WooCommerce SEO Tips

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WooCommerce SEO Tips


There are different ways of driving traffic to your WooCommerce store. One of the ways to get high-quality and long-lasting traffic is from search engines. For this, you need to implement SEO techniques.

SEO can help to rank your website higher in the search results. It can get you long-term and lasting traffic to your WooCommerce store. To optimise your website you can hire a WooCommerce SEO agency.

WooCommerce-optimised host

SEO tips for Wocommerce websites

  • If you have a few products to sell then you can choose any shared host. But if you have a huge volume of products or traffic then you need to choose a WooCommerce-optimised host. This will help to create a positive impact on your rankings and users.

  • Before optimising your store you should find out what you need to optimise for. Do keyword research and find the best phrases to rank for that can give you the best ROI.

large images can increase the website loading speed
  • You will need high-quality images for your products but large images can increase the website loading speed. If your website loads slowly then its performance will be worse. You should optimise all your images.

    Reduce the overall size of the images without compromising on quality.
    Change the filename, title and Alt-text to include your keyword and still describe the image.

optimise your product descriptions
  • To rank your products you will need content and you should optimise your product descriptions. WooCommerce allows you to add two types of descriptions: Short descriptions and Long descriptions.

    Short description: In most WooCommerce themes this appears below the product title and beside the product images.

    Long description: This appears below the product images or short description.

make your URL structure simple and logical
  • You should make your URL structure simple and logical. You should adjust your permalinks so that they have the simplest organisation and include your main keyword.

  • You should avoid duplicate content and write unique product descriptions for your products. Product descriptions can also convince your visitors to buy your products. When the users filter out your products it generates extra URLs that contain duplicate content. Using the rel=”canonical” attribute to tell Google which page is original.

  • Write unique page titles and meta descriptions. Page titles should be informational and include the main keyword. Include the main keyword in meta descriptions and use incentives like free shipping, low prices and more.

use structured data to improve your appearance
  • You can use structured data to improve your appearance in search result listings. This can help to improve your CTR. It can help you to display product details in rich snippets in Google search results. It includes details like ratings, number of reviews, price information and stock status.

  • Use SEO plug-ins to improve your optimisation. WooCommerce is SEO-friendly but if you are competing then you should do everything to improve your rankings. There are many plug-ins and the best plug-in available is Yoast WooCommerce SEO.

Google mobile-friendliness test
  • Do a Google mobile-friendliness test to know if your website is mobile-friendly. You should make your website mobile-friendly and improve the mobile user experience factors to improve your rankings.

  • The categories and the tags are the two tools provided to organise your products. You can list your products in a particular category or tag. In Google, you can rank your category and tag archive pages.

  • You should optimise your categories and tags just like product pages. Create unique titles and descriptions for each category.

breadcrumbs feature
  • Breadcrumbs can help to improve your user experience as well as help improve your rankings. Breadcrumbs can help to make it easier for Google to crawl and understand your store. Google displays the breadcrumbs in the search results and helps to improve the appearance of your store. WooCommerce has its own breadcrumbs feature.

  • A blog is not necessary for a WooCommerce store but it can help to improve the rankings. A regular blog can give reasons for your users to visit again. Blogs are a good way to create links and social shares. A blog can help you to create content that drives sales. You can create in-depth studies, how-to posts, product demonstrations and more.