Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Key Elements of Successful Content Marketing Strategies

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Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Key Elements of Successful Content Marketing Strategies


Best Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketers try to generate brand awareness, credibility and trust and educate the audience. Content marketing helps you to achieve this. Content marketing helps to establish your brand online and build a powerful brand image.

A content marketing strategy is a plan to build a customer base by creating content that teaches, engages or inspires people to convert into potential customers. It involves proper planning, creation and maintenance of content. Content marketing helps to drive traffic to your website and thus boosts conversions.

Content marketing strategies

1. Over 58% of people prefer to watch video content versus any other type of content. They prefer to watch video content from the brand they support. Around 86% of brands use video as a marketing tool. Having a video along with the content can help to improve your conversions. The popularity of video content is increasing therefore you should create quality videos for your brand.

2. Find out your audience even before you start creating content. To create the best marketing content first look at your target audience and your visitors. After that, you should decide the right content that will attract them. Create content that will help to transform the visitors into customers.

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3. Follow a proficient style guide and maintain a consistent approach while presenting your content across your website. Most consulting firms follow a proper guide for providing information.

4. Linkedin has become one of the most popular networking sites. Around 94% of B2B marketers use Linkedin for marketing their content. Longer content is shared frequently on Linkedin. Your content should be informative and impactful to get it viral on Linkedin. According to experts you can repost your blog as an article rather than sharing the link to the blog.

You should write a good ‘About me’ page on your Linkedin profile. Update the skills section with the skills you possess and ask your clients to write testimonials that can bring more value to your brand. Share the latest news and updates related to your company.

mobile devices

5. Now searches are not limited to only written queries; there are image and voice searches too. You should optimise your content for emerging search trends. You will have to understand how voice searches are different from text searches.

To optimise your content for voice searches, create content in the form of Q/A, break lengthy paragraphs into subheadings and bullet points and develop conversational content. You can make your voice searches effective. You can make your website mobile-friendly as most of the voice searches are conducted using mobile devices.

Brand collaboration

6. You should adapt and reuse your content to fit one of the formats of the market. You can create infographics, slide presentations, videos, webinars and more. This will help to market your content differently.

7. Brand collaboration is when two brands come together to promote their products and services. This happens when both brands target the same audience. The main aim of the partnership is to boost brand exposure and earn more revenue.

8. You can try influencer marketing for brand promotion. You can collaborate with micro-influencers from a particular niche so that the users can engage with the products or services being endorsed.

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9. Most writers try to create evergreen content. Content based on news or articles does not have enough shelf life whereas content offering tips and advice perform well for a longer time. Such content is called evergreen content and it never gets old.

10. Content marketers should try to find gaps in Google as this will help to identify some of the promising search options. You can check out the popular content writing trends and choose a content type you want to produce.

11. Use content marketing tools to help you out with content generation. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find a list of relevant terms and phrases or target SERPs. You can brainstorm some of the article ideas for these search terms. This process will ensure that you find trendy content topics which will attract more visitors.

conversations and virtual assistance

12. Conversational content marketing strategy is another hit idea. Today, businesses have chatbot automation. They use chatbots on their website for smooth conversations and virtual assistance to help the users with checkouts and the after-sales process.

Businesses have started using AI-enabled technologies to improve their user experience. Chatbots when used correctly can help to make business operations easy and provide quality customer support.

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13. Email marketing is one of the most powerful content distribution platforms and it can be used to bring more traffic. The number of email users is increasing and most small businesses state that their email marketing is quite effective.

To increase our number of subscribers and retain the existing ones, send exclusive content every time. You can personalise your email newsletters and follow a mobile-friendly format as many people check their emails on their phones.

You can follow these strategies for content marketing to get the desired result but always try to focus on the quality of content as it matters a lot.

Main points of a content marketing strategy

brand positioning

1. Marketing goals are dependent on who your target audience is. Therefore you should first find out about your target audience. You can make a database of the buyer personas of your prospective and existing clients.

2. When you define your brand positioning clearly you can create the right image through marketing and provide a higher experience to your audience. You can make key pillars of your brand story. The brand should include history, mission and purpose and values.

marketing goals and objectives

3. You should have a clear picture of your marketing goals and objectives. You can then see how your marketing strategies are paying off and what changes you need to make as per the demands of your audience.

4. Create content that is original and relevant to your industry. Create fresh content that is useful for your users. Create content that engages the users so that you can score higher. Use your primary keyword in your content to improve your SEO.

SEO techniques

5. Use SEO techniques to make your content more visible. The more your content is visible the more you will benefit from SEO. You should promote your content and make your presence felt and noted.

You can promote your business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can try out guest blogging, get your business registered in an online forum in your niche and follow up on email lists.

6. You should optimise your content for SEO so that it reaches the right audience. Right from designing the page, you should keep SEO goals in mind. You should create the right content at the right time with information your audience wants to see.

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