Keyword Density And Its Importance In SEO

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Keyword Density And Its Importance In SEO

Keyword density and its importance in SEO-feature
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When you create content for your website you have to use the main primary keyword in it. Keywords are the words and phrases that the people enter in their search queries. Search engines look for keywords in your content to know how the content is relevant to the keywords used in the search queries.

How many times should the primary keyword be used in the content? There is no fixed percentage of keywords that can be used defined by the search engines. Keyword density is the number of times the primary keyword appears in the content.

Keyword density is defined as the percentage of times your primary keyword appears in your content compared to the total number of words. SEO experts have suggested a keyword density of 1% to 3%. When the keywords are used within this range it is called ‘Optimal keyword density’.

For example, if your article is of 500 words then you should use the keywords (1%) 5 to (3%) 15 number of times in your content.

Importance Of Keyword Density

keyword density

Google tries to find the best pages that fit the user query and for this you should use your primary keywords in content. Primary keyword is the keyword you want to rank for in the search results. A good keyword density can help you get a higher ranking in the search results.

Using less or more keyword density can affect SEO. SEO is done to improve the ranking of a web page in the search engine result pages and get traffic. These are the benefits of using a good keyword density:

organic search traffic

1. You should target long tail keywords along with using a good keyword density to get ranked in the higher positions quickly.

2. Once your page starts ranking your website will start getting organic search traffic which in turn will affect the website authority.

3. It is more important to create helpful content for the readers so that they can get the information they are looking for. Creating the right content and using a good keyword density will help you to reach out to more audiences through the SERPs.

optimal keyword

4. When you use optimal keyword density it tells the crawlers how relevant the web page’s content is to the targeted keyword.

5. You should not repeat your keyword in the content too many times. The page may rank for a few days but it will not rank higher for a long time. To maintain your position you should use a good keyword density.

6. If in your content you use the keyword many times thinking it may be the right way to rank then it is not so. Your content will not appear natural to read or look at. This is called keyword stuffing. Google does not like keyword stuffing and may penalise you. Your writing should not be unnatural but the keyword should have a strong presence in your content.

online tool

7. You can analyse the keyword density in the content using online tools. Try free tools like or This way you will be able to provide good content to your readers and the search engines.

If your keyword density score is low then you should use more keywords. In your content you should use more primary keywords.

If your keyword density score is high then you are using too many keywords and your content will look spammy. You can use synonyms instead of the primary keyword to make the content pleasant to read. Synonyms will not count in the total score for the primary keyword.