What Is Link Building?

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What Is Link Building?


Link Building Basics

Link Building Basics

You may have created a good post but if it does not have any links pointing to it then it may not get many visitors. A hyperlink or link is a connection between two pages from different websites. The more quality links a page has the better.

You can use a link to refer to a page, blog, article, image or any other online object. Links allow you to travel from one location to another. The search engines follow the links to discover the pages on the internet. You will need at least one link pointing from a website that is already crawled to your website for the search engine robots to find your website. When you launch a new website this is the most important thing to do.

clickable text

The link in HTML will appear like

< a href=”https://www.supramind.com”>SEO agency< / a>

The first part is the URL you are linking to. In this case the Supramind home page. The second part is a clickable text which will appear on the page. This clickable text on the page is called the ‘Anchor text’.

Anchor text is used to describe what the linked page is about so that people can click on it. A link with a relevant anchor text has the following advantages:

  • As people click on the anchor text, it will lead to direct traffic.

  • The search engines will be able to understand what your content is about and this may lead to more traffic from the search engines.

high-quality links lead

Link building

Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to your website. It is one of the most powerful tools to achieve higher rankings in search results. If many high-quality links lead to a page then search engines will consider it as meaningful and popular content and rank it higher.

All links are not equal, some are more worthy than others. A link from an authoritative website that is topically related to yours is more worthy than a random link from a small website nobody knows. For example, if you are a restaurant owner then it would be better to get links from a restaurant review high-authority website than from a horseback riding school website.

Link-building is not easy and there are many shady link-building methods available. But you should not follow these methods. For example, you should buy links from link farms. It can result in a serious Google penalty.

If your website has links from websites with a questionable reputation then your website may disappear from the search results. You should never use risky link-building tricks as you can gain a lot from following the link-building methods.

How should you get links

How should you get links?

To get links you should build a website that others would want to link to. To do so create high-quality, humorous, original and exceptional content that people would want to share. How can you achieve this?

  • First, find out who your audience is and who you are trying to reach with your content. What is the information your audience is looking for and what are their questions? What kind of content do they need? What search terms do they use and what websites do they visit?

  • Find answers to these questions to create content that your audience needs. Once you have created your valuable content, try to build links. You know which websites your audience visits and use that as a starting point for the link-building process. You can reach out to the owners of these websites and share articles with the parties that may be interested in them.

  • It is important to target the right niche for your blogs or shop. This will decrease the focus to a limited number of people and increase your chances of getting a link. People will link to your website if it is in their audience’s interest or theirs. If you want to convince them to link to you then your content or product has to be exceptional. If you have a product, you can offer them for free to convince them.

  • To get a link for your website, always contact the other party personally as it leads to better results. You should remember that link-building requires time, patience and effort.

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