Reasons For Outsourcing Link-Building

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Reasons For Outsourcing Link-Building


Link-building is a part of SEO and provides valuable link references from one website to another. When a link is placed to your content from a high-authority website the search engines find it trustworthy and your content ranks higher.

The task of a link-builder team is to ensure the exchange of links between the websites. Such a team is responsible for researching the websites, selecting the ones you want to collaborate with and reaching out to those resources to get links. You can outsource link-building to an SEO agency to achieve this.

When you outsource to a link-building agency you can tap into their expertise. These agencies have years of experience and are better at this. As a result, their links are of higher quality. Hiring an in-house link builder is more expensive than outsourcing the work.

created high-quality content

Reasons for outsourcing

Once you have your content in place you should consider link-building. The various reasons for outsourcing are:

  • If you have created high-quality content and still it is not ranking higher or falling behind the competitors then you can consider link-building. One of the options would be to outsource it.

  • Hiring an in-house team can prove to be expensive especially if you are aiming for higher results. Hiring a team will require a bigger budget and you may get inferior links.

knowledge gaps
  • For link-building, you need to consider the various parameters, the types of links and the tools to track. Google algorithms are always changing and outsourcing will help you get experts with experience and wisdom. This will help to fill in the knowledge gaps.

  • You need good-quality links which should come at a steady pace and volume to bring in the required results. This takes time and you have to reach your objectives. When you outsource to an SEO agency they will know how to use the tactics to scale your activities as soon as possible. Your results can come faster than that of an in-house team.

  • If you want to outrank your biggest competitor then you should collaborate with the biggest names in the market. An outsourcing agency will have experts who can help you get results much faster. When your goals are clear it is easy to track your success.

network of partners
  • When you outsource to an SEO agency you can access their network of partners and clients which would otherwise require time to build on your own. Many agencies have established relationships with other businesses in the industry. You can leverage these relationships to get results.

  • Link-building requires daily maintenance to reach top performance. An outsourcing agency is hired to do just that. When you hire an in-house team other tasks may take precedence over focussing on link-building.

  • An outsourcing agency can offer benefits like quality control and attract new backlinks to your website. The agencies follow a procedure of filtering the links and you can be sure that new backlinks are coming from relevant websites.

authoritative websites
  • Another advantage is that you will be able to view your content like blogs and videos on authoritative websites. This will help you to become a part of a group that creates more and more backlinks. This will also open new opportunities for your links to become a reliable source of information for industry leaders.

  • Link-building may not be a complicated process but it requires tools to analyse the outcome and get valuable insights. An SEO agency will be already working with these tools and they can help you get the best results.