Difference between RankBrain & Hummingbird

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Difference between RankBrain & Hummingbird

RankBrain & Hummingbird

Google algorithms are much developed and advanced today. One of its main algorithms is Hummingbird and the latest algorithm is RankBrain. SEO helps to increase the traffic to a website by ensuring that it ranks high in the search engine results. Therefore SEO is all about algorithms.


user queries

Hummingbird is Google’s revamped version of a search algorithm. It is like a database that listens to the user queries, finds HTML and reads what the website is about. It is like memory as it reads the pages and the schema and makes an entity base.

This algorithm tries to understand the semantics of a user’s search and what they actually mean in the query. It pays attention to each and every word in the query. It makes sure the entire query, sentence, conversation and meaning is considered. Not just the particular words. This is called semantic search.

The pages that match the meaning rank better than the pages which have the particular words.


artificial intelligence

RankBrain is the latest algorithm used by Google. It is an artificial intelligence computer system made using machine learning. It looks out for what the users click on and searches for it. It offers the best educated guess about what the user is looking for. It helps Google to answer queries that are unfamiliar, unique and original.

The algorithm uses artificial intelligence to find answers to the user’s queries by using pattern recognition and making connections. It does the thinking.

It gains knowledge from what it already knows, what the user inputs and programming. It can read between the lines in the search queries and tries to understand the meaning behind them. It is used to find pages that may not have the exact words typed into the search query but are relevant to the search.

analyzes unclear

It takes semantic search further and analyzes unclear, ambiguous and undecipherable queries. It learns from experience and applies the knowledge gained to answer similar queries in the future.

The content has to use the words the users are searching for. If the content does not have the words which the user’s use in the search queries then the entire content will become irrelevant. This algorithm depends on the keywords used and moves towards natural language usage. Therefore creating relevant and deep content for keyword streams will become more important in the future.

How does it work?


If you type in a query to find ‘mattresses’ then you may get two results:

1. mattresses,com/double-beds
2. mattresses.com/single-beds

If the number of users clicking on ‘single-bed’ are more and the users are satisfied with what they find on that page then the database/ranking is changed to whatever the users prefer when they type in that query.