Top Restaurant Marketing Techniques For 2023

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Top Restaurant Marketing Techniques For 2023


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There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from and therefore restaurant marketing becomes important. Marketing techniques through digital channels like advertising, maintaining social media pages and email campaigns can help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

The main benefit of restaurant marketing is that it helps to increase revenue by improving online traffic. It helps to find new customers, retain existing customers, increase brand awareness, introduce you to a new audience and more.

Even with a low marketing budget, you can get good results. You can set up social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and start posting. You can update your Google My Business by adding relevant keywords and displaying the right information. Another inexpensive way is to use email marketing which helps you to reach out to your audience. Going for an SEO Strategy can also prove to be very helpful.

You should build a restaurant marketing strategy that includes all your marketing activities and efforts. First, you should identify your target audience and learn about their behaviour, preferences and values that align with your business.

customers trust word-of-mouth marketing

Restaurant marketing techniques

Some of the top restaurant marketing techniques are as follows:

  • Most people search online for which restaurant to dine in. The design of your website should be compelling and true to its brand. The user should be able to navigate through the pages easily, especially the ones that offer online ordering. The information provided on your website should be right.

  • Most customers trust word-of-mouth marketing and for this, you should offer your customers an excellent dining experience. Customers may even share their positive experiences with others.

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  • Online ordering has become popular and restaurants can expand their email marketing efforts. They can send emails announcing their updates, promotions and specials to their customers. A newsletter is another way to share information, discounts, promotions and updates with customers.

  • Create a digital loyalty program and email existing customers with incentives to earn points and unlock offers. Studies have shown that 92% of customers enroll in such programs.

  • Getting reviews from well-respected people in the industry is an excellent way to earn popularity. You can get your restaurant reviewed by bloggers and critics. You can get influencers to promote your brand in exchange for a free meal or fee.

repurposing user-generated content
  • Your customers are on social media so you should also be there. You can start posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as they all have large audiences. Some allow restaurants to place the ‘Order now’ buttons on their pages.

  • You should set aside time every day to respond to reviews whether they are positive or negative. Doing so will show that the restaurant is committed to learning from its customers and acting on their feedback.

  • Through sponsorship, restaurants can become a part of their community. Sponsoring local events and groups is a good way to build a name for your restaurant.

  • You can turn fans into restaurant marketers by repurposing user-generated content. You can share their photos, reviews, videos and posts on the restaurant’s channels. You can encourage your customers to use your custom hashtags if they are tagging you in their content.