Boost Lead Generation With SEO And Other Digital Marketing Options

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Boost Lead Generation With SEO And Other Digital Marketing Options

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimising your website so that it can rank higher in the search results. SEO can help to make your website more visible and show up in the first page of search results which will lead to more website traffic. Thus helping you get more clicks and thereby more leads / sales.

To generate leads you will need to decide what type of leads you want and who are your target audience. You will also have to decide what you will communicate to your leads. You can use SEO and lead generation to create a successful marketing plan for your business.

These are the SEO lead generation tips to follow:


1. One of the ways is to create SEO optimised blogs and post them regularly. When you create a blog the first thing to do is keyword research to find the relevant keywords. When you create blogs you should follow SEO best practises like building backlinks to your blogs, using images, use the right format, make it readable and more. By posting blogs regularly you will be providing fresh content regularly. This will lead to continuous business growth opportunities.

You can create long form content (about 2000 words) and write everything about your niche. Create unique and informative content to attract leads. You can also create content at every step of the customer journey.

good hosting service

2. The speed of your website can affect your ranking in the search results. The main aim of Google is to provide the best user experience and your website speed is a factor. The faster your website responds the better the user experience. Use tools like Pingdom to check the speed of your website.

To increase your website speed you should use a good hosting service, make your website mobile responsive, optimise your scripts and more. You should remove broken links, delete spam comments, remove unnecessary scripts, cleanup your database and enable caching.

SEO lead generation strategy

3. Link building is an important part of SEO lead generation strategy. You should build high-quality links to your website from other websites. You should not buy links and do it credibly to get the best results. Manually approaching bloggers for guest posting and then building links is the right way.

To become an authority in your niche you should provide enough informative content so that other industry leaders link to your content. Link to high-quality sources only.

local SEO strategies

4. If you own a local business then you should use local SEO strategies to make your business rank higher in the local search results. You should get your business listed in online directories, use local keywords in content, add reviews online and more.

5. Social signals are not a ranking signal but according to the data from the Search Engine Journal social media can help your website rank better. Top ranking websites display more social signals than those websites that do not perform well. The more you engage in social media the more likely you will find people who want to link to you. People may read your content and link to you from other websites.

6. You can create content that tells your visitors about your past achievements. Try to use information from your analytics platform. The visitors are always eager to know what your business can do for them. You can create articles or videos to inform your visitors about your successful projects in the past.

7. You can use Email marketing to generate leads. You should provide simple email forms for your visitors so that they can either start business with you or to get updates in the future. You can segment your audience based on their needs and provide what works best for each. You can automate your email marketing using tools if you have too many visitors. You can also design newsletters.

premium memberships

8. Create special offers, discounts, bonuses, freebies and present them in an attractive form. Make it clear to your visitors that they will get a gain by clicking.

9. Design your landing pages carefully and include a Call-To-Action in them. You can use resources like emails to land your visitors there. This will make your landing pages more visible. You can create leads through other pages. Provide case studies, checklists, ebooks, infographics and premium memberships to get your visitors attention.

10. Optimise your URLs, meta descriptions, titles to tell the users you have what they are looking for. Use schema markup for your content so that information like your phone numbers and address stand out in the featured snippets. You should also optimise your site for the Knowledge Panel.

affiliate marketing networks

11. One of the powerful mediums is videos. You can make commercials with videos to generate leads. You can ask your visitors to share contact information to watch the videos. Place Call-To-Action in your videos or just before the video ends. You can create a video series too.

12. You can set up referral programs and ask your customers to bring in more leads. Like you can offer them bonuses for referring new customers to you.

13. Use affiliate marketing to advertise your brand on other websites. These sites can receive a commission for each purchase a user makes. You can contact affiliate marketing networks.

cross-promote your brand

14. You can cross-promote your brand with indirect competitors. Customers need many things which may not be available at one place. These businesses can refer their customers where they can get what they need. When a business makes a sale your business can get a new lead.

15. You can easily create leads through chats. Add a chat window to your website as people use it when they need help. You can add live chat or chatbots to your website and your pages on social media.

16. You can personalise your Call-To-Action to make the visitors feel they are making a good decision. For example, instead of using ‘Sign-Up’ you can use ‘Join 2,000 experts who recommend this product’.

mouse cursor’s movement

17. Another way is to use ‘Exit-Intent’ pop-ups. They monitor the mouse cursor’s movement. If a visitor is about to leave your website then you can show them the exit-intent popup. Though exit-intent pop-ups do not work when a link loads a new page in the same tab.

18. Your brand may be popular and you have hundreds of visitors but not all of them will become leads on their first visit. You can launch retargeting campaigns. You can segment your audiences and create personalised ads for each.

19. Customer reviews create a positive impact on your rankings and SEO. Positive reviews send a strong signal to Google that your website is trustworthy. You should respond to good and bad reviews to show your customers that you value them. You should make it easy for your customers to leave a review.