15 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate

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15 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate


Website conversion rate is the percentage of the visitors on your website who complete the desired action like completing a purchase, email subscription, signing up, downloading or booking a demo and more. These actions help to convert visitors into your customers.

A higher conversion rate indicates that you are able to capture your audience’s attention, your CTAs and messages are working fine with your audience and you have put in the right efforts to make the user journey easy.

These are a few tips that will help you to improve your conversion rate:

  1. Implementing live chat can help to improve the conversion rate. Live chat helps you to provide assistance to your visitors in real time. This creates a positive impact. Customers are more likely to buy when the brand answers their queries within a minute. Personalised customer service chats can help to convert visitors into loyal customers.
  2. Tell the potential customers exactly what you offer and you have what they need. You should deliver the right value proposition and talk about your services, for whom they are and how it is useful. To make your value proposition work you can talk about the benefits to the customers. Your value proposition should be clear.
  3. People pay attention to the headline of the content. You should write compelling headlines to grab your visitors attention. If your headlines are not clear then the visitor will get confused and may drop your website. Know your target audience and set the messaging accordingly.
  4. Make your CTAs stand out by using the right language as per the situation. Place the CTAs strategically and do not use multiple CTAs. Keep your CTAs simple and personalise them. Place CTAs on landing pages to increase the conversion rate.

Optimise website design and user experience

Use compelling CTAs and make it obvious to the users what they will get once they click on a link.

  1. The website design is the top criteria for deciding brand credibility. Your website design should look professional. Another important aspect is website navigation. Use simple and easy navigation so that your users can navigate smoothly.

Optimise website design and user experience 

To improve your conversion rate you can offer a better user experience. You should make purchasing your product or services easy for your customers. Therefore you should make sure your website loads quickly. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing. 

  1. Add pop-ups to your website as they can help to increase the conversion rate. Put a 30 seconds delay timer with the pop-ups to prevent them from being annoying. Make it easy for your users to close the pop-up.
  2. The online forms on your website should have the necessary fields only. Too many fields can scare the users away. You should find a balance between getting the required information and keeping the fields to a minimum.
  3. You can provide testimonial and / or reviews from your past customers on your website. This can help to build trust with the new visitors. Social proof and logos can help to put the customers at ease.

Social proof and testimonials can let your potential customers know how others have benefited from your products or services. People tend to follow the opinion of others when they are unsure.

Leverage social proof and trust signals

You can ask your existing customers to leave reviews on social media platforms. You can display the social proof and testimonials on your website. These can be in the form of text, images, video or audio.

  1. When it comes to your offer, you should make the initial step really easy to complete. The easier the first step the more likely that the visitors will complete the form. Instead of asking to fill the entire form you can request an email address. Then you can ask the visitors to fill out the form.
  2. Now alternative logins have become popular. The users should be given the option to login using their Google, Facebook or other accounts. This way a signup form will not be required.
  3. Use a Conversion Rate Optimization planner to analyse and develop a strategy for improving your conversion rate. CRO planner takes you through the entire process. You can also try out the A / B test as it is the most popular form of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
  4. You should understand how the users interact with your website. For this you can use analysis tools like Microsoft Clarity or Crazy Egg to see the screen recordings of the user on your site. You will get to see what they click on, what they skip, if they stop filing a form in the middle and more. Find the areas that need improvement.
  5. Analyse and test the content offers on your website. Are the offers creative, compelling and do they align with the audience? You can try out compelling offers with countdown then just generic ones.
  6. When people download content offers they should get what they want. Include the images or videos of your products or services on your landing pages. To improve the conversion rate you can add video testimonials and images of graphs and chartsthat are relevant.
  7.  When people click on your site they should find what they are looking for. Your landing page should deliver what your audience is expecting otherwise they will not convert. You should check the entire process from seeing an ad, going to the landing pages and downloading the offer. Keep analyzing and optimizing. Conversion optimization is an on-going activity and you can continue to improvise based on data.

Implement effective landing page strategies

Landing pages help to convert your traffic into leads. Each of the landing pages should be designed to take the user to the desired CTA. Your CTAs should outline the next step. Your copy should educate the users about how your business can solve their problems. It should have a form that sign-up, download or make a call.

Create high-quality and relevant content

Your content should cater to the unique needs of your target audience. Therefore you should do audience research and find what your audience needs and the solutions they are looking for. You should create valuable content that solves their problems. You can hire Content writing services to create high-quality and relevant content.

Offer irresistible incentives and discounts

When customers are provided discounts, they are likely to buy more because they get discounted items. You can add discount coupons on your website to improve your conversion rate. You can offer limited-time promotions, offers for new customers, free trials or samples and more.

You can start a loyalty program and reward your customers once they reach a level. You can provide a money-back guarantee on your products.

Optimise conversion funnels

Your sales funnel should lead the customers along the purchasing journey. You should create content at every stage of the sales funnel.

In the first stage, you can make the customers aware of your services. In the next stage, you can make the customer interested in your product by using a video to show the functionality of your product. Once the customer is interested you can emphasize on your business value through case studies, reviews and more. This will improve the chances of a customer making a purchase.

Leverage email marketing

You can create email marketing campaigns to convert potential customers into paying customers. Email campaigns can drive qualified traffic to your website and this will improve user engagement. You can also personalise your emails as consumers expect them to be tailored to their interests. 

Utilize live chat and customer support

You can make it easier for your customers to purchase again by filling in the shipping details with the customer accounts. This can result in more conversions at checkout.

Conduct A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation

This test can be used to test the effectiveness of website design or copywriting. In this two versions of the same piece of content are created. One version is made available to half of the visitors, and the other is made available to the rest. After a time period, you can check which version creates conversions most effectively. 


The main goal of the business onwards is to get more sales therefore you should include Conversion Rate optimisation in your strategy. By using the above strategies you will be able to offer a better experience to your users.