E-commerce SEO Strategy For 2023

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E-commerce SEO Strategy For 2023

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effective SEO strategy

Organic traffic is one of the most important sources of revenue for E-commerce websites. An effective SEO strategy can help to improve your website’s visibility and increase organic traffic. E-commerce businesses can benefit significantly by investing in E-commerce SEO.

You should stay informed about the latest trends in the E-commerce SEO industry. Your website must be optimised as per the growing trends like voice search and mobile-friendliness. You can approach E-commerce SEO services to get the best results.

SEO campaign

SEO strategies

  • Keywords are what the users enter while searching on search engines. E-commerce product and category pages have distinct keywords. When the keywords consist of more words then they are called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have lower competition than their short counterparts. The first step in SEO is to make a list of relevant keywords.

    Keyword research is a must for every SEO campaign. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and Moz for keyword research. Choose keywords based on search volume, commercial intent, relevancy, high revenue potential and competition.

    You can use Google Search Console or Google Analytics to know about your organic visibility in the search and how many clicks and impressions your pages get. You can get valuable information about the keywords you use.

E-commerce intent
  • Search intent is the objective the searcher wants to achieve as a result of a query. You should understand the search intent and identify the keywords according to the E-commerce intent and improve your rankings for those keywords. A keyword has an E-commerce intent if it has product SKUs, dimensions/sizes or branded product names. Identity keywords for the category and product pages.

  • Voice search has grown in popularity and people are using voice search every day. With devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod it may become a main search method in the next few years.

unique product descriptions
  • Write unique product descriptions that engage your audience and educate your shoppers. This will make them meaningful for search engines and customers. If you are selling products that are found on hundreds of other websites then create excellent product copy. Writing unique and engaging product descriptions that are optimised for the target keyword will help to improve your rankings.

  • One of the fastest ways to give information to your users is through video. Some of the popular video marketing platforms are YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and more. You can create videos around product demos, tutorials, public reviews, interviews, vlogs, ads and more. Though video marketing is expensive most people said they like to see videos of the brands they support.

key components of SEO
  • One of the key components of SEO is content creation. You should create content like blogs, how-to articles, guides and more. You should use long-tail keywords and keyword variations in content for category and product pages.

  • Google released the Mobile Speed update and loading speed on mobile became a ranking metric. You can improve your website speed by reducing the file sizes, optimising the images, choosing a good hosting provider, avoiding the use of too many plug-ins and saving a copy of your website on the user’s browser.

  • You should focus on creating an easy-to-navigate website, especially on mobile. Make a path of least resistance from your home page to the checkout page. This will help to improve your conversion rate and organic visibility.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • One of the effective strategies is to internally link within your website. You should add relevant internal links throughout your website and articles. This also helps Google to understand your website better.

  • One of the useful features to add to your website is structured data. When you add structured data to your website you provide your users with more information about your products. It displays the star ratings, price and the number of reviews. This also helps to improve your CTR.

  • You should also work on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) as it can help to boost your sales. This can be best done through professionals.

common technical SEO issues
  • The common technical SEO issues with E-commerce websites are duplicate content, too many pages, thin content and website speed.

    If some pages are diluting your domain authority then you can remove the page and use a 301 redirect to a better page.

    Duplicate content can harm your ability to rank therefore you should block pages with duplicate content to be indexed through the robots.txt file.

    Do not use product descriptions from the manufacturer as it leads to thin content.

    The better the speed of your E-commerce website the better the user experience.

boost your SEO efforts
  • URLs tell the users and the search engines what the page is about. A URL is an important factor in user experience and helps to boost your SEO efforts. Adding relevant keywords to your URLs will help to improve the structure of your website.

  • You should optimise your website for mobile devices which means you should use a responsive web design. You should prioritise the mobile experience over the desktop experience. Google has switched to mobile-first indexing and this impacts the SEO strategy.

earn backlinks
  • You should try to build backlinks as they can get you referral traffic. Most websites do not allow linking to product or category pages. You can create blogs, infographics or guest posts to earn backlinks.

  • You should never delete a product from your website. If the product is out-of-stock or discontinued then you can add a message on the product page itself or add links to other relevant products. Or you can 301 redirect to the most relevant new page.

  • Encourage your users to leave reviews by creating incentive programs. You should try to engage your customers as much as possible.