How To Get Backlinks: 14 Secrets From Technical SEO Experts

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How To Get Backlinks: 14 Secrets From Technical SEO Experts


Building Backlinks: Tips from Technical SEO Experts

Building backlinks is a part of the SEO strategy. Backlinks can help to drive traffic to your page or website. You should follow the white hat link-building practices and for this you can find a link-building company.

These are the tips you can follow while building backlinks:

Question and Answer sites

Blogs with the ‘Dofollow’ attribute must be used to earn backlinks.

Keep your social media profile like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updated with links pointing to your website.

Question and Answer sites like Quora are a good place for dropping links to your website. Sign-up for services like HARO (Help-A-Reporter-Out) to get backlinks. HARO is a service used by journalists to find an expert to create an article. You can answer HARO pitches and this may help you lend a quote in the press. This is a good way to build links on a regular basis.

internal backlink

Link every blog back to another, when you create new content, revisit the old content you have written on related topics and link back to it. This will lead to a network of internal backlink on your website.

You can link to other blogs yourself and sometimes you may get a favour in return. You can host link sharing parties on your blog that will make people show up.

You can write ‘Linkbait’ articles to get links and shares. Create good content and the links will come.

SEO keyword research

Start web content writing but before that do thorough SEO keyword research. Make sure your blogs are readable, utilise bullet points, bold subtitles, numbered lists and more.

If you sell products on other websites like Amazon then make sure the products link back to your website or blog.

Write guest posts on other blogs. Find a list of blogs that accept guest bloggers. This way you will be exposing yourself to a new set of audience and you can ask them to link back to your website.

facebook page

Give away prizes and make the requirement for the entry a link back to your website, following you on Facebook or Twitter, becoming a fan of your Facebook page and more. This will lead to backlinks and followers.

You can use Google operators to find new opportunities for creating blogs and guest blogging. You will be able to find new industry resources and link reclamation opportunities.

skyscraper technique

Use the skyscraper technique as it is one of the best ways to earn backlinks. In just three steps you will be able to find out what questions you should answer to reach the top position in the SERPs. Find media outlets who have shown interest in content similar to yours.

Find articles which have a lot of backlink for the keywords you rank for. Write a thorough and an up-to-date version of the article. Pitch your article to the outlet that links to the original article.

high-quality backlinking opportunities

When you check your competitor’s backlinks you can also check the backlink profiles of the sites that link to them. You can further check the backlink profiles of these sites and so on.

You can use tools like Ahref’s, SemRush and BuzzSumo to find high-quality backlinking opportunities. It offers various filters which you can use to find the sites for your backlink profile. Find the article that ranks well for the keyword you want to rank for. You can target the sites that link to these articles.

Use the ‘About’ section of Facebook to find email addresses and send emails to the editor or the marketing team. You can ask them for link building opportunities. Send follow-up emails to your target websites till you get a response. If the sites ignore you then find new opportunities.

outreach templates

You can personalise your outreach templates with insights. You can add the name of the recipient or add their website name in the email and more.

Some of the sites have a ‘Write for us’ page and if your target site has such a page then you can follow the content guidelines and instructions provided to create content.

link drops

Use ‘Link drops’ as they are a great way to save time. Find an article on your chosen topic and add your quote or link to it. You can also replace broken links with your new articles.

Too many sites with the same metric linking back to you at the same time with the same anchor text is suspicious. You should vary the sites you link from and the anchor text you use on your links.