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With Supramind's Magento SEO services, your Magento store will dominate search engine results. It is essential to maintain an SEO-friendly online business, regardless of the size of your website, whether it's a simple website deploying Magento's basic store or a complex marketplace with several store layouts and a wide array of integrations. We have been assisting Magento SEO customers in reaching their goals of higher website rankings and more revenue for more than a decade.

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Magento is a powerful globally proven result-oriented e-commerce software that powers millions of e-commerce websites and online shopping platforms worldwide. For a successful Magento website, you need to regularly optimize it so that your customers can discover it when they are searching for products from your business category.

The advantage of Magento is that it’s an open-source technology and can seamlessly grow with the company’s growing requirements. Due to this feature, developers worldwide keep on creating useful add-ons to Magento’s already exhaustive feature list.

For example, if you require a custom request to further streamline your online sales, a Magento developer can create that extension for your website, thus showcasing the flexibility of Magento. Here’s why Magento SEO is important for optimizing your Magento based e-commerce website.

what exactly is magento seo

What exactly is Magento SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a collection of multiple strategies from keyword research to creation of unique and compelling textual and visual content, for improving the ranking of your website in the search results for keywords specific to your business and products.

The objective of SEO is that when users enter a keyword or key phrase that defines your product or service, such as “leather wallet” or “best leather wallets online”, your website should appear at the beginning of the search result.

Magento SEO helps you optimize your website so that more customers keep discovering your website and buying your products. As Magento is different from Joomla or Drupal websites, it requires specific techniques for perfect optimization.

importance of magento seo

Importance Of Magento SEO

Magento SEO holds significant importance as it ensures the visibility of your Magento website to both search engines and users, which ultimately leads to increased sales. If you don't have a well-crafted SEO strategy implemented by a team of experts specialized in Magento SEO, your website may struggle to succeed.

Supramind Digital specializes in Magento SEO and we can offer you a customized SEO strategy to help your Magento website reach the first page of search engine results.

how does magento seo work

How Does Magento SEO Work?

When compared to other website platforms, Magento sites have an advantage in search engine optimization. Sites built with Magento already have the functionality and code in place that search engines need to deliver qualified visitors. Supramind Digital has collaborated on many Magento site projects, resulting in increased customer engagement for our customers.

Your Magento site will have a more positive interaction with search engine algorithms when we've finished working on it. We'll check to see that your domain settings are set up correctly and in line with your keyword and income targets as well.

We will also enhance your website's structure and content to improve search engine rankings. Our professional staff pays close attention to details like header configuration, title & meta tags, and meta descriptions. Plus, we'll make sure the Magento site's categories and products are set up for optimal success. We have a whole team of Magento experts who will take care of any code updates or other technical difficulties that might be holding down your site's Google rankings. Get in touch with us now.

optimize your website with magento seo agency

Optimize Your Website with Magento SEO Agency

We can optimize your website like a Magento SEO expert by following these steps:

Audit your website’s SEO

Before you begin the process of researching your keywords, revamping product categories and improving page speeds, you should audit the current position of your website in detail. Create sheets and documents for compiling notes and results of the website audit.

Keyword Research is the first step

Thorough keyword research is the first step in implementing a fruitful Magento SEO strategy. Through a systematic approach to keyword research, you can gainfully optimize your product pages to attract valuable traffic from shoppers who are looking to purchase your products.

Analyze the presence of your competitors

Prepare a list of all your competitor websites and deeply analyze their product pages to find out their targeted keywords and websites from which they are getting shoppers. This will help you plan a counter-strategy like targeting a particular set of keywords or even redesigning the home page and product pages

reshuffle product categories

Reshuffle product categories

Based on the findings of your competitor research, you should begin revamping your product categories by focussing on the following areas:

  • ✓ Create concise and descriptive names for your product category
  • ✓ Make your product descriptions creatively engaging
  • ✓ Keep title tags to less than 60 characters
  • ✓ Keep meta descriptions under 160 characters

Revise your product pages

You should proceed with improving your product pages with the following steps:

  • ✓ Choose descriptive product names
  • ✓ Write unique and creative product descriptions
  • ✓ Create a persuasive meta description and title tag
  • ✓ Create a concise hyphenated product page URL with the product name, manufacturer name and product code/ id.
  • ✓ Add product images and videos for further engaging potential buyers.
  • ✓ Include shopper reviews for building trust
  • ✓ Add social media buttons for enabling social sharing

optimize the page speed

Optimize the page speed

If you want buyers to stay on your website for long, you should ensure that your website loads fully in less than five seconds, ideally in three seconds. This will increase the user time spent and lead to a higher probability of purchase, and also reduce the bounce rate.

