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If your website wants to rank well in search engines and attract visitors, hiring a reliable expert for WordPress SEO Services is essential. The WordPress SEO experts at Supramind have been in the game for decades, so they know how to get your business to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), where it can attract more customers and generate more revenue. Our extensive area of expertise hаs yiеldеd favourable results for sеvеrаl smаll, mеdium, and lаrge businеssеs.

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It is common practice for businesses to develop a strong online presence by ranking well in search engine results. Because nowadays almost everything is bought and sold online. Having a high Google search ranking is beneficial for two reasons: increasing website traffic and strengthening brand recognition.

WordPress SEO services are essential for organizations since there is intense competition online. Today, WordPress stands alone as the most widely used, robust, and user-friendly CMS available. There are several content management systems (CMS), but none can compare to the reliability and high standard set by WordPress. It is an excellent choice for building a website.

When it comes to WordPress SEO, we at Supramind Digital focus on the end-user experience. If you use WordPress for your company' website, our WordPress SEO services will make sure that it is optimized for phrases that will increase conversions. We'll conduct competitive research to find methods and approaches your site can use from high-performing competitors to boost organic exposure. With our help, your site's visitors will be able to quickly navigate to the content they need.

With our comprehensive experience, we at Supramind Digital have been supporting customers in improving their search results in order to improve traffic and customer interaction. We provide WordPress optimization services that are tailored to your specific needs and designed to improve your business.

premium seo services for wordpress websites

Premium SEO Services for WordPress Websites

So you've built your website on WordPress. You have defined your audience and laid down your offerings. You have put in pictures and designed the space with everything you and your brand stand for. You have taken a step further to technically vet the site and feed in details about your USPs. Yet, the website seems to be invisible to the virtual world.

WordPress SEO services are the answer you are looking for.

Supramind Digital is here to help. With its skilful team, experience-led foresight and expertise in optimising websites across industries, Supramind enables you to season your website with the right ingredients.

optimize your website with a wordpress seo company

Optimize your website with a WordPress SEO company

You know you need to boost your site's SEO, but is it a good idea to hire a WordPress SEO consultant? If you're looking for a WordPress SEO firm, Supramind Digital is your best option.

Our SEO company offers the following services:

  • ✓ Get more traffic
    Increased quality traffic is one of the greatest advantages of SEO. The more people who visit your site, the more potential customers you'll have.

  • ✓ Stay focused on your core
    If you're using WordPress and want to ensure that your SEO isn't suffering, you can team up with the professionals at Supramind Digital. We'll take care of everything you need, from choosing keywords to writing new material, to make sure your site is always getting new visitors. You just need to focus on your core offerings and handle your new customers.

  • ✓ Beat the competition:
    The search results are crowded with businesses fighting for the attention of your audience. Many companies like yours are seeking new consumers. When you work with Supramind Digital, we will ensure that your website ranks higher than those of your competitors.

  • ✓ Grow your customer base, leads, and sales
    Investing in SEO services should result in an increased customer base, leads, and sales. If you choose us as your WordPress SEO consultant at Supramind Digital, we will help you increase your customer base, leads, and sales

  • ✓ Usability
    We'll make sure all of your site's visitors have a fantastic time, regardless of the device they're using. Better user experience leads to higher conversion rates. You will have excellent usability after a Supramind Digital campaign

  • ✓ Performance
    Your organic search results will be indirectly impacted by a slow-loading website, which will also result in a higher bounce rate. To help you reach your objectives, Supramind Digital can speed up your website. We'll optimize the performance of your WordPress website.

  • ✓ Security
    We will take care of the safety of your website. When a website is not properly protected, problems like lost data or outages might occur. A safe and secure site is also a faster and more efficient one. If you're concerned about security, Supramind Digital will help you identify and fix any gaps.

how does wordpress seo work

How does WordPress SEO work?

WordPress SEO is the process of making websites built on WordPress more search engine friendly. WordPress has been created as a content management system to have a cordial relationship with search engines. However, in a world beaming with competition, you need more to win the brand war on the internet.

