Technical SEO tasks that are important for organic success

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Technical SEO tasks that are important for organic success

Technical SEO tasks

Success in organic search results just does not depend upon keywords and content only, your website needs to be technically sound too. Therefore technical SEO is also a must. The technical aspects of your website also play a role in how well your content performs.

You can lose traffic and revenue if in the technical SEO your website is not optimised for page speed, indexing and more.

There are the four main technical SEO tasks that can help you increase your visibility:


1. Your website structure should be optimised for search performance. Otherwise, the individual pages on your website will not get crawled and not appear in the search results.

Your website structure should have a logical flow with a hierarchy of pages. This will help the crawlers and the users to understand your website.


2. The pages on your website should be available to the search engines and the user through valid status codes. You should make sure during SEO that the pages that are to be indexed have a 200 HTTP status code. The robots.txt file should not block any of the pages that have to be indexed.

You should check for any misplaced disallow directive which could prevent the pages to be viewed by the crawler.


3. If your website can be crawled does not mean that it can also be indexed. You should make sure the robots tags allow for indexing. If a page does not get indexed then it will not appear in the search results.

4. People will abandon the sites that perform poorly. Google encourages the site owners to optimise their site’s technical structures so that their content shines in the search results. It will also make sure that your website offers a good page experience.

If the technical foundation of your website is not right then your keyword and content investment will not give you the expected results. You should pay attention to the technical quality of your website for SEO success.