You can optimize the page speed as below:

  • ✓ Compress the file size of the product images
  • ✓ Use the Lazy Load Magento extension so that the images load gradually
  • ✓ Merge all product data into a flat catalog

Add your Google Analytics code
Continuously monitor and optimize your Magento SEO strategy by adding the Google Analytics tracking code.

Make Good Use Of “Nofollow” Tags

Make Good Use Of “Nofollow” Tags

Nofollow tags are important for achieving good Magento optimization. All online stores have pages that they don’t want to be indexed, such as:
✓ Checkout pages
✓ My account pages
✓ Shopping Cart page
✓ Login & Admin pages
✓ Magento easily allows you to formulate rules on which site pages you don’t want to be followed.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

You should ensure that every page has content that is completely unique. Avoid copying and pasting content from similar sites as that will invite a duplicate content penalty from Google.

take advantage of canonical tagging

Take Advantage Of Canonical Tagging

Sometimes, websites create multiple pages of the same page with different URLs. This leads to a duplicate content error. Canonical tags tell Google which of the pages is the master copy of these duplicate pages.

Write Compelling Descriptions For Each Product

Your product descriptions should be compelling, creative, unique and textually optimized for search engines for achieving significant organic traffic.

Include Images & Videos On Your Product Pages

Buyers are increasingly using Google images to search for products. Which is why it is important that you take your image optimization seriously.

Include Your Store Name & Keyword In Your Site’s Homepage Title

Include Your Store Name & Keyword In Your Site’s Homepage Title

In the title of your website homepage, include the name of your store as well as your primary keyword. Homepage titles are one of the best SEO signals to establish relevance between the target keyword and your website.

Personalize & Optimise The Default Meta Descriptions

Magento automatically fills your every page’s meta description with short snippets of content from the page.
Ensure that your meta descriptions explain what the page is about and compel people to click through.

Carefully Setup Your Sitemap Priorities

It’s a fact that search engines are not fully perfect at locating each page on your website. Magento offers you an excellent feature for creating XML sitemaps with automatic updation, for easy page discovery by Google.

Why Does Your E-Commerce Business Need Magento SEO Services

Why Does Your E-Commerce Business Need Magento SEO Services?

Magento is a robust e-commerce platform that is highly preferred by numerous online merchants. In order to fully realize the potential of your store, it is crucial to optimize it for search engines. This is where Magento SEO comes into play.

The term Magento SEO refers to the practice of improving the visibility and ranking of your online store and its content on search results pages (SERPs). To put it simply, SEO is the process of optimizing your site so that search engines like Google have an easier time discovering, crawling, and indexing its content.

is duplicate content a common magento seo issue

Is duplicate content a common Magento SEO issue?

Unfortunately, it is, and this can soon develop into a severe SEO issue. Duplication of metadata and content for the product pages is an issue that Magento websites often encounter. Setting up basic product pages for variants of a product like color choices or size options can result in duplicating metadata as well as the content.

In addition to that, the structure of item URLs is an additional issue that Magento shop owners often deal with. If you have products with numerous category associations, Magento will by default create a page URL that contains the categories and subcategories. While this might enhance the optimization of the particular URL, it may result in duplicate content issues, increased site size, and index bloat.

