10+ Best Magento SEO Extensions For Your ECommerce Website

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10+ Best Magento SEO Extensions For Your ECommerce Website


Top Magento SEO Extensions

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For many businesses, organic search is the primary source of revenue. Ignoring Magento 2 SEO will lead to lesser visibility of your website to the customers. If your products are not visible in the search results then you lose your conversions.

SEO has been proven to give consistent, effective and long-lasting results. Reaching the top positions requires implementing the right optimisation. You can use Magento SEO extensions to make your eCommerce website successful and profitable.

You can find the Magento SEO extension that works the best for you and one that can produce a good outcome for your business.

Magento SEO tips

First, you can check out the Magento SEO tips:

SEO-optimised URL structure

All the top-ranking websites use an SEO-optimised URL structure. Your URL should be brief (385px max) and you should use your target keyword in it. Use lowercase for your URL and keep them consistent.

Use the target keyword in meta titles and meta descriptions to improve your Magento SEO. As this information is shown in the search results it is a decisive factor for a user to visit your website.

The meta title should be 580px max, relevant and catchy. Your meta descriptions should be 990px max. They should have content related to the target page.

hosting solution

The content on the page should be relevant and provide information about the target key terms. They should follow the right structure like H1 for the title, H2 for the heading, H3 for the subheading and more.

As Magento requires a lot of resources it needs a dedicated hosting solution. Otherwise, your website will slow down and affect your SEO.

For Magento use the latest version and the compatible package, configure Redis, Varnish and Memcache, run on Nginx and integrate CDN.

Magento SEO extensions

These extensions can help to drive more traffic to your website and thus more sales. The various SEO Magento extensions are as follows:


Magento 2 SEO Extension - Mageplaza

This is the most popular choice for a Magento store that needs an affordable and robust solution. It offers useful SEO features like canonical tags, structured data, URL rewrites, sitemap integration, canonical link meta tag, image optimisation and an SEO checklist.

It can help to improve your store’s rankings in the SERPs and drive high-quality traffic to your website. It comes with three versions and supports multi-stores for your business expansion. It is compatible with Magento Open (Community). Magento Commerce (Enterprise) and Magento Cloud 2.2.x, 2.3.x and 2.4.x.

BSS Commerce

Magento 2 SEO Extension - BSS Commerce

This is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. Its main feature is that it can showcase product snippets in SERP along with price, review, rating, availability and more. It allows you to easily generate an HTML/XML sitemap containing products, CMS pages and additional links. You can also use the Robots Meta tags to instruct the crawlers and HREFLANG to index websites to avoid duplicate content.

It comes in two different versions: Community and Enterprise. It helps to optimise your store at a competitive price.


Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension - Magefan

This allows you to cover technical SEO and on-page SEO without having any prior SEO knowledge. It is a bundle of 5 extensions that target different SEO features. You can easily enhance your SEO strategy, improve your click-through rate and optimise your store using the best SEO practices.

This extension helps you to stand out in the search engine and also improves your user experience. Thus helping you to drive more traffic to your online store.

The main features include creating SEO templates for meta titles, descriptions and keywords, enabling canonical tags, streamlining redirects, setting up hreflang flags, configuring OG tags, and creating a responsive HTML sitemap and rich snippets using a plugin.


SEO Content Optimisation - ReloadSEO

This is a unique extension and helps you to create optimised content easily. It can give you real-time feedback about how well your category and product pages are optimised. It provides a score in the product index that allows you to sort products according to their optimisation rates.

It can help you improve your conversion rate and AdWords quality scores.


Advanced SEO Suite - Mirasvit

This suite helps you to get higher rankings in the search results by optimising all the aspects of your eCommerce store. Its main feature is that it lets you enhance your website for relevant search terms related to your product categories. It supports Magento version 2.3.


Ultimate SEO Suite - AheadWorks

This offers multi-store support for your eCommerce website. This extension allows you to add canonical URLs in Google sitemap. It allows you to optimise your website for optimal SEO performance. You can split your sitemap into small manageable files and index pictures on your website. Its main advantage is that it automatically changes long URLs to canonical URLs.


Canonical URLs Magento Extension - FMEAddons

You can easily create canonical URLs (manually or automatically) for your eCommerce website using this extension. It is a simple extension and allows search engines to select the most relevant pages based on the number of visits per category. This helps you to attract more visitors to specific pages.

This is a Magento 1 extension and it helps you to detect duplicate content, provide correct URLs based on your databases for your CMS pages and adds a drop-down menu to your eCommerce website.


SEO Suite Ultimate - Mageworx

This suite offers dynamic functionalities for optimising your Magento store. It provides dynamic templates for managing the navigation of your store. It allows you to create customised canonical tags for products, automate robots.txt file editing, optimise URL structure, get rich snippets and generate reports. It works best with Community and Enterprise versions.

Advanced Sitemap & SEO Suite

Advanced Sitemap & SEO Suite

This advanced SEO suite works best in combination with the SEO Suite extension. It allows you to generate a sitemap automatically and track the frequency of the fields based on the priority of the field. It allows you to show the frontend tabs on your website to make it look more attractive. It is compatible with Magento Community versions.

seo rich snippets

SEO Rich Snippets

This extension supports the multi-store setup. It helps you to resolve the pricing issue by tagging the price and the currency separately and this can also help to give a boost to your website traffic.