SEO Challenges For E-commerce Websites

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SEO Challenges For E-commerce Websites

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regular flow of traffic

SEO is one of the best ways to get a regular flow of traffic to your E-commerce store. Though E-commerce websites are prone to SEO issues that do not let them reach new customers. As an E-commerce website owner, you should be aware of such issues and should avoid them.

When you get regular traffic it helps to improve your conversion rate. As the competition is fierce you should optimise your website. You can hire SEO services for E-commerce websites to avoid any issues. These are some of the challenges that E-commerce websites face and how to overcome them:

Google bot crawls your website
  • If your E-commerce store has hundreds of products then you should not copy and paste the manufacturer descriptions or automate them to save time. This way the information you provide will not be unique and valuable. It could lead to duplicate content issues when the Google bot crawls your website.

    Instead, you should focus on the details particular to a product like features and specifications. You should create content that is relevant to your audiences.

websites load slowly it experiences a higher bounce rate
  • Another concern with the E-commerce website is the loading speed. When websites load slowly it experiences a higher bounce rate and lower conversions. If your website loads slowly then it can cause a customer to abandon their cart at the last second and not make a purchase. Google may take notice and decrease your rankings.

    To improve the speed of your website you can choose a better hosting provider, use a CDN or enable browser caching. You can compress all photos and videos, use PNG format for images and minimise CSS files.

Website security is a part of SEO
  • When your customers shop on your website they need the assurance that their information is kept secure. Website security is a part of SEO.

    You should take SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification for your website. Users share their payment information on E-commerce websites and they will not be inclined in doing it if your website is not secure.

Google bots also crawl reviews
  • Most people read customer reviews before making a purchase. Positive reviews can make consumers trust your business. Reviews help the customers to know more about your products. Google bots also crawl reviews.

    You should allow your customers to leave reviews for the products you sell. You should reply to all your reviews, especially the negative ones. You should respond to reviews quickly as it shows that you care.

responsive web design
  • As the traffic through mobile has risen you must use a responsive web design. Your website should offer a good UX.

    You should not carry on with an outdated and poorly performing website. You should make your website responsive for all devices and screen sizes. You should optimise your website to provide a good user experience. You can prioritise website navigation and internal linking and improve the speed of your website and provide better content.

website navigation with the user in mind
  • Your users should be able to find the product they are looking for quickly. You should create your website navigation with the user in mind.

    You should use a shallow website structure as it benefits the search engines and the users. You should use secondary drop-down menus and pull-out menus. All the subcategories should link to the categories logically. You should provide a website search function so that the users can search for the products.

PageSpeed Insight tools to monitor your website speed
  • Search engines change and you need to consistently monitor and update your SEO. You should make sure that these changes do not affect your SEO.

    You can use tools like Google Webmasters Tool or Search Console to monitor your website. You can use PageSpeed Insight tools to monitor your website speed. If over time the users start using different keywords to search for the products then you can use the tool Google Keyword Planner to track your keywords. You should monitor your backlinks and check for any on-site errors.