By optimising your WordPress website and content, you increase your accessibility to consumers who are actively looking for information about services and goods that your brand offers

This is where Supramind Digital steps in. As a leading provider of WordPress SEO services in India, Supramind gets you the best content, design and technical structure that help strengthen your website's bond with search engines. We work on populating your website with relevant copy while ensuring that it is published correctly, knitting it together with codes easily discoverable by search engines.

what makes seo important for wordpress

What makes SEO important for WordPress

Having an online presence is inevitable in this time, where most consumers choose brands based on face value. But having a website that doesn't engage with the audience can render your efforts futile. A good SEO strategy helps you build a connection that allows your clients to remember you even after the first impression. This enables you to deepen trust, foster conversions and generate sales. All of this starts with enhanced visibility on search engines.

Beyond the obvious benefit of helping climb up search engine rankings, running an SEO campaign for your WordPress website can have numerous other benefits. Some of them are:

  • ✓ Posing your website as a platform for information exchange about your niche

  • ✓ Establishing your brand as an answer to consumer searches through effective keyword mapping

  • ✓ Differentiating website visitors from actual leads with the help of constant reporting of viewing patterns

  • ✓ Creating a positive content loop so that you can serve your prospects with the kind of information and facts they are looking for

Thorough keyword A well-defined WordPress SEO strategy will help you groom your WordPress website to get it the recognition it deserves while helping it become a center spot for new and existing client relationships.

is page load speed an important ranking factor

Is Page Load Speed An Important Ranking Factor?

Google's algorithm has included page speed as a proven factor for over a decade. In 2017, Google introduced a mobile-first algorithm, raising the importance of a website's mobile loading speed. Sites with quicker load times perform better in search engine rankings, and this advantage can be especially helpful for websites that may be struggling with other important SEO challenges, such as a weak backlink profile.

With Google's inclusion of Page Experience in its ranking factors, page speed will continue to be an essential factor in SEO. You're losing potential customers and users if your WordPress website loads slowly. To help your WordPress site outperform the competition, we adopt a strategic and tactical approach to fixing the problems that hold it back.


Do We Need To Optimize Images For WordPress Websites?

Images are an integral part of any successful content strategy. However, they are also one of the key reasons why web pages take so long to load. A slow site is harmful because it might lead visitors to navigate away from the page. In fact, if a website takes five seconds or longer to load, the likelihood of a visitor leaving increases. Modern websites use 63% of the bandwidth for pictures and media. Thus, it is important that the images you include on your website are correctly optimized.

Google also uses the speed of a site as a ranking factor. This indicates that page load speed affects search engine rankings. Images affect PageRank under "Usability of web pages." Optimizing involves using a minimum number of pixels and bytes to attain the greatest quality. This decreases the size of your media files, which in turn speeds up your site.

importance of xml sitemap in wordpress seo

Importance of XML sitemap in WordPress SEO?

It is essential to have an XML sitemap for search engine optimization because it will streamline the process of finding your web pages. It is the most efficient approach for promoting your company. In the event that the website does not already have a sitemap, it is strongly suggested that one should be created.

why do you need a robots.txt file for wordpress website

Why Do You Need a Robots.txt File for WordPress Website?

Even without a robots.txt file, your site will be crawled and indexed. However, you cannot restrict which content search engines can index. If you are just starting off with your blog and don't yet have a sizable amount of content, this won't make a huge difference. However, as your website expands and more content is added, you'll need to have greater control over how it's crawled and indexed.

To prevent irrelevant pages like admin pages, plugins, themes, or posts from being indexed by search engines, you can use the robots.txt file. It's not the most secure method, but it will get the job done and keep your private data from the public and search engines.

supramind's wordpress seo services

Supramind's WordPress SEO Services

Website Review

A thorough examination and understanding of your company website are inevitable to kickstart the SEO process. Only when you gauge your website's current standing will you be able to determine the next steps.

An SEO-centric website audit reveals areas of your WordPress site that need improvement. This could include duplicate content, technical bugs, aesthetical mismatches and other aspects that may lower your appeal to search engine visitors looking for a service or product like yours.

At Supramind, we know that each problem is a latent opportunity and therefore take a solution-centric approach to SEO.

content for wordpress

Content for WordPress

After ensuring that your WordPress site's technical aspects are strategically optimised, it is essential to ensure that the content on your website follows the lead. It would help if you concentrated on producing great content that draws links.

