How To Get Quality Links? [14 Actionable Tactics]

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How To Get Quality Links? [14 Actionable Tactics]


Actionable Quality Link Building Tactics

You may have started a link-building campaign for your website but still, you have not received the links your competitors have. You may have learned about advanced link-building strategies but could not decide which one is right for you.

If you are confused about how to build quality links then you can follow the tips offered here to make your website link-worthy.

There is a way to build authoritative links and you can follow these tips:

evergreen content

1. The first thing to do is to check the quality of your content. Online visitors like to read unique, concise and clear content that answers their questions. Check what is there already on the web before you can start creating your content. You should try to create better content than others.

Creating evergreen content is one of the best marketing strategies as it never goes out of style. This type of valuable content can reward you with good links.

effective link-building technique

2. Another effective link-building technique is the Skyscraper technique. For this, you need to find high-ranking content and use its flaws to create even better content.

Using Google Search to find the content that is performing well in SERPs. Because the content is at the first position in the search results people have checked it. You should create content that is better than the one that is ranking in the first position. Creating such content will require a bit of research. This technique works well but you should still promote your content.

social media accounts

3. You should promote your articles, blog posts and other pieces of content on social media. You should link your social media accounts to your content.

4. You can perform competitor analysis through the competitor’s website URL by using tools. You can check how many backlinks they have, find their ways to build organic links and more. If you find any links that can benefit you then you can get a backlink from that authoritative website.

Powerful SEO techniques

5. Get links from the resource pages and to find such pages you need to search for your relevant industry term and a keyword. Only a few people call their resource pages ‘Resource pages’ some refer to them as ‘Beneficial resources’. ‘Helpful resources’, ‘Further reading’ and ‘Extra resources’.

For example, to find resource pages for the article ‘Powerful SEO techniques’ you can type in Google Search “useful resource” SEO’. You will get a list of resources on ‘SEO’. You can reach out to them and ask for a link.

influential blogs

6. Your target audience is present on the internet on different platforms so you should get found everywhere they exist. You do not want your competitor to reach there before you. You should participate in group discussions, Q&A sessions, forums and online communities to get new content ideas. These are the ultimate ways to find new and trending topics to create influential blogs.

One of the best ways to find what is in discussion currently and developing authority is to check on Quora.

search engine result pages

7. Despite creating your website with the best design, you may not be able to rank in the search engine result pages. This could be due to indexing issues therefore you should check your robots.txt file. This file can be used to avoid indexing pages for days, months and years. You should let your website be crawled and indexed.

8. Guest blogging is one of the ways to increase online traffic and search rankings. Most bloggers use guest posting to build authority links, build a loyal customer base and improve brand visibility.

high-quality backlinks

9. The best way to improve your rankings is to build high-quality backlinks. But how do you get other websites to link back to you? You can publish ultimate guides as they work well. While creating such guides you should make sure your content is long enough to cover the trending topics.

According to a study, long-form content performs better than short-form content on Google. As your guide will cover all the topics people will link to it whenever they write content related to your topic.

To write such guides, find topics for your guide. Choose a topic that already does not have enough guides available on the search engine. Outline your guide and list the subtopics to make your guide look cleaner. Write your guide and cover all the topics that the users need to know about. This way your guide will become a resource to choose from while searching for in-depth information.

Online journalists

10. Online journalists are always on the lookout for sources to offer the best information through their articles. You can reach out to such journalists and offer them what they are looking for and get some backlinks. If you want to appear on the first page of SERPs then you will have to build quality backlinks from newly authorized blogs and websites. Only White Hat links from authoritative websites benefit you.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) connects people who need sources to people who need links and exposure. It can be used to build White Hat backlinks to authoritative websites.

visual content

11. You should produce multi-format content rather than stick to blogs, press releases and articles. There are different types of content formats with different potentials. About 90% of the information that reaches the human brain is visual. More than 40% of the audience prefers visual content to just plain text.

You can create different content types like infographics, case studies, images, videos, games, webinars, podcasts and more. You should use content formats that have proven to generate links. It has been found that valuable content helps to perform better than others.

You should focus on the quality of the content too. The popular content formats are:

The ‘Why’ posts
The ‘What’ posts
General post
The ‘How to’ posts

networking opportunities

12. You can take interviews of some interesting personalities on your website and ask them to answer questions never asked before. This will allow you to get hundreds of links.

After interviewing any influencer you can create a readable and high-quality article that people will want to link to. This will also help to improve the standing of your brand quickly.

13. The broken links on your website can affect your online presence, performance, visibility and credibility. You should replace the broken links by keeping track of your URLs.

14. You can go local to find much more networking opportunities, sponsor local groups, do offline branding, give stuff, break your content into smaller parts and more.

You should implement these tactics and examine the result to know their effectiveness. If you need any assistance with quality link building then consider, we are an SEO company.