What is Hub-and-Spoke content marketing?

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What is Hub-and-Spoke content marketing?


Hub and Spoke content marketing help to increase your keyword rankings, traffic and thus conversions, leads and sales. This method is unique and it is a way to create content in a focused way on a broad topic. This helps you to become more relevant on a topic.

It is difficult to fit all the information on one landing page. So you can use the Hub-and-Spoke model to create content on a broad topic and also add more relevant content to it.

Understanding the Hub-and-Spoke model

The goal of a Hub-and-Spoke model is to create a lot of content around a topic.

The Hub-and-Spoke model works only if there is a demand around a topic. Therefore you should do thorough research and find the topics you need to address. To create in-depth content for your website you can hire SEO content writing services

Hub-and-Spoke model

The Hub is the main topic around which you want to create authority and rank better. The Spoke are the supporting content related to the main topic. The supporting content will help to boost your authority in the eyes of Google. You can think of it like a wheel with all the spokes pointing outwards from the centre.

The keywords to be used for Hub should be high volume targeted keywords (transactional in nature). The keyword to be used for Spoke should be low volume or long tail / supporting keywords.

The Hub page should be on one of your main services or business. You should choose your Spoke content carefully to make it most relevant. This model works by creating more content on the business or services.

The main aim of this model is to increase your keyword ranking on the topic and also increase your ranking around the main Hub topic.

Creating Hub content

The Hub content should give an overview of the entire topic. 

Creating Spoke content

The Spoke topics should give the details of the subtopics. 

Once a visitor comes to your website the visitor can consume as much information as they like.

Why is it important for SEO?

The three main reasons to why this model is important for SEO are:

  • It helps to create an authority on a topic through more relevant content.
  • It helps to increase the overall occurrence of keywords that you can rank for.
  • It helps to create more organic traffic and leads.

The best method to become more authoritative on one topic is to show Google that you are the go-to resource for it. The more relevant content you have on your site the more Google and the users will be able to associate with it.

How does the model work?

Usually the Hub-and-Spoke content is evergreen and is comparative or informational. This has benefits like even if the customer does not want to convert they will get to learn about the topic. They will remember where they read about it and are more likely to come back to the website and convert.

Content process

You need to find the right keywords that the customer is searching for on your topic. The Hub-and-Spoke model works if there is a customer demand on the topic. Therefore you should do research and match the customer’s voice. Answering your customer’s questions and focusing on their needs will help you reap awards. You should begin by doing keyword research. This will help you to understand the search demand landscape.

Decide what your Spoke topics will be. First find out the most important service you want to offer to your main audience. Find the high volume keywords that you may have missed out on, else you will miss out on the traffic.

Are there keywords that your competitor is outranking you for and how much content does your competitor have on the topic? You should write content for the keyword your competitor is already ranking for and create content on those topics. Select relevant content and do not put limits because the goal of this model is to create a lot of content on the topic.

Involve the content writers who will be writing evergreen Spoke content. They should be involved in the keyword research so that they understand what keyword you want to target. You should make sure what you can say or not say on the topic.

Monitor your content and set up the reporting to understand how they are performing. If your content does not perform well then you can re-optimise it.

The Hub-and-Spoke model is one of the best and natural ways to increase your organic visibility.

Interlinking and distribution strategies

The hub-and-spoke model helps you to create the in and out of any topic. The Hub page is linked to all the related content like infographics, videos and other relevant content. This will allow the search engine and the users to find all the related content. The Spokes should have backlinks pointing to the Hub.

The linking will help the search engine to index your content and understand the details in which the topic is covered.

When you promote your Hub-and-Spoke articles you can do it together or first the Spoke ones and the Hub ones. Publishing the Hub content first will help to widen your reach and audience. 

You should try to get backlinks for your Hub content as it will help to increase its authority. The model ensures that the link juice is distributed across your website.

Measuring and analysing results

Once the search engines find that you are an authority on a topic then they will boost your rankings and you will start to get more traffic. 

You should monitor your content to know what is happening with it. You should set up reporting to know how your content, targeted keywords and supporting keywords are performing. This will help you find the keywords that are not performing well. This information can be used to re-optimise your content.

If the Hub-and-Spoke model is implemented correctly then you will start ranking for your keywords and get conversion from your Spoke content. 


Hub-and-Spoke content marketing is the most natural way to improve your organic visibility. It can help you increase the overall authority on a topic.