Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search

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Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search


Google Announces Five Changes to Mobile Search

Google Search On conference

The five important changes to how people can now search using their mobile were announced at Google Search On conference. These changes will roll out soon. From today on the Google iOS app, you will find shortcuts for the different types of searches you can perform other than using the search bar.

Google is updating its search bar for mobile with new features that will help users find more relevant results for their queries. The way Google shows results on mobile is going to change. The results will be more visual and focus more on images and videos.

Updates for mobile search

google lens

1. There are different methods to search on Google rather than typing in the query. To find products you can upload screenshots, translate the text with Google Lens and find songs easily by humming into the microphone.

In the Google iOS app, all the advanced methods used for searching on Google will be made available with tappable options (shortcuts).


2. Google is making finding using mobile search faster by displaying links to the results in the search bar. As you type in your query Google will begin populating the results before you submit your query.

3. Google has made it easier to find the most relevant results by showing a collection of query options. When you type in your search terms in the search bar for mobile Google will show you different options to make your mobile search more specific.

Google Web Stories

4. Google is going to make mobile search more visual and it is going to integrate deeply with Google Web Stories. In an announcement, Google stated:

“So we are making it easier to explore a subject by highlighting the most relevant and helpful information, including content from the creators on the web. For topics such as cities, you may see visual stories, short videos from people who have visited the place, tips on how to explore the city, things to do, how to get there and other important aspects you might want to know about as you plan your travels.”

You can tap on the story to open its full-screen mode. The way the content is displayed will almost look like iOS widgets.

Web, Images and Videos

5. Google is turning the search results pages for mobile into an endless list of results. You will not have to switch between the Images, Web and Videos as Google will be displaying it all on the front page. Google describes this as ‘reimagining’ the way it delivers search results:

“We are also reimagining the way we display the results to better reflect the ways people explore topics. You will see the most relevant content, from a variety of sources, no matter what format the information comes in -- whether that’s text, images or videos.”

You also have the option to scroll to the related queries. Or you can scroll vertically down to the other queries.

These new ways to explore the information on mobile will be rolling out in the next few months. If you are looking to optimise your website for mobile then check out, we offer mobile-friendly SEO services.