The good news is that as part of a Magento SEO strategy, these problems can be resolved with code adjustments. Supramind Digital is the Magento agency that you can trust.

aspects of supramind digital magento seo

Aspects Of Supramind Digital Magento SEO

1. Crawling & indexing

  • ✓ Duplicate content & faceted navigation: Faceted navigation is likely to be one of Magento's largest SEO headaches. Since the number of sites that can be crawled and indexed rises exponentially as facets are added, faceted navigations present significant challenges. To combat this, we'll analyze how Google crawls and indexes the created sites, and then take action to remove the indexation and then prevent the crawl of poor quality or duplicate pages.

  • ✓ Product & category page canonical tags: Canonical tags are not set for both product and category pages on a Magento site by default. This is not ideal since canonical tags should be included on all product and category pages. It's a signal to search engines that these are the sites they should prioritize when determining rankings. We can help you modify these preferences to apply canonical tags to all of your site's product and category pages.

  • ✓ Canonical tags in the pagination: By default, Magento sites do not have canonical tags placed on their paginated URLs. The canonical tag in Magento directs users from each individual paginated URL back to the category's main page. We'll provide a unique strategy to make it possible for the site's navigation to use canonical tags that link to themselves rather than the main category page.

javascript rendering

2. JavaScript rendering

JavaScript-loaded content is another Magento concern. Magento loads important material using JavaScript. This shouldn't hurt SEO, but you should check it. If a website requires JavaScript to load important content, Google must index the HTML and then return to the site to display any JavaScript-loaded information. We will verify that Google "sees" all page content in the second step of indexing. We also manually validate the index by detecting JavaScript-loaded content to ensure that Google can read that text on the page.

3. URL paths

Magento is preconfigured to append ".html" to the end of the URLs for all products and categories by default. While this may not be "bad" for search engine optimization, it may result in URLs that are longer and more difficult to read for end users. Users will appreciate the streamlined appearance of URLs that exclude the ".html" suffix. We will work to improve the readability of your store's URLs. To guarantee that the previous pages properly redirect visitors and search engines, we will set up global redirect rules.


4. Redirects

  • ✓ Global redirects: Your Magento site uses global redirects. If your business uses a "www" subdomain or "https," Magento will reroute users to the right destination URL even if they don't input those elements. This improves the site's user experience since visitors should arrive at the right information even if they misspell the target URL. However, instead of 301 redirects, Magento uses 302 redirects. We'll help switch Magento's global redirects to 301 status codes from 302.

  • ✓ Custom redirects: In addition to the site-wide 301 redirects, you need also to set up 1:1 redirects for specific pages. This makes it possible to set up redirects for obsolete pages if the necessity arises. To guarantee that your visitor gets the intended destination on your site, we will assist you in setting up page-specific redirects.

  • ✓ Automatic redirects: When making a modification to the URL structure, the Magento platform will automatically generate redirects for you. This is a great addition that simplifies working with the site's redirect. If, however, you want to alter the URLs of any vitally important pages on the site, we will see to it that the necessary changes are made.

on-page content

5. On-page content

  • ✓ Title tags & meta descriptions: Do you want to customize your product's title, meta description, and URL? Don't worry; we'll be there to assist you. We will write and optimize your title tags and meta descriptions for your specific industry.

  • ✓ Related products: The "Related Products" function is another wonderful feature of Magento. We can assist you in putting this on specific product pages. Including "Related Products" on each product page is a great method to boost many SEO metrics such as UX, engagement and upsell opportunities.

blogging functionality

6. Blogging functionality

Magento's lack of built-in support for blogs is one of the platform's major shortcomings from an SEO standpoint. Blogs can be of great value for e-commerce sites, even though category and product pages are often the most important from a revenue viewpoint. We used to see category or product pages rank for keywords now we see more informative material ranking for the same keywords. Guides, affiliate sites, and "how to" material is increasingly being prioritized by Google above product and category pages. Without a dedicated knowledge base, Magento businesses may struggle to rank well in search engines.

A blog provides an organic platform upon which to showcase your useful content. Magento businesses may not be able to rank for certain of their target keywords utilizing solely product and category pages if they do not include any informative content. We'll help you get a WordPress blog up and running while also setting up a subdomain for your Magento business. If you want your site to be a resource for visitors, you should definitely use one of these solutions.

structured data

6. Structured data

Adding structured data to your website is a quick and easy way to help search engines like Google better understand the content of each page on your site. Structured data is an excellent way to help Google better comprehend Magento sites of any size. We'll make sure the proper kinds of structured data are mapped to the right web pages. By mapping out your store's content, you can help Google understand it better.

