Outsourcing SEO - What You Should Consider?

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Outsourcing SEO - What You Should Consider?


Businesses need more time, expertise and experience to manage the different aspects of their SEO. To manage their SEO businesses can outsource their SEO work. This way the work will get done by a specialist.

If you try to do SEO in-house then the cost of training your employees will be higher as they are new to SEO. You can integrate your SEO team into your company as a permanent solution for SEO. This works better for larger companies with marketing teams.



If you outsource it then the SEO work will get handled by a team of experts. They will have industry experience and will be up-to-date with the algorithm shifts. The SEO agency may also offer monthly plans. This works best for smaller companies that do not have full marketing teams and want to rely on an external agency.

The best option for the different companies may differ but it pays to outsource SEO services. As it can guarantee that you get an online presence and help you generate more leads. An SEO agency can help you in the challenging process of attaining your goals.


Points to consider while outsourcing SEO

The different points to consider before hiring an Outsourcing SEO Company are:

Consider outsourcing SEO as an investment and decide your budget for it as this will decide what you want. Hiring an SEO reseller company will prove to be more cost-effective than hiring new employees. When you hire an SEO agency you are paying for regular content marketing, strategic optimisation and maintenance. You are just not paying for search engine rankings.

When you hire an SEO agency check if the structure of the services matches your brand identity. Hiring an agency means working with someone who does not know about your business at all and it will be responsible for how you are presented online. You have worked to establish your brand within the industry. The agency you hire should have in-depth knowledge about your business as they will portray what your business is about.


Before outsourcing, determine the goals you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them. For example, you want more followers, more customers, increased traffic and more. The goals you set should be specific, measurable and realistic.

Before hiring an SEO agency, decide what your company needs like local search visibility, technical SEO or reputation management. Finding out what your company requires before hiring an SEO agency will help to save time and energy. You should make sure your needs are met by the agency.

You should assess the company that you are going to hire. After going through the above point you will get an idea of what SEO services you are interested in. You should hire an agency that is honest, reliable and takes time to understand your business. Assess their ability to communicate with you and their transparency. Also, find out what their previous clients have to say about the agency.


Errors to avoid while outsourcing SEO

These are the top errors that should be avoided when you outsource SEO:

  • Using a relevant keyword many times is called keyword stuffing. You should avoid keyword stuffing at all costs as search engines can penalise your website for keyword stuffing.

  • You should not just copy and paste information while creating content. This will lead to duplicate content and lower the overall value of your website.

  • Only high-quality backlinks help to make your content more relevant and authoritative. Connecting to low-quality websites can damage your reputation.

  • Images help in attracting the user's attention but you should make sure your images are optimised. The more photos a website has the more slowly it loads. Making sure your images are optimised ensures that you offer a better user experience and that your website loads quickly.

  • Meta descriptions are used to summarise the information on a page. Meat descriptions should be clear and brief and should include the relevant keyword.