Link-building vs Outreach link-building: Understanding the difference

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Link-building vs Outreach link-building: Understanding the difference

Link-building vs Outreach link-building: Understanding the difference

Link-building is the process of getting links from external websites to your website. The higher the authority of the external website the more authority it will pass to your website. Links also called Backlinks are an important ranking signal. When relevant quality links point to your website it can help to improve your rankings. There are different ways to build links to your website and one of the ways is outreach link building. Though the techniques used in outreach link-building differ. In this article, you will learn about the difference between link-building and outreach link-building and link-building services.

Link-building vs Outreach link-building

What is link building? Why is it important?

Links or Backlinks are considered to be ‘Votes’ of trust, credibility and authority from other websites. The ‘Votes’ tell the search engines that the information is useful, credible and valuable. The more ‘Votes’ you get the higher your website will rank.

There are different types of links such as Natural links, Unnatural links and Semi-Natural links. Natural links are built organically and are the right way to build links. Unnatural links are paid links and should not be used. Seminatural links have a mixed pattern and should not be used.

All backlinks are not created equal and you should focus on quality links. A single high-quality backlink can be more valuable than many links for low-quality websites. High-quality links come from trusted and authoritative websites.

Backlinks are essential because they are an important ranking signal and help to improve your rankings. Having backlinks from other websites helps Google discover and index your pages faster. If you have links from a website with high authority then you will get a higher page rank. You can hire link-building services to acquire quality links.

Link-building vs Outreach link-building

Link-BuildingOutreach link-building
Link-building is the process of acquiring links to your website from other websites. Outreach link-building is a specific part of the link-building process.
The process involves using various techniques to get links to your website. The process involves reaching out to website owners, bloggers, influencers and industry experts to get a link back to your website.
The different techniques used in link-building are resource link-building, broken link-building, guest posting, creating linkable assets, link reclamation, reviews and more.  The different techniques used in outreach link-building are the Skyscraper technique, guest blogging, finding outdated content and replacing it with updated content and digital PR.
The main aim of link-building is to improve the website ranking and drive more traffic. The main aim of outreach link-building is to establish relationships and enhance brand visibility.
The emphasis is given on the quality rather than the quantity of links. The emphasis is on finding relevant link prospects and communicating with them to get a backlink. 
Link building services

Which are the backlink-building strategies currently trending?

The following are the trending link-building techniques:

  • You can create linkable assets like infographics, in-depth guides, tutorials, original research and case studies, free tools, calculators and more. People will link to your resources if it is the best. You can hire link-building services to get links naturally.
  • Guest posting is creating high-quality and valuable content and publishing it on other websites. You can get a backlink back to your website. You can find a website in your niche that accepts blog posts. You can pitch them with your offer and if accepted you can get a backlink to your website. 
  • You can use digital PR methods to improve your brand awareness. You can try influencer marketing, press releases and more. When a journalist covers your story you will get a link back to your website when they mention your brand.
  • Another way to high-quality backlinks is to use HARO (Help A Journalist Out). It connects journalists with industry experts. Journalists need expert opinions for their articles and will link to you if they cite you.
  • You can analyse your competitor's backlinks to find out which type of content gets the most links in your field. You can create similar types of content for your website to earn backlinks.
  • When websites mention your brand but do not link to you it is called unlinked brand mentions. You can find such websites and ask them to add a link. As they are already using your brand name they will be willing to give you a link.
  • You can find broken links on other websites and offer your link as a replacement for it. As broken links lead to a poor user experience this will benefit both parties. You can create content, reach out to websites with broken links and pitch your replacement links.
  • You can use outreach link-building and find the relevant website in your niche and ask them to link to you. You should give a good reason as to why your prospects should link to you in your email. 

Which is the trending link-building tool available in the market?

There are many tools available that can help you get backlinks for your website. These tools can help you save your time and energy. Some of the top tools are BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, Backlink Gap, Hunter, Help A Reporter Out, Raven tools, Postaga, Pitchbox, Respona and more.

Why choose Supramind for your link-building services?

Supramind is a digital marketing agency that offers link-building services. The company can build a strategy to cater to your business’s needs. Their packages are Google-friendly and include strategies that are considered to be worthwhile by Google. 

Some of the services offered are outreach link-building, Web 2,0 submission, article submission, image links, social bookmarking, QnA links and local listing. It can offer you diverse links, thorough reporting, monitoring of the linked websites, verified vetting of the content and the links placed, reliable deep links and more.


By building links from authoritative and trustworthy websites you can improve your website's rankings and drive more traffic. There are different techniques used to build links naturally and outreach link-building is one of them. To get high quality and authoritative links you can hire link-building services. There are various tools available that can help in the link-building process.