Making A Strong International SEO Strategy

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Making A Strong International SEO Strategy

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optimise your website for international markets and visitors

If you are making your company global then you should implement international SEO. Internal SEO helps you to optimise your website for international markets and visitors. It aims to drive traffic from multiple countries and/or languages.

Search engines match the search results to the language and the location of the user. International SEO works to tell the search engines your website has content suitable for searches done in a particular country or users are searching for products and services like yours in a particular language.

International SEO helps to improve the visibility of your brand in global markets. It will help you build a stronger customer base and get more conversions.

An International SEO strategy successful in one market may not work in another market due to different cultures and languages. International SEO strategies allow you to adapt to different countries and regions.

Strategies for international SEO

Strategies for international SEO

  • First, decide which markets you intend to target and also find the markets that hold the strongest potential for your business. You can use tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer to get information about the markets with search potential.

  • If you want to sell your services worldwide to different language audiences then you should opt for a language segmentation approach. If you want to offer your services in different national markets then you will have to approach each country separately.

  • Do competitor research and find your future competitors and gauge their SEO performance. If your competitor is not optimising for certain markets or languages then you can optimise your website.

country Level Top Level Domain
  • Decide the URL structure to be used from the different options available. You can use ccTLD (country Level Top Level Domain), subfolder or subdomain. The ccTLD option is very popular, the subfolder is not very popular and the subdomain is less popular and offers unique benefits.

  • Do keyword research for each of your markets. This should be done even if you are using a single language for international SEO. You can use a native specialist to work on your keywords easily and in a cost-effective way.

localise the content rather than translate it
  • Create content that caters to cultural differences in each country and language. It is important that you localise the content rather than translate it. You can use a professional for translation and localisation services.

  • Use the ‘Hreflang’ attribute to tell the search engines what language your content is in and what geographical location is your content for.

  • Create link-building strategies for each of your countries to build authority in their markets.