Blogger Outreach Strategy: A Complete Guide For 2022 and Beyond

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Blogger Outreach Strategy: A Complete Guide For 2022 and Beyond


A Complete Guide to Blogger Outreach Strategy

industry influencers and publishers

Blogger outreach allows you to build relationships with industry influencers and publishers to achieve specific goals like content marketing, influencer marketing, PR and partnerships. Finding the right bloggers and communicating a win-win for the parties can help in your business growth.

Bloggers and publishers have loyal audiences that trust them. When you associate your brand with these bloggers their audiences will trust you too. Through blogger outreach, you can get good results and develop a genuine relationship for the long term.

Developing a blogger outreach strategy

baseline goals
  • Start by setting up your goals as this will give you specific guidelines to measure your success. By comparing the performance with your baseline goals you will be able to understand your true performance.

    You should decide what you are trying to achieve through your campaign: more sales, increased brand awareness or building backlinks. Decide what you exactly want to achieve as the process to follow depends on the goal.

    For example, goals can be like ‘Achieving 5 guest blogging opportunities in 30 days’
    ‘Build a relationship with 3 influencers in the next 3

industry-specific goals
  • Once you have decided on your goal you can decide the criteria depending on your industry-specific goals. The different criteria are audience engagement, traffic and SEO.

    Audience engagement
    To evaluate the engagement of a blog you should check the comments and the social shares. You will know if the audience tends to write comments and share content on social media.

    You should check how much traffic the website is getting. The volume of traffic the website receives each month, the average visit duration, top keywords the website is ranking for, top competitors of the website and get an overview of the audience that is visiting the website.

    If you want high-quality brand mentions and want to earn backlinks then you should check the domain authority, page authority, spam score and content relevancy. You can use tools like MozBar to evaluate these metrics.

    You should define what success would look like for your campaign and then make a list of bloggers.

    For example, ‘Find bloggers with a highly engaged audience’
    ‘Focus on websites with a domain authority over 40’

content delivery platform
  • Now you will have to select your bloggers and build the final list of bloggers. You can go to Google and type in the search bar:

    Best sites + “niche”
    Top blogs + “niche”
    Top influencers + “niche”
    Major bloggers + “niche”

    You will get enough information from Google and you just have to visit each site listed and evaluate it based on the criteria.

    You can use BuzzSumo, which is a content delivery platform that helps to find the top-performing content in your industry. It is useful for finding relevant bloggers, trending topics and content ideas for guest posting. One of its most important features is ‘Influencers’. It helps you to find key influencers in your industry through platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more.

    Other tools which can be used to find bloggers and influencers are Upfluence, BuzzStream and

semi-personalised email
  • Find the email address of the blogger you want to target. You can use tools like Voila Nobert to find the email to find email addresses in a few clicks.

  • Create a target persona of the bloggers by finding out about the person’s background and personality, demographics, top channels for outreach and more. This will guide you to decide the messages for each prospect. You can reach out to each one with a semi-personalised email.

    You can use Linkedin to get valuable insights about a person like background, personality and connections.

    You can check our Crystal Knows, it is a social platform that gives you valuable information about your target audience.

guest posting opportunities
  • You need to develop a bait and decide what you can offer to the prospects that are valuable to them. It can be money, recognition and more. You should think of ways you can benefit them. You should think of what will attract the bloggers.

    For example, if you are looking for guest posting opportunities then you can do research and provide topics with great potential.

    If you want to build backlinks then you should check for broken links.

Develop target persona
  • Send the actual emails to the bloggers and the message you send can decide the success of your campaign. You should send a clear message. Your email should be simple, concise and straight to the point.

  • You should organise and manage your outreach campaign. You should streamline the entire process as:

    • Research and data collection
    • Develop target persona
    • Decide the right bait
    • Structure the email
    • Launch the campaign
    • Analyse and optimise

    You should break down each step into actionable steps as this will help to organise your efforts. Assign responsibilities to your team and schedule them. and SalesHandy
  • Use technology to manage your outreach campaign. Solutions like and SalesHandy can become a competitive advantage. They can help you control your processes and increase efficiency.

  • If you want the most of your outreach efforts then you should track and optimise your strategy. Compare the actual results with the baseline plan. This will help to plan your next campaign more strategically.

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