Top SEO Trends To Follow In 2023

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Top SEO Trends To Follow In 2023

better experience to users

Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithms to offer a better experience to users. Therefore SEO professionals need to keep up with the changing trends. Here is a list of trends that SEO professionals need to know for the year 2023.

SEO has changed during the last few years and businesses need to change their SEO tactics accordingly. If you need help then you can approach an SEO company in India to optimise your website.

evaluating the quality of the content

SEO trends

  • You know about the E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) in Google now there is a new ‘E’ in this. This ‘E’ stands for Experience. Now Google will evaluate the experience of the author or the creator while evaluating the quality of the content.

    For example, a founder of an SEO agency can write authoritative content about SEO trends. But if the same person writes on healthcare topics then it would undermine the quality of the content because the person is not a healthcare professional and does not have experience in the field.

optimise your content for SEO
  • When you optimise your content for SEO use hashtags and visual content. Hashtags help users to find related content quickly within a specific niche. Adding visual content like images and videos will help to draw users. When you create a video use keywords that describe your video.

  • Structured data helps search engines understand what each page contains. You should add structured data to your website’s code.

  • You should include AI in your marketing campaigns like using email automation, chatbots for customer services and website personalisation. Many applications are integrating AI with SEO and the use of AI content will most probably increase in 2023.

target audience of financial services
  • Create a content strategy that gives the user what they want and just does not go after search traffic. You should create content on your relevant topics and industry areas to get ranked in the search results. For example, if a financial service creates blogs about food recipes then Google will get suspicious. Because the content does not benefit the target audience of financial services.

  • Google's helpful content update may impact how the content is created in 2023. It prioritises serving high-quality content to the users. Now the emphasis on ‘helpful’ means the user should feel satisfied by the content they find in the SERPs.

  • Most of the SEO tasks may get automated in 2023 as marketers will continue to use SEO platforms and tools. Keyword research tools, SEO audit and monitoring platforms and website graders will help the agencies to take care of the SEO more efficiently.

user intent and prioritising user experiences
  • Understanding user intent and prioritising user experiences will take importance in SEO. User intent is the goal the user has for a particular query. User experience is about what the user experiences with your website, app or your brand. The speed of the website and the UX all are important for ranking. Google gives importance to high-performing and fast-loading websites.

  • There will be no data to analyse if no content is created for the audience to consume. Updated and high-quality content is a must for SEO. Also visual content is important like infographics, images, videos and more. All images should have Alt-text and include keywords. You should create valuable and fresh content that answers the user's questions.

Google Analytics for monitoring website
  • Businesses need to collect their data and analyse it to get insights. Businesses can use Google Analytics for monitoring website and mobile traffic and gathering data.

  • With endless scrolling, Google has made it easier for users to scroll through multiple pages of SERP results. The click-through rate (CTR) may get impacted as the searchers will be able to navigate through multiple pages easily.

  • Google rewards long-from and informative content versus thin content. Product pages can benefit by providing more helpful details on the pages. Drop-down menus, customer reviews and FAQs are the different ways to add content to the product pages.

optimise for voice search and mobile devices
  • If you do not optimise for voice search and mobile devices then you may miss out on an important part of SEO. Optimising for them will help your website to rank higher.

  • One of the ways to shape your SEO strategy is to do competitor analysis. This can be made easier and more effective with the help of SEO tools. You can check the way your competitors implement E-A-T and check the content, backlinks and more.

  • Recently, Google made a big climate goal, which includes working on carbon-free energy by 2023. To achieve this Google has decided to reduce the frequency with which it crawls web pages. Reducing crawling will help to conserve computing resources.