SEO Tips For Small Businesses

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SEO Tips For Small Businesses

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When people search for products or services on Google your website needs to appear in the search results. Small businesses can do SEO to rank at top of the search results. You can implement an SEO strategy to improve your visibility, rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

SEO can provide excellent results but it requires a lot of time. You can hire Small Business SEO Services to optimise your website and boost the growth of your brand.

search terms the consumers

SEO tips

  • Find out what keywords or search terms the consumers use to find your product or services. You can use tools like KWFinder, Google’s Keyword Planner and Moz Keyword Explorer to find relevant keywords.

    You can also find the relevant keyword combinations for your website. Small businesses should focus on keywords that are used within their niche. By focusing on niche keywords small businesses will be able to reach a small and specific audience.

    To differentiate yourself from your competitors you can use words corresponding to your unique offerings or geographic location.

increase search traffic
  • Small businesses can improve their online visibility and increase search traffic by creating a Google My Business listing. This will also help search engines to find accurate information about your business. You should add all your details like address, contact information and location. You can also take photos of your products or office and answer frequently asked questions about your business.

    Google My Business listing is helpful to optimise for “near me” searches and voice searches.

Google guidelines state
  • You should not stuff your website with keywords as it distorts the meanings and irritates your users. Google guidelines state that make pages for users and not the search engines. Your priority should be to create clear and easy-to-read text.

  • The number of people using mobile phones is increasing, generating around 52.2% of total website traffic. Therefore you should make your website mobile-friendly. Responsiveness and convenience should be your top priority in making a mobile-friendly website design.

the number of websites pointing
  • The more the number of websites pointing to your website the higher your ranking will be in the search results. You should get backlinks from websites that have higher domain authority. This is because Google considers such websites reliable.

    For example, a link from the Chamber of Commerce or a university website can be helpful.

  • You should conduct SEO audits at regular intervals and based on the results you will know where you need to improve.

main function of search engines
  • The main function of search engines is to help find answers to questions asked by users. One of the best strategies is to create a lot of high-quality content. You can create compelling content like articles, videos, photos and more. You should make a good content strategy and regularly update your content.

  • Now you can search on the web with the help of voice assistants. Most voice-based searches come from mobile devices therefore you should make your website mobile-friendly. Your content should focus on short keywords and conversational topics. Voice-based searches are typically longer and by focusing on the answers that the users ask your content can attract more people.

featuring videos as snippets
  • For small businesses, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are good choices for social media marketing. Growing your presence on these platforms will improve brand visibility and awareness. To reach a broader audience you can go for platforms like Pinterest, Quora, Slideshare and more.

  • Google has started featuring videos as snippets in response to search queries. You should create more video content to engage your audiences.

  • Your website should be user-friendly, clean and easy to navigate. You should make it clear to your visitors who you are and what you offer. Use headings to improve the readability and use keywords in them.

internal links to redirect visitors
  • Uses internal links to redirect visitors to the other pages of your website. Internal links help make the structure of your website more organised. It also makes it easy for the crawlers to understand.

  • Google has made page speed an important ranking factor and it is also important for mobile searches. Usually, people abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You should focus on improving the speed of your website.

  • You can measure your SEO performance and learn about your visitors using tools like Google Analytics, Moz, SEMRush and more. You should be up-to-date as per the latest changes that affect the rankings. You should aim high and try to get listed on the first page of search results.