What Services Does a Blogger Outreach Agency Offer?

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What Services Does a Blogger Outreach Agency Offer?

What Services Does a Blogger Outreach Agency Offer?

Blogger outreach has become one of the tactics used to improve the visibility of a website and reach a wider audience. It is the process of communicating with publishers to gain publicity for your brand. You can offer them incentives in return for their services. The goal of blogger outreach is to make bloggers with huge followers discuss your website or the blog on their website and get a link back to your website. Most people believe the recommendations they get from bloggers and make purchases based on the blogger's suggestions. Blogger outreach has to be done methodically and requires your time. In this article, you will learn about what services a blogger outreach agency offers and what mistakes to avoid.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is finding influential bloggers and convincing them to talk about you and link to your website. You can send the blogger personalised emails with your request. Influential bloggers have a following and you can reach out to their followers through blogger outreach. 

You can consider blogger outreach as paying influential bloggers to promote your brand by writing about your brand, product or services.

What does blogger outreach include?

The blogger outreach process includes the following steps:

  1. The first step is to find the influential bloggers to reach out to. You can do a Google search on the informational keywords in your niche. This will give you a mix of blogs and authority websites. You can focus on the blogs and find the bloggers. You can also use tools to find the list of bloggers based on your keywords. 

  2. You will now have a list of bloggers to reach out to. Now you can begin with blogger research. You should find information about the bloggers like name, website, SEO authority, social media flowers and average comments. You can hire a blogger outreach agency as it can help you find this information using SEO tools. You should find the number of social media followers on the social network more important to your industry.

  3. Select your bloggers and try to get on their radar before you start emailing them. You should follow them on social media, comment on their blogs, and share their content on social media. This will improve your chances of getting a response when you email them because they have heard of you.

  4. You can now find your blogger’s contact information. You can use SEO tools to get your blogger’s email address. 

  5. You can now begin the email outreach process. The different outreach strategies are guest posting, share requests, link requests and partnerships. Depending on your strategy you should create your email.

  6. To get your blog post published you should find the blogs that accept guest posts. These will usually have a ‘Write for us’ page. 

  7. You can find the type of content the blogger already shares. Matching your content with what the blogger already shares will help to increase the chance of your content getting shared. You can hire a blogger outreach agency to save time and get positive results.

  8. You can specify to the blogger where a link to your website fits in. You should specify this in the email.

  9. You should state in your email exactly what you want from the blogger when you want to start a partnership.

Benefits of blogger outreach

  • Blogger outreach helps you to increase the visibility of your brand and promotes your business across multiple platforms.

  • It can help you get the targetted exposure and promote your business to the right audience. It takes less time than the traditional marketing methods and delivers more leads.

  • Blogger outreach focuses on the people you are trying to reach and helps to improve brand promotion.

  • An effective blogger outreach strategy will help you to establish your brand as trustworthy and reliable. It helps you to get more prospective customers by getting your business out there.

  • It allows you to promote your content directly to the target audience which is important for your company’s growth.

  • In business relationships are important and you can build positive and working relationships with influential bloggers. This can be beneficial for both.

  • Blogger outreach can help you to improve your profile in other countries. It can give you a presence in the markets you have not targetted before.

Common blogger outreach mistakes

These are the common blogger outreach mistakes to avoid:

  • Not choosing the bloggers wisely and not providing content that is valuable to the target audience. Blogger outreach is about give and take.
  • Not personalising the outreach emails and using templates to increase the speed of writing.
  • Pitching the blogger about something that they already have can be the worst mistake. You should take time and visit their website.

  • You do not use a friendly tone in your emails for the bloggers. You should also use a professional approach.

  • Not following up if the blogger does not respond to your first email. The blogger may have overlooked your email and therefore you should send 1 - 2 reminders.

How does blogger outreach affect your digital marketing strategy?

Blogger outreach can help to improve the visibility of your brand and this will be beneficial for your digital marketing strategy. You will get valuable backlinks and new audiences. As you publish content you will be able to establish your authority in your niche. It helps to improve brand awareness. 

Why should you do blogger outreach?

There are many reasons to do a blogger outreach. It offers benefits like improved visibility. It helps you to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. It helps you to get valuable backlinks which can improve your rankings. It can help to drive traffic to your website.  


Blogger outreach offers many benefits if done the right way. You should follow the right blogger outreach process to get the best result. You can hire a blogger outreach agency to achieve your goals. You should avoid the common mistakes so that you do not lose out. Blogger outreach is beneficial for your digital marketing strategy.