What Is Google Indexing And Why Index Your Website Quickly?

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What Is Google Indexing And Why Index Your Website Quickly?

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web spiders/web crawlers to crawl the content

Search engines use web spiders/web crawlers to crawl the content on the internet and get useful information. Search engine spiders are also called search engine bots. The Google crawler is called Googlebot.

Google indexing is the process of adding a website to the Google index. If Google does not index your website then it will not rank high and it will not appear in the search results at all. If you want your audience to find your website for the search terms relevant to your business then it has to show up in the search results. For your website to appease in the search result it should be indexed.

To know if Google has indexed your website you can do a site index search: Site:pitiya.com

three-point process of Googlebots

Google Indexing

Google indexing is a three-point process of Googlebots following a link, crawling the web page to get useful information and then indexing it. When a user types in a search query, Google uses its ranking factors and lists the result in milliseconds.


A Google crawler may find your website by following a link, maybe from another website or maybe you have submitted your sitemap to Google directly. Once google finds your website it will crawl it and this is the first interaction Google has with your website. It scans the entire website and discovers what it has.

Google crawls your website it indexes


Once Google crawls your website it indexes it. If your website does not meet the requirements then it will not be indexed. There are several reasons why Google may not index your website. The website uses a ‘Noindex’ tag in its HTML, the content has no value to users, pages contain duplicate content and when there are several copies and you mark them as non-canonical to tell that it is not the original version and therefore need not be indexed.

If everything is right then it will add it to the search index.


When a user searches for something Google scans its search index to find the most relevant pages for that query. This is where your website can appear in the search results. Once your website is indexed you can begin optimisation.

Why should you index your website quickly

Why should you index your website quickly?

There are many reasons why you should index your website quickly:

  • You should rank your pages quickly so that you do not have to wait for weeks or months for your new content to rank on Google.

  • If you do not index your pages quickly then someone may steal your content and it may outperform you in the search results. In such cases, Google may penalize your website for duplicate content. Once you publish new content you should get it indexed as soon as possible.

  • By indexing your new posts you can increase your overall keyword density and thus the rankings of the older posts.

  • Google likes websites that regularly update new content. When you publish a new post you should get it indexed quickly so that Google knows you update your content regularly.

In conclusion, Google indexing will have a direct impact on your SEO performance. For more details about SEO, please check our SEO services page.