What is PageRank Sculpting? Is it recommeded by Google?

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What is PageRank Sculpting? Is it recommeded by Google?


So what is Page Rank?

Google algorithm

Pagerank is very similar to domain / page authority.

Google algorithm assigns a score to every web page based on its popularity on the web and also based on its importance within a website. This is known as PageRank.

Higher page rank means better potential to rank in Google search results.

internal links pointing

PageRank or Google PageRank of a page keeps increasing or decreasing primarily based on total backlinks pointing to your web page, number of internal links pointing to it and how you structure your website.

Generally Home page of a website has the highest Google PageRank.

With Hyperlinks, some PageRank gets passed from source page to destination page. This is known as flow or distribution of PageRank.

Now let's talk about Pagerank Sculpting

web page links

If a web page internally links to 10 other pages, some amount of PageRank gets distributed across all the ten internal pages. Let's say that the value of PageRank that gets passed per page is X.

But if the same web page links to only five other pages, the value of PageRank that's distributed per page is higher, i.e. almost 2x more. This also means the five pages now have better potential to rank in Google as more Google PageRank is passed per page.

destination pages

Fewer links on the source page means more PageRank gets passed to the destination pages.

Many SEO experts believe that optimizing the flow of PageRank across your web pages is an important part of on-page SEO. This is called pagerank sculpting.

primary objective

With PageRank sculpting your primary objective is to ensure that PageRank is effectively channelized and distributed across the important pages which you want to rank in Google and drive more traffic.

The Secondary objective of PageRank sculpting is to ensure that little to no PageRank gets passed to less important pages like privacy policy, contact us, refund policy etc

Does Google Recommend PageRank Sculpting?

Google’s official spokespersons

Google’s official spokespersons have never recommended Page Rank sculpting.

In fact some Google Reps have said that PageRank sculpting is a waste of time and doesn't work at all.

Just like many other SEO experts we also believe that PageRank sculpting works when it's done right.