Will Backlinks Matter In 2023?

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Will Backlinks Matter In 2023?


Backlinks are seen as a vote of confidence and the more the number of backlinks that point to a website the more trusted and authoritative information it is considered. The more backlinks a website has the higher it will rank in the search results.

The importance of backlinks may have decreased but earning natural links from high-quality websites will still help SEO. Google now gives importance to the quality of backlinks rather than the number of backlinks.

Backlink spamming has a long history and search engines have implemented measures to prevent this and other unethical practices. As search engines have become more advanced backlink spamming will become less effective.

Current state of backlinks

Current state of backlinks

A recent poll revealed that the majority of SEOs believe that backlinks are not as effective as they were in the past. Search engines use complex algorithms to evaluate backlinks and consider:

  • Relevance of the linking website

  • Relevance of the anchor test used for the link

  • Overall authority of the linking domain

lot of backlinks

This means just having a lot of backlinks is just not enough. You need quality links from reputable sources. Due to the rise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning search engine algorithms can easily detect and penalise low-quality backlinks. Low-quality backlinks are earned through link-building schemes or unethical means.

Backlinks are still important in SEO but their importance has decreased in recent years. Search engines now use sophisticated ways to evaluate them.

Website owners now have to focus on creating high-quality content that will help them to earn natural and organic backlinks from reputable sources. This will help to improve the rankings, provide value to the users and trust with the search engines. To avoid any penalties from Google website owners should follow best practices for link building.

Best practices for link-building

Best practices for link-building

  • The first and most important point is to create high-quality content which is valuable and useful for the users. The outcome of this will be that other websites will want to link to your website and you will be able to earn backlinks organically.

  • Stay clear from spammy link-building schemes as search engines penalise such websites. Instead of focusing on spammy tactics you should focus on building relationships with other websites and industry experts to earn backlinks organically and naturally. The best way to do this is by creating helpful content.

  • You should regularly monitor your backlink profile and check the quality and reputation of the websites linking to you. This will also help to track any spammy inbound links.

  • Use tools like Google Search Console, Semrush or Ahrefs to get information about the websites linking to your content and the anchor text they are using.

The overall importance of backlinks may have decreased but they still play an important role in improving website rankings. But the backlinks should be earned naturally. You can hire an SEO agency offering backlink services to create quality backlinks and improve your rankings.