Know The Tasks Covered In Technical SEO

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Know The Tasks Covered In Technical SEO

optimise the infrastructure of your website

Technical SEO ensures that your website is crawled properly so that it can rank in the search results. It helps your website to meet technical requirements like page speed, sitemaps, schema, URL structure, site navigations, mobile friendly and more.

Technical SEO helps to optimise the infrastructure of your website. A technically optimised website is a must to generate organic traffic. Technical SEO may seem difficult but it offers many benefits.

benefits of technical SEO

Technical SEO tasks

The benefits of technical SEO have to do with making your website easy to crawl, index and navigate. All this can prompt the search engine to rank your website higher in the search results.

You should adhere to Google’s best practices while optimising your website. The following tasks are done using technical SEO:

  • Many users now browse the internet through smartphones therefore you should make your website mobile-friendly. Search engines prioritize websites that offer a great mobile browsing experience. You can check your website using Google’s mobile-friendly tests. Users should be able to browse your website using any of the devices.

road map to your website
  • You should make sure that your web pages load quickly for all users. You can use tools like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of your website. To improve the speed of your website you can use browser caching, optimise the images, compress your files and more.

  • Sitemaps list the pages of your website and make it easy for search engines to find and index your website. A sitemap is like a road map to your website and helps to improve indexing. You should generate a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster tools. Sitemaps can be easily generated and If you use WordPress as your CMS then you can use a plug-in to generate a sitemap.

SSL offers extra security
  • Google wants to provide the best user experience to its users. Therefore you should not have any intrusive pop-ups on your website that hinder the user experience.

  • Technical SEO includes making your website easy to navigate. The users should be able to find the information they are looking for quickly.

  • Your website should be safe and secure. SSL certification helps to protect your data and confirm identities. SSL offers extra security for the visitors of your website and helps to improve customer trust. Purchasing an SSL certificate will help to make your website secure and improve its SEO rankings.

Clean and straightforward URLs
  • The URL structures used should be search-engine friendly. The URLs help the search engines understand what a page is about. Clean and straightforward URLs make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website.

  • When you delete a page on your website it is no longer available on your website but it is not removed from the web. The users will be taken to the 404 error page. You need to redirect users to a new URL. You should fix all your broken links to keep users on your website.

structured data to optimise
  • Structured data is used to help search engines to better understand your content and display it in a specific way. You should use structured data to optimise how your content should be displayed.

  • The robots.txt file is used to tell the search engine what to crawl and what not to crawl. You should use this file to specify which of your pages should be crawled.