6 Ways To Improve Your CTR

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6 Ways To Improve Your CTR


Ways to improve your CTR

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The more people click on your website in the search results the more visitors and sales you will get. You should monitor the performance of your website. For this, you will need to find out how your users interact with your website to improve sales and grow your business.

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your website is to track and monitor your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). It is the ratio of the people who click on your website link or ad when they see them to those who see but do not click. CTR is the metric used to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

When more people click on your ads it is proof that your ad is relevant and interesting to the target audience. Your website’s CTR helps you to determine if your marketing efforts are paying off because it tells you what content is engaging the audience.

You can improve the click-through-rate (CTR) of your website by following the right techniques. The following are the ways:

ad campaign reports
  • You should begin by measuring the current state of your website and all the activities on it. There are different ways to monitor and track your current CTR depending on how people reach your website.

    Use Google Analytics to find out how many people visit your website via the ads. Google Analytics requires an expert to set and read it so you can use a plugin that offers visual data. If you are using Google Ads then you can check your ad campaign reports.

    You can measure your CTR by checking your conversions. If a visitor lands on your website and buys a product or signs up for your newsletter then it shows that people are clicking on your website link in the SERPs. But it also shows that content is working because it is turning the visitors from leads to buyers.

promotional content
  • The higher your content ranks for a keyword the more clicks it will get. The key ranking statistics show that 75% of the searchers do not look beyond the second page of search results. And the first five results get 67% of the clicks. Therefore SEO should be your top priority. The objective of SEO should be to create content and structure your website to offer the best user experience. Some of the SEO techniques to improve the rankings are:

    • If you know what your audience wants and who they are then you can identify the right keywords and create content that is valuable to them.

    • Use SEO tools to audit your website. This will help you to identify the problems, analyse the competition, and get recommendations for target keywords. You can leverage this data to improve your website performance.

    • You should not always create promotional content. You should think about the problem your customers face and try to offer solutions through your blog posts. Try to create helpful content.

    • You should also implement technical SEO. Create a sitemap and robots.txt file so that your website can be easily crawled and indexed.

high bounce rate
  • Just ranking higher in the search results is not enough; you will need people to click on your link. People scan the titles in the search results to find which post will answer their questions the best. Therefore you should optimsie your posts and page titles as follows:

    • You can use a headline analyser tool to know if your page titles are more likely to get clicks through the score it assigns. Change your page title until you reach a score of above 70. The more optimised your page titles the more clicks you will get.

    • Your page titles should clearly tell what the content is about. For example, the title ‘Best motorcycle boots for trail riding’ is more clear than ‘Best motorcycle boots’.

    • If people click on your content and do not find what they expected then it will lead to a poor user experience and the search engine may also penalise your website due to a high bounce rate.

    • Make your titles short and descriptive as it is easier to read and tell your readers in an instant what they should know.

trust factors
  • People look at the meta descriptions to know more about a website’s content before clicking on it. Meta descriptions are a few lines of text that appear just below the URL in the search engine result pages. Meta descriptions cannot influence your rankings but they can influence user behaviour.

    A well-written meta description will entice the users to click on the link. These are the ways you can improve your meta descriptions:

    • Add the right keywords in the meta descriptions to tell the users that your content is for them.

    • The meta descriptions should clearly state what the website is about. When done correctly they help the user know if your website is right for them. This can help to bring qualified leads to your website.

    • Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) to show the users that they can take an action. Adding a CTA will mean that your page will help the users to achieve their goals right away.

    • Meta descriptions can be used to build trust. You can mention the awards won, the number of downloads and other trust factors that prove your authenticity.

structured data or schema markup
  • When Google shows a recipe in the search results it also displays the cooking time, recipe ratings and other details. These types of details can be displayed by using structured data or schema markup. It also helps search engines to better understand your content.

    Structured data is available for books, movies, local stores, restaurants and more. When people look for these online they will also get the details like prices, ratings and more.

    When you add schema markup it is more likely that the search engine will show your website in the results. Adding the schema markup can help to increase traffic to your website.

Google Ads Keyword Planner tool
  • You can also consider paid options like advertising. Use the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool to find keywords that have enough volume and not too much competition. Paid ads can get to the top of the search results and thus significantly improve the traffic to your website.

    Paid ads are worthwhile as they can help you improve your brand image. It gives you a chance to understand how people look at your content.

content cannibalisation
  • One of the mistakes that most businesses make is that they do not plan their content. This can lead to content cannibalisation. This happens when your blog posts target the same keyword and are similar. When the search engines look for relevant results for a query both blogs will appear to be equal. This will lead to the blog competing with itself and will lead to lower CTR and conversions.

    You should do an audit of all your content and check how many posts are targeting similar keywords. You can optimise one post to drive traffic to a single source. Or you can rewrite the other posts and target different keywords.

CTR is a way to track your website’s overall performance and you should try to improve your CTR. If you want to implement ways to improve your CTR then you can consider Supramind.com, we offer affordable SEO services.