A search-engine focussed content plan is vital for your website to become more discoverable by potential customers. This starts from understanding the taxonomy of categories and tags on WordPress and using them to your advantage and goes all the way to find reliable and diverse content platforms to publish material that backlinks to your website.

The skilled teams at Supramind are well-versed in all colours of the content spectrum. We help you design a custom content strategy that increases your WordPress website's engagement rate.

wordpress seo plugin

WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress is the choice of many entrepreneurs and content creators to build their websites today. Its popularity has led many service providers with plugins that work well with the CMS. This is true for SEO plugins as well.

Many mistake SEO plugins as automated SEO campaigns that iron out the discrepancies of your website. However, a better way to view an SEO plugin is as a tool that requires a skilled professional to best leverage it. To draw a parallel, having a toolkit at home doesn't compensate for the need for a handyman to mend a broken cabinet.

Supramind's team of skilled professionals undertake end-to-end management of the SEO process for your WordPress website, including efficient service support for your SEO plugin.


WordPress Updates & On-Site Optimization

Any SEO strategy must include on-page optimisation, but WordPress websites require it even more. The constant updates available for WordPress need a technical SEO expert to keep up with. At the same time, the continuously evolving search patterns and shift in the popularity of keywords. require a content expert who can adapt the website's content to them.

Supramind is a comprehensive stop for all your on-site SEO needs. Be it through optimising your URLs, meta-titles and descriptions, or with effective keyword and image placement, we implement SEO strategies that help you appear in search engine results when users look out for the products / services you provide.

Why Supramind

Why Supramind?

At Supramind, we are passionate about SEO. Taking up your SEO streamlining is not just about helping your WordPress jump ranks for us. It is about ensuring that you unlock the true potential of the online aspects of your business. The difference between the former and the latter starts with the intent.

We truly believe that SEO is part of the brand-building process, as opposed to just a marketing initiative. So, we put careful thought into every code we tweak, every image source and every keyword we incorporate. Your website is the holy pitch where our priority is to hone the SEO game. The results undoubtedly are sure to follow.


It is this methodical approach that has helped us build successful client relationships with businesses from across sectors. We have 100 + happy clients (and counting) who would vouch that our SEO strategies are not run-of-the-mill templatised solutions. They are created after thoughtfully analysing your company, industry and business so that you have a fertile foundation for the SEO plan to work.

As part of our WordPress SEO services, we invest ourselves in uncompromised implementation of these strategies for your WordPress website, with a single-minded focus on your growth; for we know that only your growth can result in ours.

Ready To Promote Your website Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring an SEO expert who is hands-on with WordPress websites is the best way to kickstart your SEO process. Make sure that your partner covers the following aspects in their SEO plan for your website:

Effective keyword search and incorporation of keywords in your content.
Custom page and post URLs that increase ranking
Intelligent use of page headings to get traction
Optimised title tags and meta descriptions that are unique
Optimised Image
Building High quality Backlinks
Fixing Tech issues like canonicalization etc.

It is possible to add focus keywords on the page, post and category sections on your WordPress website. Generally, an SEO plugin helps you do the job well. Meta descriptions, page headings, and sub-titles must almost always have keywords, especially the main ones. You just have to determine the frequency sweet spot for the rest of the content, based on how the overall piece reads. The thumb rule while using keywords is that they should not seem forced.

In terms of SEO, WordPress is highly effective. However, using WordPress to build your website by itself won't make you rank highly in search engines. Additionally, you need to have excellent SEO strategies that have proven to improve page rankings. This is when enlisting the help of a specialised WordPress SEO team is useful. Supramind's WordPress SEO professionals optimise your site to help you leverage the power of the platform, whilst giving your website a strategic edge over your competitors.

The one-word answer to this question is yes. WordPress as a content management platform has been inherently created to build websites that perform well on search engines. Its data structures are easily indexable and crawlable, and a host of available plugins offer immense potential for optimisation solutions to work well. All you need is a reliable team who can have all these WordPress features work to your advantage with keyword-rich content and impeccable design, technically and visually.

Here are six simple tips to boost SEO on your WordPress site:

✓ Pick an SEO-friendly theme
✓ Dedicate an SEO plugin to your site
✓ Design your content with keywords
✓ Use internal linking and backlinking effectively
✓ Cash-in on responsive design
✓ Optimise your image file names
While these tips might work well for personal websites if yours is a thriving business, onboarding a reliable SEO partner might be the key to performing better on search engines.