  • ✓ CollectionPage: Additionally, we will assist you in setting up CollectionPage for use in your Magento store. CollectionPage schema lets you tell Google that a certain category page has several products and lists all their essential features.

  • ✓ Product: Product structured data is a must-have for every online store. Using product schema, you can notify search engines like Google that your website is about a certain SKU. We'll check to see that this information is included in the on-page content as well as the Product schema markup.

Look for these qualities in a Magento SEO expert

Look for these qualities in a Magento SEO expert?

When you are looking out for competent companies for doing the Magento SEO of your website, these are the important factors that you should consider before finalizing the company.

The company’s experience

You should choose a Magento SEO company that has years of experience in helping e-commerce companies get more customers and increase sales by optimizing their Magento SEO. Remember, the team size of the company can never be an alternative for experience.

At Supramind, we have more than a decade of experience and have successfully optimized the SEO of more than 100 websites and have designed more than 40 websites. We specialize in driving buyers to e-commerce websites by continuously optimizing their Magento SEO. We believe in increasing the ROI of businesses so that they keep on delighting their customers.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

In digital business, the only thing that matters is tangible results. The company which you choose for your website’s Magento SEO should focus on delivering real results which translate into revenue, and not just keep on billing month on month without any tangible results. These results include continuously increasing traffic to your website, increasing sales month on month, increased conversations around your products and a significant increase in revenue. Our proprietary Magento SEO product gives proven results by generating high conversions and transforms visitors into buyers. SEO is a slow process but with regular optimization, we try our best to get results faster.

optimisation strategy

Optimisation strategy

The competent strategy of Magento SEO optimization is the key difference between success and failure of any online business. Our expert team of Magenta SEO strategists have a deep and thorough understanding of how an optimisation strategy is conceptualized, implemented and improved. This is what transforms an abandoned cart into a purchase and brings in revenue for your online business. Supramind is your long-term partner in helping you achieve business success by continuously optimizing the Magento SEO of your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO-friendly URL structure is one that works well for both visitors and search engines and directs quality visitor traffic to your website.
Your page title and meta description have a big impact on improving your search result and your rankings.
You should Implement canonical URLs for homepage and CMS pages for avoiding duplicate content and a subsequent penalty from Google.
Ensure the use of canonical URLs for products and categories.
Use XML sitemaps to tell search engines what pages they need to crawl and index.
Using an HTML sitemap helps both visitors and search engines discover your most important pages.

Enable SEO-friendly URLs

Navigate to STORES, choose Configuration, select Web, expand the SEO field and set Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes.

SEO for Product Page

Expand the SEO field and set Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes.
Select the product, scroll to SEO and complete the fields:
Meta Title
Meta Keywords
Meta Description

SEO for Category Page

Navigate to CATALOG, choose the category to configure, expand the SEO section and fill the fields.

SEO for other CMS Pages

Navigate to CONTENT, choose Pages, select the page to configure, expand the SEO section and complete the empty fields.

When search engines position your eCommerce site as an established storefront through Magento SEO, the popularity of your website increases the product sales.

Magento SEO is surely one of the wisest decisions eCommerce site owners can make because Magento is truly one of the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platforms.

These unique components make Magento SEO friendly:
General Configuration and Basic Technical Optimization
Canonical URLs and CMS Pages
Product & Category Optimization Capabilities
Optimization of Template
Headings & Header Settings
Ability to Clean Up Your Site Speed & Code
Advanced Magento SEO features & Duplicate Content Removal
Dynamically created XML Sitemaps

Magento CMS works well for every store, irrespective of the number of products.
Magento SEO helps to optimize URLs, set rich snippets, dynamically develop sitemaps and more.
Magento has the largest selection of extensions for marketing, payments, customer support and more.
Magento’s PA-DSS security standards provide customers with secure payment options.
Magento’s heavy-duty platform increases page load speed.
Magento permits eCommerce stores to choose their preferred hosting company.
Magento can host many websites and control them from a single admin.
With third party integration, Magento provides more choices to customize an online store.
Magento facilitates responsive website design for seamless user experience.

