Meta Tags And Meta Tag Generator Tools

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Meta Tags And Meta Tag Generator Tools

reliable meta-tag generators available

Meta tags do not appear on the page itself but exist in the HTML code of a page of your website and have to be coded in your CMS. They are used to make search engines understand the contents of a web page. There are various types of meta tags.

Websites within a niche compete with each other and sometimes the web developers are at a loss to find proper mate tags. This is when they can use meta tag generators. There are many reliable meta-tag generators available.

Meta tag generator tools


This is one of the good tools and is known for its superfast SEO analysis execution. It offers a range of SEO tools like meta tags generator, backlink checker and more. It also offers recommendations that help to improve your website’s online presence.

This is a reliable and safe tool that can be used to generate meta tags. You just have to enter a few parameters like the website title, website description and keywords. You have to decide whether you want to index the site and allow robots to follow the link. Next, you have to select the type of content your website wants to display. Here you are given four options. Lastly, you have to enter the primary language; the default language is English.

The tool will generate meta tags for you. You can make changes to it or regenerate it. This tool can be used any number of times.

This is a free tool and it can be used to create perfect meta tags. You can then add the meta tags in the PHP or the HTML source of your website. You can use ‘copy & paste’ for adding the meta tags.

You have to enter the title tag and the description tag in the tool. Next, you can use the index-follow tag so that the search engine spiders go through every page of your website.

The meta title and meta description tags are important for search engine rankings. You can use this tool rather than create the meta tags manually. You can copy the generated information to your website. This tool helps you to create perfect and correct meta tags.

To use the tool add the page title, page description and keywords. Next, choose whether you want the search engine robots to index the webpage or the homepage. You will get a ready-made HTML code that can be copied and pasted into the source code of your website.

To get to the top of the search results you can follow these tips while generating meta tags.

  • Always add the keyword as it shows the relevance of your content. Keywords appear in bold and will help attract the attention of the users.

  • Add emojis to stand out from the competition and get the attention of the users.

Meta tags provide information about your website and web pages to search engines. Most search engines use meta tags for use in their search results.

To generate the meta tags you have to enter the title, description, keywords, whether to index-follow, copyright and language. The tool will generate the meta tags.

Easy Retro Meta Tag Generator
This is a free tool and to generate meta tags all you have to do is enter the website or the page details. The tool generates the HTML code for meta tags. You can use this tool to generate metadata for Twitter cards and Open Graph.

Eternitach Meta Tag Generator
This tool can be used to build the meta tags quickly and efficiently. When you fill in the required details like the website title, website description, website keyword and website author this tool can offer real recommendations. This is a free tool.

Know about meta tags

Know about meta tags

What are meta tags?
Meta tags help Google to better understand what your web pages are about. Google relies on meta tags to understand the relevance of your content to a given search query. The role of meta tags has changed over time in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Some of the meta tags are important while some have lost their power due to too much manipulation. For example, the black hat SEO used meta keyword tags to hijack website traffic. They add keywords to their metadata that are not relevant to their content. As a result, Google removed meta keywords from being a direct ranking factor.

Optimizing your meta tags

Optimizing your meta tags for search can help steal the clicks from your competition. The meta tags are important for SEO because:

  • They help Google to understand the relevance of your content.

  • They can influence how your search result is displayed.

  • They allow Google to extract data to display rich results.

  • They allow you to link your online properties and mobile application assets like Facebook, Twitter and iOS/Android applications.

Meta tags are used to make search engines understand the content of your web page. These HTML meta tags appear only in a page's code and can be easily checked via the source code. They are the first impression or the point of contact for search engines.

Meta tags appear in the head section of an HTML web page. The different platforms use different ways to add the meta tags like WordPress and more.

Importance of meta tags

Importance of meta tags

Meta tags provide information about your website to search engines and visitors. You can optimise them to highlight the most important elements of your content and make your website stand out in the search results.

Search engines try to offer the best user experience and one of the ways is to make sure that your website satisfies a user search query as best as possible. Meta tags can display information that the searchers need to know in a concise and valuable way.

For example, some meta tags can be used to make your website easy to navigate while others can be used to tell the search engine which parts of your content are important.

6 Most important meta tags

6 Most important meta tags

The 6 most important meta tags are as follows:

1. Title tag
This is the first HTML element that appears on a page and is one of the most important meta tags. You should try to make a good start by using title tags that are concise, unique and relevant. Title tags should be short as Google does not have enough space for long titles. You can use this tag to tell the search engines and visitors what is on your page.

2. Meta Description tags
What is meta description? These are search result snippets. Meta Description tags can be used to convince readers to click and visit your website. You should try to use your keyword naturally and not stuff keywords. This tag along with the title tag can be used to create a compelling view of your page.

Canonical tag

3. Canonical tag
This tag is used to tell Google that this is the original page and you want to show it in the search results. This tag is useful when you have a single URL with similar content on multiple URLs.

For example, if your website is and you have and then you can use this meta tag to make sure Google does not think that all these pages have duplicate content of the home page. Google does not like duplicate content.

Social media meta tag

4. Robots meta tag
This tag is used to tell the search engines whether a page should be indexed or should not be indexed.

5. Social media meta tag
This meta tag can be used to make your content to be easily shared. For example, the Open Graph Tags and the Twitter Cards allow your content to be shared easily by using clickable buttons.

6. Alt-text meta tags
Google cannot read images but it can read the text provided by the Alt-meta tags. Your Alt-meta tags should be concise and describe the image properly. If your images do not load properly then this tag is useful. It is also helpful for the visually impaired. You can include your keywords naturally in this tag but not stuff keywords.