Top Tools For SEO For 2023

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Top Tools For SEO For 2023

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SEO tools help to optimise your website and improve its rankings and visibility. The tools provide information about a website like the keywords, backlinks, rankings, performance and more. Using this information you can improve your website's performance.

Before you decide to use a tool, first find out your SEO needs. If you are a beginner then it is best to use a simple tool and if you have enough knowledge then you can use advanced tools. Also, you should consider the size of the business as the new, small, medium and large websites will need different tools. Also, consider the pricing and the tool presents the data in an easy-to-consume manner.

Google offers free SEO tools while others are paid tools. You can easily hire SEO services in India to analyse your website.

‘Search Analytics’ information

Free SEO tools

Google Search Console

This is one of the best SEO tools and can be used to get your website indexed on Google. It gives ‘Search Analytics’ information like which keywords bring the users to your website and how your website is performing. You can submit your website’s sitemaps and URLs to get them indexed sooner. It alerts you about any performance issues. Beginners can use this tool to get started with SEO.

You can report spam and ask for a reconsideration in case you get a penalty. The disavow tool has also been migrated to Google Search Console.

trends and consumer insights

Google Trends

This tool tells you what people are searching for on the web. It tracks the search volume and breaks it down regionally. It gives you information about trends and consumer insights and lets you view cool stories. It can search for a keyword and report how interested people are in them.

It can tell what the people are talking about by keyword and this helps to find the keywords that you should add/delete/change on your website. This will help to make your content more relevant.


Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Analytics

This tool helps you to analyse your paid search and other marketing methods. It can tell you how well these campaigns are performing. It can also give you a real-world look at how your content is performing. You can help you find the keywords for which you are not competitive.

Google Ads Keyword Planner/Google Keyword Planner

This tool helps you to find the research and discover keywords. It can help you find keywords that you may have found yet and get information about how keywords perform. SEO involves finding new keywords and optimising for the best ones. This tool can help you find less competitive keywords for which you can rank and drive traffic.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool is a part of the Google Search Console and lets you check if your website performs on mobile devices. You just have to input your URL and you will get a report on the ease of use of your website on mobile devices. You can use this report to optimise your websites. This is a very important tool as mobile users have increased rapidly. By making your website mobile-friendly you can get more dwell time from your users.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool helps you to find how well your website is performing. Particularly how fast your website loads on desktop and mobile devices. This tool can give you suggestions for improvement. In SEO page speed is important because it can affect the bounce rate (when people leave your website without any interaction). By fixing your page speed you can improve your SEO without having to touch your content.

Broken Link Checker

Google Optimise

This tool helps you to test your website's content. It provides the simple A/B testing of two different pages and compares a combination of elements with a given page. It also offers personalisation features.


This is one of the most popular toolbar extensions and allows you to view the various search engine parameters. You can save these parameters and compare them with that of the other projects. You need skilled optimisers to understand the output.

powerful features

Paid SEO tools


This is one of the most popular tools and it offers all the tools you need to explore and improve your website’s online presence. It gives you an overview of your project's ranking, backlinks and traffic. This tool provides powerful features like backlink analysis and keyword research. It is rightly priced.


This tool offers a range of tools that can be used to get detailed keyword analysis reports and summaries of any website. It allows you to compare the performance of your web pages with the competition. You can use this tool to find out your competitor’s sources of website traffic, specific keywords and the backlinks used by them.

Majestic SEO tools

Majestic SEO tools

This is one of the oldest tools available. It focuses on backlinks and has a huge amount of backlink data. It allows the users to search for the ‘Fresh Index’ and ‘Historic index’. The fresh index is crawled and updated throughout the day and the historic index has a lightning retrieval speed.

One of the popular features is ‘Majestic Million’ which displays the rankings of the top 1 million websites. Other features are a bulk backlink checker, a record of referring domains, IPs and subnets and a site explorer.

highlight potential performance issues

Moz Pro

This is a set of SEO tools that can be used to increase the traffic, rankings and visibility of a website in the search results. The main feature is its ability to audit a website using a Moz Pro spider. It can highlight potential performance issues and provide suggestions for improvement. It can track your website’s rankings over hundreds/thousands of keywords per website.

Other features include a keyword research tool that can help you decide which keywords and keyword combinations are the best to target. It also offers a backlink analysis tool.

SEO Spider

SEO Spider

The main feature of this tool is the ability to perform a quick search of your URLs and crawl your website for broken pages. You need not manually check each page for the ‘404 Errors’. It lets you check your website for missing title tags, duplicate meta tags, tags with the wrong length and the number of links placed on a page.

This tool offers a free version with the most basic features and a paid version with the most advanced features.

online advertising


This tool lets you ‘Spy’ on your competitors and helps you find out the keywords your competitors have purchased for online advertising. It allows you to find the keywords that your competitors purchase through Google Adwords. It also finds the words and phrases that generate the most traffic. It helps you to stay ahead of the other competitors.

It matches the search results with the search terms to give you insights into the types of searches and the keywords for which you appear in the SERPs. It provides all the PPC, SEO and keyword research tools. It is priced below its competitor's and can be customised as per your needs.