Magento SEO helps boost your visibility in search engine results and places your website in front of potential buyers who are looking to purchase products offered by you. This enables you to reach customers who will otherwise don’t know about your website and the products offered on it. Magento SEO also has some cutting-edge extensions and amazing search boosting tools that dynamically improve your website’s search rankings.

Magento SEO delivers qualified customers to your website and increases sales conversions, thereby positively impacting your bottom line. It also gives continuous organic visitor traffic to your website and brings new buyers.

Website audit for gauging all the issues that your domain currently faces, including broken links, images without alt attributes, and much more.
Analysis for up to 3 competitor sites for site authority, organic search, paid search, backlinks, display advertising, and traffic engagement.
Identifying the keywords, both primary and secondary of the specific pages.
Create compelling content with your keywords, that hooks interest and drives traffic.
On-page optimization of title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, keyword density, and much more
Building links from reputable sites for boosting page rankings.
Sharing content through social media sites will boost your site's traffic and increase page ranking.

If done properly, SEO should begin to show results within a period of six to twelve months. This would mean an increase in website traffic, quality customers and successful conversions. You should continue SEO after you achieve this milestone, as doing so will affect your search ranking.

The time factor is important for improving your website’s SEO. All search engines want to give their audience the most relevant and helpful results for search queries.

With the right strategy, up to 8-12 months is a reasonable period for seeing the gainful impact of the SEO efforts and justify continuing investment in the activity.

NO, your website CAN NOT come on the first page of the search engine results without SEO. Over a while, SEO gives your website domain authority, backlinks your website from reputed websites and makes your prospects discover your website when they search for keywords and key phrases that are unique to your business, services or products. Without incorporating your keywords into the HTML tags and other important sections of your website, how will Google and other search engines recognize your website as authoritative? SEO helps you reach customers who use search engines to search for products they want to buy online.

Magento SEO refers to the strategy used to enhance the visibility of an online store in search engines. Keyword analysis, content marketing, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and link building are all part of the process. By increasing its visibility in search engine results pages, Magento SEO aims to boost a website's traffic and revenue.

Magento SEO is crucial since it raises your Magento e-commerce store's visibility and SERP ranking. More visibility can result in more organic traffic and revenues.

The first step should be to optimize your website's metadata then create high-quality content, improve your site's performance, use relevant keywords, and build backlinks to increase your Magento store's search engine rankings. Additionally, you can contact us and we will take care of all your Magento SEO needs.

By availing Magento SEO services, you can enhance the visibility and ranking of your online store on search engines, which can ultimately result in a significant increase in traffic and sales. By optimizing your product pages, meta tags, and implementing other SEO strategies, you can expand your business and reach a larger audience of potential customers.

Yes, optimizing Magento URLs is a must. A URL that is well-structured and conveys relevant information about a page's content will be equally beneficial for both your visitors and search engines. We help create highly descriptive and keyword-rich URLs, both of which boost a page's SEO value.

You can improve the loading speed of your Magento website in several ways, such as by decreasing the amount of HTTP requests it makes and the number of third-party extensions it uses. Improving site performance is also aided by selecting a Magento-optimized hosting provider or moving to a faster server

We recommend staying away from SEO extensions unless absolutely necessary. In many cases, our specialists are able to resolve Magento SEO issues without the need for third-party extensions.

Many variables affect how quickly you will receive results from SEO. These include your target area, the competition in your industry, the keywords you use, etc. Seeing significant gains in search engine rankings, traffic, and other metrics might take anywhere from six months to a year. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that rewards consistent, persistent work over time.

Success in Magento SEO can be measured by monitoring KPIs like organic traffic, keyword ranks, and conversion rate. Keeping tabs on these indicators over time can be done more easily with the help of Google Analytics and other SEO tools.

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