Importance Of Domain Authority For Ranking In Google?

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Importance Of Domain Authority For Ranking In Google?


Why is Domain Authority Important for SEO?

important ranking factors

One of the important ranking factors on Google is Domain Authority (DA). Domain Authority is a score given by search engines and it is developed by Moz, which is a provider of SEO tools. It predicts how likely a website can rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

DA is a score ranging from 1 to 100 and the higher the score the more the ability to rank. For example, the Domain Authority of Wikipedia is 94 and Facebook is 96. Search engines decide the Domain Authority of a website themselves. A website reaches users only if it is important enough to rank well.

Google wants to provide the best possible results to its users. The more authority you have the more customers you can attract using organic search. The authority of a website directly affects its ability to reach customers. Therefore improving the reputation of your website and building trust are important for SEO.

Search engines determine the trustworthiness of your website depending on the links it has from other reputable and credible websites. It also sees how established your website is. The general rule is the older the website the higher its authority.

How does Google determine the Domain Authority?

Page-level Link

According to sources, 21% of Google’s algorithms depend on the ‘Link Authority’ characteristic which is the number of links pointing to a domain and their quality. Another 19% depends on the ’Page-level Link’ characteristics which is the number of links pointing to a page.

Thus the most important factors for Domain Authority are the quantity and quality of links that point to it from other websites.

How long does it take to improve the Domain Authority of a website?

building relationships with high-profile people

Building the authority of your website can take time because it requires building relationships with high-profile people. You need to build valuable relationships in order to get links from their websites. Proving that you are providing trustworthy and accurate information that is worth linking to takes time.

High-authority websites do not offer links without much consideration. You have to reach out to the bloggers and editors to find out if they are interested in offering a link to your website.

How to improve the Domain authority of a website?

It will take a few months to improve the Domain authority of your website. The following are the ways you can improve the authority of your website:

fresh quality content
  • Create high-quality content as it shows the visitors and the other influencers in your field that you have an authoritative website. It also shows that you know your field well and you can be trusted. Quality content should be unique to your website and offer new insights to visitors.

    To create fresh quality content you should focus on the topics related to your area of expertise. Users will trust you when you provide them with accurate information. Long-form content helps to get traffic, page views and rankings. Create your content with as many details as possible on the topics where you are an authority.

    Google wants to provide its users with the best answers possible and a part of it is offering new insights on the topic. This gives the users new information than the same information they have already found.

    You can create content on evergreen topics, these are the topics that stay relevant for years. Such content will attract visitors for years.

clear navigation bar
  • If your website is not easy to navigate then Google will find it difficult to rank it as an authoritative website because it does not offer a good user experience. Your website should have a clear navigation bar and a sitemap so that the users can easily find what they are looking for.

    Another factor that affects the user experience is the page load speed. Your pages should load within 2 seconds otherwise the user will bounce off your website.

first cultivate relationships with the leaders in your niche
  • Links are one of the most important factors in determining the authority of your website. You should build links to your website from other quality websites.

    You should first cultivate relationships with the leaders in your niche. You can reach out to the bloggers, editors and influencers in your niche and offer to write original articles. You can also create other content forms like infographics, research and more. When these articles get published on their website the content can point to your website and thus increase your authority.

moderate number of links to direct users
  • If it is not possible to explain every topic in detail on your website then you can link to other credible websites that the user can click on to get the required information. Use a moderate number of links to direct users to other resources that may be helpful to them.

    You should link to credible websites as the site your link to can influence your authority. When you link to a website it means the website has good information on the topic you are covering. If you link to a website with a low authority it could be questionable to the search engines.

    You should not link to another page if you have a page on your website that you could link to. You should not link to the same place twice on a web page.

promote your brand
  • Use social media to establish your brand and generate traffic. As social media is not used for rankings it is not an important factor in your authority. You can achieve other authority-related goals like building relationships with the leaders in your industry. You can use the relationships you build to get links and this directly impacts your authority.

    You can use social media to build brand awareness and credibility. You can build connections with the leaders in your industry and promote your brand. You can then get high-authority websites to link to your website.

How to regain lost Domain Authority?

contain useful information

If your website loses its Domain Authority and its rankings in the SERPs get affected then there are several ways to regain your previous rankings. There are certain signals that can affect your authority negatively. Therefore, you should remove all bad links that lead to 404 error pages.

The pages that you link to contain useful information and if you link to a bad page then you will lose your rankings.

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