Domain Authority And Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

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Domain Authority And Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

Moz domain authority checker

The Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score of a website for its relevance to a particular industry or area. The relevance can directly impact the rankings of a website. Domain authority is a metric developed first by Moz and is not a ranking factor.

The metric shows how likely a website can appear in the search results. Domain authority is a good way to assess the performance of your website. Moz domain authority checker offers a score from 1 - 100 to the websites with 100 being the highest score.

There are various tools available to check the Domain Authority of your website.

Tools for checking the Domain Authority

SE Ranking Backlinks Checker

The MOZ Link Explorer
This domain authority checker is developed by Moz and maintained by it. It is an excellent tool to analyze the domain authority of your website. This tool can evaluate domain linking, domain capabilities and more. It provides a score for domain authority which tells you the potential of your website.

SE Ranking Backlinks Checker
This tool helps you to evaluate the authority of your domain and page. This helps you to predict how your website will rank in the search results. The tool checks the Domain and Page Trust which are similar to domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). All the data is provided on a dashboard along with easy-to-click cards.

Website SEO checker

Website SEO checker
This tool helps you to evaluate your domain and page authority. It assigns a score from 1 - 100. You can also use this tool to evaluate and compare other websites with yours.

Sitechecker Pro
This tool can be used to check the domain authority of your website and also the page authority. It also provides other domain metric tools.

SEO Review Tools
This is a tool for complete DA analysis. This tool checks the traffic that comes to your website by using backlinks, keywords and URLs. It provides reports which can tell you how your website is performing.

Small SEO Tools

This tool is for beginners and provides complete domain analysis. It helps to rank your domain authority as per Moz ratings. With this information, you can optimise your website and improve your rankings in the search results. This tool also allows you to analyse your competitors' websites.

Small SEO Tools
This DA checker tool is known for providing a range of optimization tools. The domain checker ranks your website by using the Moz rating. This tool allows you to check out your competitor’s DA. This helps you to know if you are performing your SEO right. This tool offers accurate results.

DA Checker-Bulk DA

DA Checker-Bulk DA
This tool allows you to perform 10 searches every time and in a single go, you can check around 10 DAs. The limit of this tool is not just 10 searches; you can easily clear the field and check the next set of 10 domains to check and get comparative results. The DA checker tool gets its data from the Moz API.

Free DA Checker
The tool can be used to evaluate the authority of your domains or pages. It provides an analysis of your website’s DA using Moz rankings, search engine rankings, links and more. It could be a more detailed DA checker but it provides most of the important metrics to help you optimise your website.

The HOTH Bulk DA Checker

DA Checker by Sure Oak
This gives you the domain performance based on Moz. This tool is a popular choice for beginners to check your website as you only have to go to their website and enter the URL. The results include the DA rating. This tool also checks the page authority.

The HOTH Bulk DA Checker
This bulk DA checker tool can be used to check the domain authority of multiple domains. The tool helps to calculate the performance of a domain. The tool provides the results of Moz DA and Moz PA. You can search up to 10 URLs per search using this tool. This allows you to view your competitor’s website against yours.

What is the Domain Authority metric

What is the Domain Authority metric?

Domain Authority (DQ) is a metric developed by Moz that tells how likely a domain can appear in the search results compared to its competitors. Google does not use domain authority as a ranking factor therefore it cannot help to improve the ranking of your website. But it is an indicator that helps to assess the performance of your website as compared to your competitors.

The domain authority metric is used by Moz and many other SEO tools. It is not an official ranking factor used by Google but this metric helps to know the health of your website versus your competitors.

What is a good Domain Authority score

What is a good Domain Authority score?

To know if your website has a good domain authority you need to check it and get a score from 1 - 100. A score of 100 is the highest. You can find out if your website has a good domain authority score as follows:

  • A score between 40 and 50 is considered to be average

  • A score between 50 and 60 is rated as good.

  • A score above 60 is considered excellent.

If you are a small business and get a DA score of 40 then it will be considered a good score. However, the requirement changes for large company websites. These websites need to achieve a higher DA score of over 60 or they will be considered as bad.

Importance of Domain Authority

Importance of Domain Authority

In Google, the authority of your website can influence how it ranks in the search results. Google wants to provide its customers with reliable information, which means the more authority you have, the more traffic you can get through organic search.

If Google does not consider your website important then your website is likely to rank at the top of the search results. You should improve your domain authority and make it an important part of your SEO.