Travel SEO Services to Improve Your Rankings

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Travel SEO Services to Improve Your Rankings

Travel SEO Services to Improve Your Rankings

People search online for travel agencies and plan their trips. Therefore you need to appear on the first page of search results for your customers to find you. When you rank higher you will get more visitors which will lead to more sales and revenue. There is tough competition in the travel industry and to appear at the top of the search results you need to do SEO. You need to implement SEO techniques to make your business rank higher in the search results. SEO can help to improve your website’s visibility and rankings and drive more traffic. In this article, you will learn about travel SEO services.

How to do travel SEO for a business?

Travel SEO involves several steps and they are as follows:

  1. You need to begin with finding the search terms people use to find travel-related information. These search terms are called keywords. To find your keywords you can use tools like Keyword Explorer, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner and more. You should also find your long-tail keywords. For example, primary keywords can be ‘vacation packages’, ’corporate travel’ and more.  Long-tail keywords can be ‘Luxury vacation in Jaipur’, ‘Family-oriented hotels in Mumbai’ and more.

  2. If you are a local business and serve a specific region then you need to do local SEO. Local SEO helps you to appear in local search results. You should get a Google Business Profile listing and it can help you appear in GoogleSearch and Google Maps. You need to find local keywords to target.
How to do travel SEO for a business?
  1. The on-page optimisation involves optimising your website structure, title tags, meta description, headers, images and content. 

    The structure of your website should be easy to navigate by the users and the search engines. 

    You should include the primary keywords in your titles, headers and meta descriptions. You should optimise your images and add Alt-text for all of them. You can hire travel SEO services to optimise your website.

    One of the best ways to improve your visibility and drive more traffic is to create content like blogs. You should use the primary keyword in your content. You can show your expertise through your content and become a go-to resource for travellers.

  2. Backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites. You should build links from high authority and relevant websites to your website. The more quality backlinks point to your website the higher it will rank. 

  3. Technical SEO helps to keep your website technically sound and improve the performance of your website. It covers the speed of your website, sitemaps, website security, canonical tags, mobile-friendliness, structured data, hreflang tags and broken links. 

    • You should optimise your website for speed as slow-loading websites can frustrate users.

    • You can create an XML sitemap for your website and submit it to Google Search Console.

    • You should always use the HTTPS protocol to make sure your customer data is secure.

    • Use canonical tags if you have duplicate content issues.

    • You should optimise your website for mobile as more and more people are using mobile to find what they are looking for.

    • Use structured data to provide more information to Google about your content. It can help your results to be displayed in Rich Snippets.

    • It is important to use the hreflang attribute if you have a website in multiple languages.

    • Broken links can negatively affect the user experience and therefore should be fixed. Travel SEO services will help to fix all technical issues. 

  1. The internal linking of your website guides the search engines and the users through your website’s content. It helps to distribute the link equity throughout your website.

  2. Encourage positive customer reviews on your website as people consider them before making any decision. Reviews show trust and authority and can drive traffic to your website. You should ask your customers to leave positive reviews after their experience.
Travel SEO services

Why is travel SEO important?

SEO for travel websites helps to rank them higher in the search results and will lead to more potential customers finding your website. People find your website online using search terms which are words and phrases. SEO can help you to optimise your website for these search terms so that you can rank for them. When you rank higher you will get more visitors who may convert to become your customers.

You can try out paid marketing strategies but it can get costly when you compete with big brands. SEO is cost-effective and helps you compete with the big brands without spending on ads. SEO can improve the visibility of a website and help you reach a wider audience.  

Advantages of SEO in the travel and tourism industry

  • The main advantage of SEO for travel websites is that it helps to drive more traffic to the website and increases leads and sales.
  • Your business will gain popularity without spending on advertisements. SEO costs less than traditional marketing strategies. 

  • SEO gives you global reach and all you have to do is use the right keywords and target the right audience.  

  • If you have social media accounts then you can use visual media to expand your reach. You can share information about our travel packages on social media.

  • When your travel agency ranks higher in the SERPs more people will see it. This will help to improve your brand awareness.

How can Supramind help you with SEO for your travel business?

Supramind can help you optimise your travel website for search engines like Google. It has the expertise to help improve your online presence, reach a wider audience and rank higher in the search results. It offers services like keyword research and strategy, content creation, link-building, conversion rate optimisation, local SEO, multilingual SEO and more.


SEO for travel websites can help to increase the rankings and traffic. Travel SEO involves various techniques and you can hire travel SEO services to implement them. SEO offers many advantages and optimising your website will help you get long-term benefits. If you do not want to lose out on potential customers then you should do SEO.