Using ChatGPT For Keyword Research

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Using ChatGPT For Keyword Research


ChatGPT is used for creating content by many SEOs but can also be used for keyword research. ChatGTP does not have access to any metrics or search volume like the other tools. However, it can be used for various keyword research functions.

When you use traditional keyword research tools everyone including your competitors is using the same tools and targeting the exact keywords. You can use the right ChatGPT prompts to get a list of untapped keywords.

Keyword research

For example, if you want to start a website about pickleball then you can use ChatGPT to find your keywords. You can put in a prompt like ‘We are writing a book on pickleball and what should the chapters be?’. The ChatGPT will give you a list of potential chapters.

most popular pickleball websites
  • You can use prompts like ‘What are the most popular pickleball websites and blogs?’ to get a list of popular blogs and websites on your topic.

  • Use the prompt ‘What are the top 5 - 10 categories for pickleball and give a brief description about each category?’ You will get the list of top categories for the topics across the pickleball websites and blogs.

  • Use prompts like ‘What are the popular subreddits about pickleball and the popular topics covered by them?’ You will get the most popular subreddits about pickleball and popular topics discussed in them.

  • You can add a prompt like ‘Find people who are ‘pickleball influencers’ or ‘pickleball thought leaders’ and who are they? ’ You will get popular people who are considered influential in the world of pickleball.

summary of the research

ChatGPT can combine all the prompts and give you a summary of the research. Now in this example, you have enough category and sub-niche data. Now you can convert the data into an actual list of keywords.

  • Use prompts like ‘For every sub-category generate a list of broad pickleball keywords.’ You will get a list of broad keywords from each of the sub-categories. You can refine the results you get. You can easily copy and paste the list of keywords and drop them into a tool like Ahrefs.

tool find the matching terms

In the tool find the matching terms with a keyword difficulty of 5 or lower for your website. You can put this information into ChatGPT and use the right prompt.

  • Add ‘I am adding a list of keywords along with keyword difficulty and search volume. Please add a column for - Subtopic from what is done in this chat for each keyword. Also, add columns for search intent and related terms that can be included in the blogs.’ You will get the data as requested in columns. Now you have your list of keyword data.

  • You can prompt ‘Can you give me the number of posts on each topic and how many fit into each level of search intent?’. You will get the required information.

You can easily find the keywords to target and modify them to get a list of keywords which is a part of keyword research. For example, You can add geo-modifiers to your list of keywords.

You can also use ChatGPT for page-level keyword research and keyword research APIs. Like the GSC API, you can use regular expressions (regex) to find keyword opportunities. It can be used to build specific tools for keyword research. You can use ChatGPT for SEO keyword research to find the right keywords.