple and we are straightforward and approachable. Don’t let a hefty price tag limit your growth in the online world.
You can afford it too!

How do we differentiate ourselves from others?

As true professionals, we follow a simple one-line philosophy—“actions speak louder than words” and firmly abide by it.

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