Why Is SEO Important For Travel Websites?

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Why Is SEO Important For Travel Websites?

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The travel industry includes travel agencies, online reservations, tour operators, cruise lines and more. Reservations get done online and therefore these websites need to rank high for the relevant keywords. There are ways you can implement SEO techniques to improve your website traffic.

When consumers plan their travel 93% of them start by researching on Google. According to a study, 57% of leisure travellers and 64% of business travellers plan their travel online. Therefore your travel website should be prominently shown in the search results.

When you approach an SEO agency for an SEO campaign ensure that the agency helps to improve your website traffic. They should offer services like using the current search trends, building a keyword and content strategy, performing technical SEO and building backlinks.

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Google has defined four micro-moments for potential travellers. They are the Dreaming moments, the Planning moments, the Booking moments and the Experiencing moments. Your website must be optimised for these. Your website should offer a good user experience as it is a ranking factor.

If you are not just a local travel agency then you will need to optimise your website for local and broad search terms. One of the ranking factors for travel websites is content therefore your SEO team should be able to create a high-level content marketing strategy.

Most successful travel websites have around 150 inbound links and your SEO team should be able to build high-authority links. The travel industry is very competitive and you should approach trusted Travel SEO Services rather than any unproven agency.

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of SEO

You should use relevant keywords in your content because the traffic directed to a website is more likely to convert. When you use keywords in your content you get traffic for what services you offer. There is a greater chance that the users will seek your services.

Travel websites need to improve their brand awareness. When your website appears constantly on the first page of the search results users are more likely to learn about your business. When you optimise your website it ranks in the search results for the keywords you use. SEO helps you to rank higher which leads to an increase in brand awareness and revenue.

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Advertising is important for businesses and companies spend millions on advertising. Implementing SEO involves the use of a few keywords to ensure that your website appears at the top of the search results. It is much cheaper than advertising. It helps you without the need for any costly short-term advertising campaigns.

With digital marketing, you can target the worldwide market. When travel websites use SEO techniques and optimise their website for particular keywords anybody in the world can access the services. A wider market leads to increased brand awareness and an increase in revenue. You can get access to your customers in both local and international markets.

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Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and others are available to people 24x7. You can market your services on social media platforms. The content shared on these platforms can go viral and this leads to brand awareness in a big way.

SEO helps you to stand out in competitive online marketing for your niche. It helps you to get organic traffic from the most qualified leads. People planning their travel are most likely to seek the services you offer.

SEO helps you to establish yourself as a trustworthy and credible travel website. When SEO is implemented correctly it can help you avoid mistakes like targeting the wrong geographical locations and failing to use the most important keywords.

SEO for travel websites

SEO for travel websites

There are three ways in which you can improve your website traffic:


Your keywords should best describe your services and should be 3 - 4 words. Your keywords should use simple and direct language that people tend to use. Your keywords should not use complicated language as very few people use complicated language. You should not do keyword stuffing.

largest markets

Social media

It provides one of the largest markets and you should market your services on it. Travel websites can use images as they are more attractive than just words.


People can access your website through computer or mobile therefore you should make your website mobile-friendly.