What You Need To Know About ECommerce SEO In 2022 and Beyond

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What You Need To Know About ECommerce SEO In 2022 and Beyond


Know About eCommerce SEO 2022

optimisation strategies

The term ‘ECommerce SEO’ means using SEO strategies to make your online store appear higher on search engine result pages. This way more people will find your store and buy products.

When your brand name appears in the top positions in the search results it will raise awareness, and build trust and authority in your business. When you build brand awareness it will lead to loyal customers and a higher conversion rate

You can implement SEO strategies to make your website appear in the top positions of search results within your niche. SEO will help to increase the quantity and the quality of people visiting your website organically.

SEO strategies for eCommerce websites

By implementing SEO strategies you will feel more in control of your business growth. The SEO strategies for eCommerce websites are as follows:

Google Keyword Planner

1. The first thing is to find the keywords relevant to your business and use them in strategic places. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find keywords and similar keywords.

For example, if you are looking for ‘non-dairy alternatives’ then the tool will provide similar words like ‘plant-based milk’, ‘non-dairy milk’ and more. It will also tell how often the keywords are searched monthly. You can select the additional keywords that you may want to use on your website.

Another way to find keywords is to do competitor research. Go to the websites of brands offering similar services as yours and check out the keywords they are using. For this, you can use tools like Semrush.

destination page

2. After finding your keywords you have to use them. You can use your target keyword in the URLs because they give the search engine and the audience an idea about what they will find on that page. URLs should be simple, short and readable.

For example, the URL can be http://moobeverages.com/collections/plant-based-milks

Use your keywords in the title of your page or article. Add a keyword at the beginning of the title. It should tell about the type of information the viewer will find on the destination page. You can add modifiers to your titles like ‘Best’, ‘Top’. ‘Cheap’ and more. These are the words people use while searching.

You should use your keywords in the body text of pages where the users can read more about your products or services. You can use them on the home page, category pages and product pages. Use the target keyword 2 - 3 times in the category pages.

website’s structural design

3. Another strategy is to focus on product descriptions. Google prefers long-form content and therefore you should write long-form product descriptions. You should write detailed descriptions for your best-selling products.

4. Your website’s structural design is how the content is shown on your website. Your website's structure is important for SEO. A good website structure is to place the most important content in front of the visitors when they land on the website. The home page should give access to all the important pages. The number of clicks to reach what the customer is looking for should be minimal.

Your website should be simple and scalable and the customers should reach the products or services they want in 2 - 3 clicks.

Use internal linking wherever you can to create a network of pages and the customers should be able to move easily from one product to another.

retail eCommerce

5. As 53% of retail eCommerce is generated by mobile devices you should tailor your website for mobile devices. You should make your website mobile-friendly so that it looks good on mobile devices as it does on the desktop. You will have to specifically create a mobile version of your website.

You should make mobile optimisation a part of your SEO strategy. The design, theme and layout of your website should be mobile responsive. You can test the speed of your mobile website with the Google Mobile Speed Tool.

manufacturer’s descriptions

6. According to research, eCommerce websites with product reviews tend to get higher click-through rates. Customer reviews are more trusted by the customers than the manufacturer’s descriptions. As reviews provide unique content search engines also like reviews.

The customers while writing the reviews use the keywords and phrases associated with the products or services and this helps to improve the SEO. A good number of reviews can also help to create more traffic.

You should measure and monitor the performance of your website. By tracking your results you will be able to find where most of your visitors are coming from. If you need help then you can check out Supramind.com, we offer eCommerce SEO services.