Google Updates Its Guide On Preventing Spam And Abuse

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Google Updates Its Guide On Preventing Spam And Abuse


Google updates the scam and abuse guide

Google Search Central

Google has made changes to Google Search Central in its spam and abuse resource center. Google has provided new suggestions to identify spam accounts and prevent abuse. Though Google did not focus on how to monitor these.

Previously, the first section listed was the “Web hosting services that are available without payment”. This section was about websites that were using hosting services without making any payment.

Now the section is changed to “Prevent abuse on your site and platform”. Even the most secure websites can get affected by Spam and abuse. The update gives website owners more information to take actionable and preventable steps to protect their websites.

Suggestions from Google

manual and automated approvals

These are the suggestions from Google to prevent site and platform abuse:

  • Publishing a clear abuse policy during the sign-up process.

  • Identifying spam accounts by reviewing certain interaction patterns.

  • Using manual approvals for any suspicious user interactions.

  • Using a blocklist for preventing repetitive spam attempts.

  • Blocking automated account creation.

  • Monitoring the website and platform for abuse.

New sections have been added that cover a combination of manual and automated approvals for checking suspected spam. Google has also listed suggestions to identify and block certain IP addresses and helpful plugins that will help to automate the process.

Why were the updates made?

Manual monitoring costs

According to, about 85% of emails are spam. You can imagine the number of account creations you get on your website each day. The website owners will have to be more reactive to this type of spam. As soon as one spam pattern is blocked another one appears immediately. Manual monitoring costs the companies time, money and efficiency.

Google has made the updates and has taken a more proactive approach than a reactive one. Trying to prevent the abuse will help the companies vastly in the future.

Google has addressed all website owners instead of just low-budget or low-cost websites. It has taken an approach to prevent spam and abuse on all websites. It provides actionable content and resources to prevent spam and abuse from the start. This will give more security from the get-go.

spam management

All those in the state of spam management or the owner of a new website should read Google’s updated guide.

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