Importance Of Web Hosting In SEO

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Importance Of Web Hosting In SEO


A web host or web hosting provider is a technology required to view a website online. Using a good web host can make your website fast, flexible, secure and functional. This can also help to improve the conversion rate.

Websites are stored on servers and from there they get delivered to your internet browsers. To view a website the end users have to type the website name in the browser. A web host can be considered to be the home of your website.

Features of a good host provider

Features of a good host provider

Web hosts provide multiple services rather than just web hosting services. It can offer a hassle-free experience to business owners. They offer the following features:

  • A hosting provider will need the users to create their domain name. Domain names and email accounts are the features that should be provided.

  • An FTP allows you to upload files from a local computer to a web server. Your website will be accessible through the internet and your files can be transferred straight to the server by using an FTP. Web developers require an FTP feature.

  • One of the ways to create and manage your website content is to use WordPress. WordPress has powered nearly half of the websites on the internet. WordPress support should be provided.

  • Most hosting providers now offer complimentary SSL certification with their services. For example, WPEngine provides this.

Popular web hosts

Popular web hosts

  • Amazon web services
  • Go daddy
  • Google cloud platform
  • Bluehost
  • Liquid web
  • HostGator
  • WPEngine

How web hosting affects SEO

How web hosting affects SEO?

Google tries to provide the best answers to its users and this also includes a strong and reliable web host. Web hosting is important for SEO for these three reasons:

A cheap web host will lead to a slow website and this will lead to low rankings, low organic traffic and lesser leads. A good web host will provide high speed and your web page will load quickly. The ideal loading time for a mobile is 2 - 3 seconds.

The Core Web Vitals show how your web pages perform based on real-world usage. The important metrics are Largest Contentful Paint - (LCP), First Input Delay - (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift - (CLS).

Strong security comes with a plus point

If your website does not have good security then you could have issues like hackers, spam and fake backlinks. Your website may also get infected with malware. You should use a web host that provides a strong security system. One of the features provided by them is SSL certification. This helps to keep the internet connection secure.

Strong security comes with a plus point of reliable tech support and customer service. This will help to solve problems like slow speeds and site crashes quickly and efficiently.

Search engines use location-based signals

Search engines use location-based signals while looking for the best results. Some points to consider are the location of the user, the location of the business and the location of the website.

All these are the reasons to decide where your website should be hosted. It plays an important role in determining how far the data has to travel and the speed. If your business is global then you will need a CDN that offers hubs around the world so that the hosting is faster.

You can hire SEO services to optimise your website.