Bigcommerce SEO features and & tips for Ecommerce success

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Bigcommerce SEO features and & tips for Ecommerce success


Bigcommerce SEO Features & Tips

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BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that enables you to establish a digital enterprise online. You can use it to design, customise and sell your products or services online. It is one of the best self-hosted SaaS e-commerce platforms.

It offers all the features to build your website and improve your SEO rankings. It also provides management tools, an excellent security system and self-hosting solutions and is perfect for creating a customised store. It is an easy-to-use platform but you should learn how to implement the features for your store.

To make your store successful you need to do SEO. It can help to boost the rankings of your store on Google and other search engines. You can find BigCommerce SEO services to apply all the aspects of SEO.

SEO features


1. You should make your store mobile-friendly as most people make purchases via mobile phones. As Google Mobile Indexing is used to rank and evaluate online content you should develop a mobile-friendly store to capture as much market as you can. Make your user interface and navigation highly mobile optimised.

2. Your website should have a good site structure otherwise it will be difficult to crawl and index it. If your website does not get crawled then it will be ranked low on Google. A flat structure is easier to crawl and index than a silo structure. Your subpages must be easily accessible from your home page. All your important pages must be interlinked and there should be no broken links.

Bigcommerce website

3. The design of your BigCommerce website should be organized, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, readable and arranged structurally. Your page should include the products, color, text, overall appearance and other aesthetics you want for your customers. BigCommerce has all the themes, templates and resources to help you build your store.

4. You should add products and their details to your store. Also, add compelling page meta titles and meta descriptions that encourage the users to click. Use primary and long-tail keywords in them. Add internal links to boost your page strength.

keyword research

5. Do keyword research and find commercial and informative keywords. BigCommerce comes with an SEO feature that helps you to understand your keyword density. It tells you whether the density is good or bad for SEO success.

6. Do not overcrowd your home page with products but choose the best that represents the category. Use descriptive products and category descriptions and use the targeted keyword in them. The product should display in the front and centre of the page as the customer clicks on the link. The customer need not scroll down to the middle of the page to view the product.

high-quality optimized images

7. Use high-quality, optimized images of the products from different angles. Add other products in the category and links that redirect customers to another page that offers additional information about the products.

8. One of the ways to attract customers and boost your rankings is through product reviews. They show the interaction and the value of your store. It offers a better insight to the potential buyers.

SSL certificate

9. You should be clear on pricing as it is the next thing people check before buying. Make the price stand bold and in a bright colour so that it cannot be missed.

10. The checkout process you use in your store should be seamless. This will help to reduce cart abandonment and the customers will be able to make a purchase quickly. Show the delivery page and the shipping cost at the time of checkout.

11. Use a trust seal to guarantee that all your products are real and original. This will boost your site rankings. Use an SSL certificate for your website as this will make your store secure and boost rankings. Load your URL with HTTPS.

SEO Tips

Google Analytics

1. In the BigCommerce stencil theme and the email, you will get a default message ‘Powered by BigCommerce’. It will be better to remove this message.

2. You should monitor your website and track its performance. BigCommerce has its analytics tool but you should use Google Analytics along with it.

social media marketing

3. Build links as it helps to drive organic traffic to your store. Use effective link-building strategies to improve your rankings.

4. To bring more traffic to your store you can use social media marketing. You should engage on social media and share offers that give real value. Use content marketing to improve the visibility of your store in search.

Use strong technical SEO to rank your store higher than the competition. To achieve all this you can consult a BigCommerce SEO company like Supramind Digital.