Benefits Of Using Structured Data

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Benefits Of Using Structured Data

better appearance

Structured data is used to tell the search engines what type of content is available on your pages. This helps the search engines to better understand your content. Structured data helps the search engines to more accurately suggest the content when the people type in their search queries.

Structured data helps to improve your SEO and your content can get displayed differently (better appearance ) in SERP. The three widely used syntax for structured data are microdata, RDFa and JASON-LD. Google and Bing support all the three types.

Structured Data Comes In Different Forms And These Are The Benefits Of Using Structured Data:

Carousel of rich cards

1. Rich Cards are a form of rich results and are displayed in a list format called a carousel. Carousel of rich cards lists similar rich results that are listed next to one another and are taken from different websites. Rich cards are displayed for recipes, articles, events and more. The cards display the title, image and a slightly longer description of your content. They help to boost the visibility of your website and let your content stand out from the others.

2. Search engines also display knowledge graphs in their search results. Knowledge graph contains important business information like address, phone number, email address, hours of operation and more. When you use structured data on your web pages it makes it more likely that the content may be displayed differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

3. The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) can be used to answer your customer’s questions. You can dedicate a section of your website to FAQs and mark them up with structured data. By doing this content will be eligible to be displayed in the FAQ rich results.

You can markup your questions and answers with QAPage schema to show up in the Q&A rich results. The question and answers are posted in an open forum which allows many answers.

4. You can markup the reviews given by your customers with Review Structured data. This can help to bring more engagement to your brand in the search.

Product rich results

5. Product rich results are used to display the product, the price and the availability. You can also use them to display ratings, price drop, reviews, shipping details and more.

6. The ‘HowTo’ can be used to show your buyers how to use your products through step-by-step instructions. This also supports your E-A-T because you are also telling the search engine that you are a trusted source of information for specific categories.

optimize your content

7. When you optimize your content with structured data it will be optimized for search and voice assistants. Google will take care of the NLU and speech recognition. You need to optimize it only once and it will be optimized for platforms and devices.

8. Using structured data can help Google find your content easily and understand it better. Your content can get indexed faster.

9. Having rich results shown for your products in the search results can help to improve the click-through-rate. It will also help to draw more attention to your listings. For example, good reviews.

positive listings

10. Having rich results can also help to increase the conversions. When many people see your positive listings it will increase the likelihood of them buying.

11. Structured data gives the ability to control how your information is defined. This will help to control how the machine understands your brand. By using structured data you are making it easy for the search engine to understand your information and this will save time and bandwidth.

data retrieval

12. Structured data offers an effective way to answer the user queries with more personalized and factual results. This is called ‘data retrieval’.

13. Structured data can help to get a higher return on investment as it allows you to showcase events with pictures, venue, date, timings, pricing and availability. Your AMP page article could get a spot in the Top Stories carousel. For non-AMP pages it can increase the chances of appearing in rich results.

job search experience

14. You can use structured data for your job postings and it will be eligible to appear in the job search experience on Google. It will feature your logos, reviews, ratings and job details. This will give you more visibility and help you find the right candidate.

15. Schema markup (structured data) can help create content which you want to show in the rich results. You will have to think about ideas for new content or existing content. You will have to plan to design your website if you want your content to show up in rich results. Therefore it helps to improve your content strategy.

rich results test

16. Google offers tools to measure the impact of the structured data.

Google Search Console helps to measure the performance of the different search enhancement and rich results.

The Rich Results Test can be used to know the eligibility of your content for rich results and validate them.

Schema Markup Validator (SMV) can be used to display the summary of extracted structured data and identify syntax mistakes in the markup.