Here are some WordPress SEO best practices:

✓ Make a thoughtful host choice
✓ Choose your domain name wisely
✓ Embrace WordPress' suggestions for meta-descriptions, tags and headings
✓ Prioritise quality content rich with keywords
✓ Incorporate a mobile-friendly design (easily doable on WordPress)
✓ Upload XML sitemaps. A single click makes this possible on WordPress.
✓ Don't compromise on the interface of your website
✓ Use SEO plugins for caching, page speedup, and image optimisation
✓ Boost your website with content and backlink from credible sources
✓ Optimise the site structure of your WordPress site

Installing and activating the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is the first step in adding a sitemap to your WordPress website. You must activate the XML sitemap capability because WordPress SEO does not do so by default. In settings, visit SEO and then XML Sitemaps. Tick the box to get the function to start working.

Google XML Sitemaps, is also a very helpful plugin which creates an automatic sitemap for your website.

How to increase organic traffic is a common topic that our clients talk about. However, there isn't a secret formula that can come to your aid instantly. Getting more users to your website is an over-time process that piggybacks on comprehensive Wordpress SEO practices, engaging content and a holistic approach to digital. You can sure use a few WordPress features to improve the performance of your site, but sustainable, organic growth is a matter of continuous and dedicated efforts. This is where a partner like Supramind steps in.

Yes, an SEO plugin is necessary for any WordPress site. Yoast SEO is unquestionably one of the most widely used solutions for SEO plugins, but the market is lined with many other options as well. WordPress SEO is inevitably elaborate and these plugins have tons of intricate built-in capabilities to offer you fine control over the SEO of your site. Oftentimes, it is choosing the right plugin partner that business owners struggle with. Supramind can provide you with direction and assistance in determining which plugins you require alongside their end-to-end management

Optimising a website for Search Engines is not a one-step process. It is exhaustive, intricate and strategy-heavy. Tips that are loosely found on the internet, like conducting rigorous keyword research or focusing your URLs on recent searches may momentarily better your SEO ranking, but for your website to sustainably pin itself to search results, you need a concrete plan. Bringing in a team of WordPress SEO specialists like Supramind can make the process easy and much more profitable

You should be able to build meta tags and descriptions depending on your selected keywords with the aid of a good SEO plugin. Some of the contenders on this list additionally offer content analysis with helpful recommendations for enhancement. Here are a few great alternatives that you must explore for your WordPress website:

✓ Yoast inevitably tops the list
✓ All in One SEO (AIOSEO) has many essential features even its free version
✓ Ahref and SEMrush are plugins that works mostly with content
✓ Keywordtool.io helps you find better keywords with the help of Google

Joomla and WordPress are two popular options for creating websites, but each has its advantages and limitations. WordPress offers a great level of customisation, whereas Joomla can be better suited for those who are more tech-savvy. Ultimately, hiring a developer and WordPress SEO company will guarantee first-page results for your site.

It's simple to set up an SEO plugin in WordPress. You can search for specific plugins using keywords or categories by clicking plugins in the admin dashboard, just as you would in the Play Store. From there, you can acquire plugins and just follow the installation instructions provided with each one. It is also possible to buy a plugin from a third-party repository and then install it in WordPress's backend admin panel.

To provide your website with a solid foundation, WordPress provides a variety of themes. Choose an SEO-friendly theme over an aesthetically pleasing one. The two most important aspects of an SEO-friendly theme are its speed and its code. A properly built theme that adheres to the most up-to-date SEO best practices ensures that Google's bots will be able to navigate the theme's source code and locate the relevant information.

WordPress websites are neither better nor worse than HTML/CSS websites. In Google's eyes, both types of sites are essentially the same. But depending on your setup and the plugins you use, WordPress can have both positive and negative effects on your SEO rankings.

All websites need to have media. However, they might have a dramatic effect on your SEO results. SEO depends on image tags and titles. If you tag your images correctly, you can boost your visibility in image searches. Adding images to your site with long, complicated names isn't a good SEO strategy. When adding images to WordPress, you can change the title, caption, alt text, and description. These choices can improve your site's SEO.

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