Top 7 SEO Tips For WordPress Sites

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Top 7 SEO Tips For WordPress Sites


SEO tips for WordPress websites

proven SEO techniques

For your WordPress websites to rank well you can follow proven SEO techniques. The techniques are simple, quick and show good results. SEO can help you discover what people are looking for, how they search for it and how they find it.

Follow a few SEO techniques to improve the ranking of your WordPress website. SEO can be challenging and you can find WordPress SEO services to help you out.

These are the main SEO tips for WordPress websites:

Really Simple SSL
  • When you use HTTPS the viewers understand that the website is secure. Using the SSL certification can improve your rankings. SSL certificate is available for free and paid. With the SSL you can use a plugin like Really Simple SSL to make sure your content is served from a secure protocol.

  • When you optimise your pages you should also optimise your permalinks and use an SEO-friendly URL structure. WordPress offers this functionality during the time of installation. If you want to make more modifications then you can use a plugin. It is considered a best practice of on-page SEO to place your primary keyword in the URL. This makes it easy for the search engines to understand what the content is about when it crawls your website.

technical and on-page SEO
  • Use SEO plugins to diagnose and improve technical and on-page SEO. Some of the plugins are

    Yoast SEO: This is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins. Its free version offers tools to help you optimise your content for SEO and improve its readability.

    Rank Math: This offers an intuitive panel on your page and allows you to see the changes that would positively affect SEO.

brief description
  • Use meta descriptions as it gives the search engine a brief description of the content on your page. Meta descriptions should not be longer than 275 characters as that is all Google displays.

    Use compelling meta descriptions to bring more readers to your post. This will help to improve your rankings. You can use your primary keyword in the meta description.

Trust E-A-T affects
  • One of the best ways to improve your SEO is to create high-quality content. Create content after getting a deep understanding of the subject and do keyword research to capture your audience’s attention. Do not publish duplicate content on your website as it can negatively affect your SEO.

    Google uses search quality guidelines to ensure that the content on a website is good. E-A-T is a good model to follow, E is for Expertise, A is for Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness is for Trust. E-A-T affects how your content is read.

    Using an About Us page on your website shows authoritativeness and expertise to your readers.

server-side caching
  • Site speed is one of the important factors for SEO. You should serve content to your users as fast as you can. Use a hosting that is optimised for WordPress sites. It should have options like NGINX or Redis for server-side caching. For server-side caching, you can use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket.

  • If the images on your website are too large then it will take time to load and strain your website. You should optimize all your images. Use CDN to serve your content as it will help to reduce the load times. The Jetpack plugin offers an image CDN though you can use hosting resources like Cloudflare too.

website performance
  • Monitor your website performance using Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The tools and the reports provided by Google Search Console can help you to measure your website’s performance and traffic. Use Google Analytics to understand your customers across platforms and devices. The tools provided by Google Analytics help you to understand user journeys.

    Use third-party tools to run technical SEO audits and review your keyword ranking, site speed and site performance. You can use tools like Website Auditor, Ahrefs and Semrush.

Start with a good foundation and create good quality content to ensure your website rises to the top. You can consult a professional WordPress SEO agency like Supramind Digital if you need guidance.