SEO Opportunities To Invest In 2023

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SEO Opportunities To Invest In 2023

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By focusing on the basics like content marketing, link building and optimising your website you can drive good traffic to your website. If you are interested in advancing your SEO efforts and want to go ahead of the competition then you should focus on these SEO tactics in 2023.

Google rolled out its Helpful Content Update

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1. Google has been focusing on quality content but now the focus has shifted to helpful content. Google rolled out its Helpful Content Update (HCU) and declared it has a search ranking system.

Google has been saying that “create great content and the rest will follow”. Now it can determine the quality and the usefulness of the content algorithmically. High-quality content is not enough, any more helpful content is also a must. The content should have the following:

Helpful content should solve problems
  • Helpful content should be written by experts on a subject matter who know due to the experience they have. Content not based on experience is just hearsay.

  • Helpful content should solve problems and offer people what they need and when they need it. It should have a specific use and is not for virality or content’s sake. It should offer solutions to common problems or deal with a known issue. It should provide additional information through links and resources if the user wants more information on a topic.

offer step-by-step actionable advice
  • Helpful content should offer step-by-step actionable advice which can be implemented. It is not what the website owners want but what the users can perform.

  • Helpful content does not require a sign-in, form fill or a click back to Google search results. Ideally, the page should have all the information the user needs.

  • Helpful content cannot be used to sell products or services, get attention or distract users. It should always answer questions and the body text should be readable. It should be optimised for specific user intent.

You should see your existing content as an opportunity and turn it into helpful content that answers people’s questions.

Google’s ranking criteria

2. Now Google’s ranking criteria has become E-E-A-T where E stands for Experience, E stands for Expertise, A stands for Authoritativeness and T stands for Trust. Experience is an addition to the popular concept of E-A-T. It is the actual experience that the people who create it have. Google wants to reward first-hand experience and rank content from people who are familiar with a topic rather than auto-generated content.

You can get a competitive advantage by finding experienced people or experts and asking them to write for you. They should have authority on the web and the trust of the audiences. You can either invest your team and capabilities in a particular field or reach out to the right people in the field.

People Also Ask (PAA

3. If you want to create helpful content then you should respond to the actual demand. For this, you can look at “People Also Ask (PAA)” questions. PAAs are the second most popular SERP feature after website links.

It is better to go to the source rather than any third-party resources like Facebook, Quora, Linkedin and more. You can just visit Google and type in a query and look at the questions served. PAAs help to increase traffic to a website that may be previously less prominent.

Implementing these SEO tactics will help you in the long run. You can easily hire SEO services in India to invest in the SEO opportunities of 2023.