SEO For Travel Websites: How To Increase Traffic And Find More Customers

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SEO For Travel Websites: How To Increase Traffic And Find More Customers


Travel Website SEO: Improve Traffic and Customers

researching travel plans

Doing SEO for travel websites can help your customers find your website easily. When you rank higher in the search results you will get more traffic and more customers. SEO can help you to reach the right audience who are researching travel plans and planning a trip.

Your website is where you need to focus your optimization efforts. You will have to start using SEO techniques to make your website rank higher.

SEO techniques

right keywords

1. Begin by finding the right keywords for your travel website. Travel is a very competitive category and therefore the best option would be to have a tight niche and target a specific customer base. Big businesses can spend money to rank for broad keywords. But if you are a small business then long-tail keywords would be a better choice.

Long-tail keywords are phrases of 2 - 3 words specific to your business. You need to target the customers who are the best fit for you. For example, some of the long-tail keywords can be

‘Luxury hotels for seniors’
‘Iceland tour on a budget’
‘Best bargain cruises’

Keywords are valuable because potential customers are going to type them in while searching. A tour operator in Mumbai is better off using keywords as shown below because most travellers will search for such phrases:

“Mumbai City activities’
“Mumbai City foodie tours’
‘Best tourist sites in Mumbai City’

precise keywords

To find keywords you can get into the shoes of your customers and imagine what they might type into the search engine to find your website. Choose the precise keywords you put right in front of your customers.

If your business is location specific then include all the different variations being used for the location
You should use the keyword depending on what you do: Tours, Hotel, Cruise, Tour packages.
Use descriptive words to get in front of your customers like a bargain, family luxury, adventure, kid-friendly and more.

2. Use a good keyword strategy and include all the related phrases. For example, if your keyword is ‘Luxury Andaman Cruises’ then you might want to include phrases like “Andaman island tours’ and ‘Island hopping in the Andaman” and names of some of the popular islands.

Implementing SEO techniques

Implementing SEO techniques

Once you have found your keywords you should start using them in your content. You should use the keywords naturally. You can place them in the following places:

Page Title and Description
Intro (first 200 words)
Image titles and Alt tags
Image captions
In your body copy

Optimise your home page and service page with the keywords. Create blogs and use these keywords and related keywords in them so that your pages show up in the search results for these keywords.

Content marketing

original content

Content marketing is creating blogs, articles, infographics, videos and other types of original content. It is easy to implement SEO techniques on text-based blogs. When you create blogs regularly you get an opportunity to add more keywords and related keywords which are relevant to your business. Creating blogs regularly can help to build credibility with search engines.

Search engines like websites that have a lot of content that is all interrelated. Websites that create new content are more likely to show up at the top of the search results. You can follow a plan to create a new blog weekly on your website. Or you can hire a professional writer who can write for you.

If you are not sure on what topics you should create a blog then you can go by your keyword strategy. You can think about what types of searches the customers can make while planning a trip or what information may help them.

For example, a tour operator who also runs a cooking class in Goa City would like to attract food lovers travelling to Goa City. To reach the audience they can create blogs around different topics like

‘Best food markets in Goa city’
‘Best restaurants in Goa City’

Creating content around these topics will bring the audience right to their website at the right moment when they are planning their trip. The tour operator will get a chance to impress the customer with their style and introduce their tours.

specific long-tail keywords

For travel websites, SEO is simple to follow. You just have to find the words the customers may search for and use those phrases on your website. You can create blogs that use specific long-tail keywords and add them to your website.

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