Top WooCommerce Plug-in in 2023

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Top WooCommerce Plug-in in 2023

Top WooCommerce Plug-in in 2023 - feature image

SEO is important for e-Commerce websites as it can help them rank higher in the search results. There are a lot of plug-ins available for SEO that allow you to optimise your WooCommerce website. SEO plug-ins can help you to add keywords, titles, meta descriptions and more.

The plug-ins are available in free versions and paid versions. You can opt for the paid version if you need more features. There are many plug-ins available but these are the top WooCommerce plug-ins:

most popular WooCommerce plug-ins for WordPress

This is one of the most popular WooCommerce plug-ins for WordPress. It offers all the features that a plug-in should offer. It helps you optimise your product pages, add the required metadata, add product schema and more.

The key features of this plug-in are unlimited optimised keywords, specific settings for WooCommerce, content suggestions using AI, integration with Google Analytics, XML sitemap generation, product SEO reports, Google keyword rankings, advanced SEO tools for analysis and 404 monitoring.

build strategies for improving your rankings

This tool can be used to build strategies for improving your rankings and keyword research. Its main feature is the competitor analysis tool. Other features include position tracking, keyword suggestions, easy management of social media, keyword tracking tools and more.

This plug-in also offers tracking of your posts on various social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can track product links and product categories on your website.

use the free version to optimise your website for success

All-in-One SEO
This is the original WordPress plug-in and comes in two versions: free and pro. You can use the free version to optimise your website for success as it offers all the required features. The pro version offers advanced features like SEO for images, taxonomy optimisation, local SEO, sitemaps for video and news and advanced SEO for WooCommerce.

SEO Press
This is the most basic plug-in but offers good SEO options for your WooCommerce website. It provides an easy-to-set-up wizard and you can optimise and index your website in minutes. For WooCommerce this plug-in can generate images and XML sitemaps.

The main features are enhanced integration with Google Analytics, social media optimisations, content analysis with an unlimited number of keywords and an intuitive dashboard.

offers a one-page setup

Squirrely SEO
This is a good plug-in for beginners needing more help while optimising their websites. The plug-in provides a dashboard that offers a walk-through of the entire process. It also provides an option called ‘SEO expert’ that gives the user control over the plug-in settings.

The dashboard is standard and offers a one-page setup, a live assistant, a keyword research tool, an SEO audit and other features. The free version offers features that will be enough to optimise your website. Some of the features are SEO automation, focus pages, WooCommerce-specific product schema settings and more.

readability analysis

Yoast SEO/Yoast WooCommerce SEO
This is one of the most known and used plug-ins for WordPress. There are many tools provided by this plug-in for every option of SEO. It provides features like focus keyphrases, customised SEO titles, meta descriptions and more.

Key features offered are WordProof integration, REST API, schema controls, internal linking blocks, FAQ blocks, function words check, image alt attributes check, keyword density, mobile previews and readability analysis.

plug-in allows you to add rich snippets

Schema & Structured Data for WP
This plug-in allows you to add rich snippets to your results in the SERPs. It offers around 35 schemas to choose from as per requirement. Some of them are local businesses, blog posts, recipes, products and more.

Rich snippets allow you to add more information to your results displayed. This will help you stand out in the search results. Other main features include SEO migration, Google reviews integration, conditional display options and a huge knowledge base support.

If you are an owner of a WooCommerce store and want to rank higher in the SERPs then you can approach WooCommerce SEO services.